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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by TCord1964, Oct 8, 2005.

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    Corrections Learning Network

    Good Morning, I found the following DVDs distributed for no cost. Look at the left hand column and click About CLN. Have a good day. Hille
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    Thankyou for the posts

    Thankyou for the information cannot imagine how valuable research information can be important for some people ...

    thankyou people for the information ...
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    I wish there were some way to keep this thread near the top of the forum list, or at least on the first page.

    It's the sort of thing it's nice to keep handy, because when it surfaces may not be when you're ready for it. I scanned Tcord's more-than-wonderful list and the contributions by others, and I know that some day I'll want to take up Modern Icelandic or something, or someone I know will, and then I'll try to remember the name of the thread and wind up having to ask Ted for it.

    More importantly, it would be a nice welcome for new members or lurkers.

    I suppose the best way would be to go out and find something worthwhile to contribute every so often to keep it going.

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    This thread would make an EXCELLENT sticky at the top of Distance Learning Discussions.

    Just a suggestion!
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    One way of doing this is, if you're looking through the threadlist and notice that this one has escaped down to page 2 or page 3, you make a new post to it, even if your post just says: "bumpity."
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    Hey guys!

    I have to congratulate w/ u. Really great job guys.

    You gave the opportunity to a lot people to discover what the world is really about !


    ...knowledge is power...

    davide f.
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    I agree with those who say to make this thread sticky, or better yet, to make an article of it. (Although I'm admittedly not volunteering....)

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    Thanks for the great resources. I've just spent the past hour sending specific resources to friends and colleagues in their areas of interest.

    I agree -- this should be a sticky!!

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    Wow, I just love free courses. It's like education never ends...and the price is right.
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    How about a sticky for this?
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    Good idea.
    I'm not into comptuers (let alone discussion board management), so please pardon me if this is not an intelligent question.
    Is it possible to have a section called free courses, divide it up by academic subjects, and under each one, put a link to the relevant source.
    Seems like it might work.
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    Love it!

    This is so fantastic! I had not read this thread, because I'm in the middle of writing an online course syllabus for my first teaching job (and very busy, along w/my day job). After looking at it, I found some great resourses to help me write the syllabus and also some to give my students.

    Thank you everyone!
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    Bumping this thread back to the top of the list
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