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    The University of NSW courses to launch 28 February will vary in required skill level with some demanding programming knowledge and others being open to those interested in expanding their security knowledge.
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    New FEMA Offerings - Although these were some of the original free courses there are some offerings that apply to all professions.
    Ex. Diversity Awareness IS-00020.16 Hille
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    Oh thanks for sharing the great information about online courses...
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    I was searching for online programming courses and one of my friend referred me Eduonix learning solutions.Its a great platform to learn coding and programming.I also enrolled 2 courses and it was just an amazing experience as the video tutor explained each point in detail.

    It was a great experience learning free online courses with Eduonix learning Solutions.
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    Thanks for sharing wonderful free courses list, appreciated !
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    Anything new

    I have been combing the old posts and am finding some are no longer available. Anything new that any members have seen?
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    Tulane-South Central Public Health

    Tulane-South Central Public Health

    South Central Public Health Partnership

    This site has been completely redesigned to eliminate Javascript and popups so it is more secure. Lots of FREE courses in public health.
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    oh it is so cool! thanks!
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    Free and Low Cost On-Line Courses from Top Universities

    I've enrolled in:

    Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
    Aug 29, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016T The Pennsylvania State University

    Course is free. Certificate costs $49 BUT fee waived for self-identified students with limited financial resources.

    Somewhat complicated enrollment process to ensure academic integrity: typing sample, web-cam photo, web-cam photo ID card (eg Driver's License).

    Learned about this from:

    10 Educational Websites for Taking Online Courses
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    Coursera: courses from top universities

    I just completed "An Introduction to Population Health" from Manchester University through Coursera. I regret to state that I was not impressed with the course. I was simplistic and biased. Some of the information presented was questionable and alternative research was not cited. One example is a section to demonstrate how public policy can influence public health. The example used was the claim that increased taxes reduces cigarette smoking. Contrary to what was presented in the course, the research on this issue is conflicting and no firm conclusion can be reached from it. Cigarette smoking has declined as taxes increased but there are other actors that probably influenced the decline such as smoking prohibited in workplaces and public places, anti-smoking in the military, anti-smoking information, and a general concern with healthy lifestyle. In my opinion the course was heavily biased toward government intervention in public health even when there is little evidence that it is effective.

    On the plus side, although this course (and others). officially cost money. ($49 in this case), if you want a certificate, one can apply for "financial aid" to have the fee waived. I've had the fee waived for three courses. It appears that the decision to waive the fee is machine-done, but I don't know what algorithm is used.
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    I have yet to like MOOC.

    I have competed 15 Open2Study (Australian) FREE online courses. 12-16 hours each. Each one from a major Australian University or New Zealand University.

    FREE course Certificate with University Logo
    FREE page 2 Transcript per course with grades.
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    re: free courses Kiwi and Digger unis

    Thanks for this. I just enrolled in "Understanding Common Diseases". It will be fun to have the University of Wollongong on my cv.
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    That is neat. I do like the ones I completed also.

    University of Tasmania, Australia
    Curtin University, Perth, Australia
    Flinders University of South Australia
    Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
    The Polytechnic of Western Australia, Perth
    Griffith University, South East Queensland, Australia
    Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Sydney, Australia (x2)
    The International College of Management Sydney (ICMS), Sydney, Australia
    Open Training Institute, Open Universities Australia (OUA), Melbourne, Australia (x2)
    Sydney Institute of TAFE (formerly The Sydney Institute of Technology), Sydney, Australia
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Massey University, New Zealand (x2)

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  19. very useful link shared to learn language
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