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    Good idea to bump it up, but this should be a sticky so its at the top always!
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    Humane Society online Humane Society University One or two free classes Click on guest Hille
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    Adding to the list and bumping to the top. Perhaps this could finally be made a sticky?

    Librarian Chick - Free Online Learning Resources - Social Studying Network with notes - neat online study resource
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    Never let it be said I don't give the people what they want. :D
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    Yale University

    This fall, Yale University also started offering free taped video lectures online. At this point, they only have 7 classes available, but they are planning on adding more: Open Yale University courses
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    Also, I know a few people posted some of these member universities, but the Open Courseware Consortium is a clearinghouse for dozens of free courses from the University of Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, UMass, Tufts, and quite a few overseas schools.
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    If one has iTunes software, many schools are posting audio lectures and some video lectures for free. Open iTunes and go to iTunes U.
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    Are all of these free courses non-credit? Not that it matters but it would be interesting if a few were actually worth credit. The MIT courses look very interesting. If you could take a few of those and get a certificate for them you could essentially use them towards some of the degrees that accept 40 hour training courses for elective credits. Something to think about.
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    With the exception of the FEMA courses, they are non-credit. That is why they are free. Of course, one could take the courses, and use that knowledge to test for credit, such as CLEP, DANTES, GRE and PLA, for example.
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    The Michigan Center for Public Health and University of Michigan School of Public Health offer numerous free online short courses. Certificates of completion are available, according to this FAQ.
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    Please note that the FAQ link for University of Michigan is incorrect. It should be at this URL.
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    Very Interesting

    This some good information, great find.
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    ITunes University

    Course lectures from many major colleges and universities, available as free downloads:
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    Hi folks. If someone hasn't posted this information already I apologize but the Center for Homeland Defense and Security has a few online courses in homeland security related topics for free. However, there's a catch. You have to be working in the industry or a related field, which by the way can be just about anything from law enforcement, IT security, or private security.
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