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    Faculty Project

    The Faculty Project
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    Hi Josegreen, I don't think this is free and should not be on this thread.

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    When something is free to get and use we like them much because we don't need to pay for that, so as the free online courses. Today most of the people are not getting their higher education because of the limitation that they lack in money. Free distance courses has changed the whole game, now every one is getting higher studies on the net
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    Free Education

    No man who worships education has got the best out of education.... Without a gentle contempt for education no man's education is complete. That can be obtained free ..
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    today most of the people are choosing Online courses as their first choice and Its true that online education has opened various opportunities so I think this is the only thing that can happen to anyone. I too pursuing online courses in management of diploma form Australian management academy and its awesome , next month i am going for an interview and i am sure that I will get the job.
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    Hello, I need a free or almost free course on bullying with a printable cert to do this weekend. Thanks for any ideas. Yes I have googled but hope someone has taken one who can direct me. Thanks. Hille
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    Wow, you have compiled an extensive list! I actually checked out the online classes at MIT and Harvard, just to see if there was anything interesting, but did not have the relevant background (or brainpower for that matter) for most of them. But you list some very interesting ones, like the BBC!
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    Your post ROCKS! I keep hearing about free online courses and the only ones I looked at were MIT's and Harvard's - not that I have the brainpower for any of their courses!!! But BBC free courses? I will have to browse that one - I am on the BBC website every day for news and radio dramas. Anyhow, thanks for this thread.
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    way2college member much information here for free online courses. Thanks
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    Greetings all,

    I need a free or almost free online courses/workshops/seminars on any of the following (similar or related topics):

    -Multiculturalism in the workplace/in Legal settings
    -Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    -Legal Terminology
    -Dealing with Difficult People
    -Due Process
    -Stress on the Job

    I hope they would be an option with a printable certificate to do. Thanks for any ideas.

    I have searched/googled, I but hope someone who has taken such online courses can direct me.

    Many thanks,

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    Free certificate in "Foundations of Public Health"

    Free certificate in "Foundations of Public Health"

    Empire State Public Health Training Center

    Free courses

    Training Catalog

    The Empire State Public Health Training Center is a collaborative endeavor of the University at Albany School of Public Health, and the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions. and state, city, county and local health departments throughout New York State.
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    I am trying to find information about salt lake online bible college (free) I have searched throughout degree info and I can't find any reference to this school. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. Thank you in advance.
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    Thank you for free information providing for online courses....
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    I just love all those list guys. It's really helpful and potentially beneficial to each and everyone. Truth of the matter is it is very hard to look for credible resources of online courses as most of the time you might think you are in the right place but right after that you found out that is just not the right one.
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    Great job do you have also distance learning in engineering if you have some link then share please
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    Very informative thread. I agree to the fact that though free online courses do not award credit they are very useful in acquiring many new skills. Also, there are many online schools/universities that are offering very affordable online courses that enable you to acquire a qualification and are accredited by reputed organisations too.
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    Could that really be true? It's almost like someone should start a website where this sort of information could be shared. BTW, I hope you're enjoying your vacation in India.
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