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  1. Fasih

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    Hello all

    I just want to know about Cliffport University USA. unable to find the website. is it a real university or just a diploma mill. I should be thank ful if someone will provide me with the complete information as agroup of some high profile people in my country claim that they got their degrees from the same university. some of them are the part of senior management. Interesting fact is that they all graduated from the same university. Furthermore, is Open University of Srilanka offering ph.D in Artificial Intilligence? looking forward for a favourable reply
  2. Kizmet

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    This thread from our archives suggests that Cliffport is a non-entity.


    As for OUSL, based on my sprint through their website I'd say the answer to your question is no. Maybe someone else can spend more time poking around in there and come up with a different answer. It's not an especially user-friendly site.
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    I've never heard of any American university with that name. A Google search didn't turn up a university website, but it did suggest that several people in Pakistan are boasting degrees from Cliffport University, which is supposedly located in New Jersey. They may simply be lying, or perhaps there's something doing business in Pakisan that says that it's a branch campus of this apparently non-existent "American" university.

    I'm less sure about that one. This university does seem to real, albeit awfully obscure here in North America. It's a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. (Canada's Athabasca U. helped them design their nursing program.) It offers some bachelors degrees, a couple of MTech masters degrees, and talks vaguely about the possibility of doing PhDs by research. Apparently it's theoretically possible to do a PhD in computer science with them, so I'll speculate that somebody could conceivably do a dissertation topic dealing with AI.

  5. Chip

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    It's very possible that Cliffport is part of the Prestigious Unaccredited Universities portfolio of nonexistent schools. (the people who send out the university diplomas spam.) They used to invent names almost on the fly to try to keep ahead of the people like us :)
  6. Sophia

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    Please Be aware

    Hey! I have not accuratly identify this university.But Please be aware from this type of universities because they look only their benefits.Student's career are not matter for them.So please be aware.
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    If my math is correct then...

    Fasih = Sophia


    = "Bump."
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    "unable to find the website."

    Doesn't this answer the question in the year 2010?
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    More time wasted on a seach engine....

    Hi -

    I got about 20 hits but no site. It appears that Cliffport MAY have had a "campus" in Karachi Pakistan (completely UNauthorized by Pakistan's HEC.)

    It looks like it may have lasted from around 1997 to around 2000. This is the range of "graduation dates" listed on about a dozen resumes that a search on Cliffport unearthed.

    All but a couple of grads had Pakistani or Arabic names and most (including one grad with an English name) claimed they had attended the Karachi location. Only a couple mentioned New Jersey (no specific city.)

    Looks like this "school" has gone the way of "Florida Green U." and the other illustrious outlying bastions of higher ed. - mostly American-sounding and none approved by the HEC..Good riddance to the (out)lying bastions! :)

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    This is all I have in my degree mills database, which has nothing new since 2004; the website no longer oprerative.
    This nonexistent institution arose in 2000, claiming to be incorporated in New Jersey, but the only address we could find on the minimalist Web site is in Pakistan. Accreditation (or, as they call it, “accrediation”) is claimed from the nonexistent (as best we can determine) International Accrediting Agency for Private and Post Secondary Institutes. Website: cliffport.tripod.com
  11. Maniac Craniac

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    Ok, now I can't stop laughing. Seriously, its starting to hurt!

    If anyone here doesn't know, tripod is owned by lycos and is one of a couple free webhosting sites they have. That web address is along the same lines as: jump.to/cliffport or myspace.com/members/cliffport

    Still laughing...

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