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    I've put together a business degree plan for my son at Excelsior and have a few questions about how Excelsior works.

    1. Is it possible to transfer in everything you need to graduate there except for the BUS 499 Strategic Management (6 credits) which I guess around here is referred to as the Capstone?

    2. Any way to test out of the INL Information Literacy? Or if not, what's a good class to transfer in for that?

    3. The business core requires a business communications and then a computer class. So I mapped the UEXCEL Workplace Communication and Computers to the business communication and then the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications to the computer class. I wasn't quite sure I had that right.

    4. I've noticed that once the plan starts the major concentration, I still have three upper level classes that still need to be taken at Excelsior as well as an international business class. All totaled, I still needed 19 credit hours in actual classroom work from Excelsior which still seemed like a lot of tuition. I was wondering what to do about that. Except for the time, it seems less expensive to just pay the in state tuition for 30 credits. Is it possible to fulfill those requirements in state and then transfer them in? Is there a way to test out of those too?

    Here are two links. One is the outline of the business requirements and the other is to the degree plan I'm working on which has three pages. The core education component, the business component and a list of the classes and sources I've identified so far.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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    I opened access to the google docs in the original post so it's available to view now. Accidentally had it locked down.
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    1) Most people take the capstone only at Excelsior and transfer the rest in.
    There are several options to getting cheaper pricing for courses, it's called affiliate or partnership pricing, you must take 12 credits from Excelsior. The capstone is already 6...

    2) The information literacy course can be taken elsewhere, as a test. My suggestion is the $70 exam+$15 RPNow proctor fee at Davar Academy. There are other options, but I think that's good for the ease/price. I think SL and Study.com has options as well, but if you take into account, it's a little more expensive.

    3) My suggestion is talk to an adviser about the options for these courses. Ask to see if any SL or Study.com, even Saylor or Davar Academy courses would fit those requirements. BTW, SL is Straighterline. If you take 4 courses from SL, you get partnership pricing with Excelsior, the same goes with Study.com - If for some odd reason you're not going with either, there is another way for $25/year membership.

    4) As I recommended, you should take all your courses elsewhere. The majority from Straighterline, Study.com, Saylor and Davar. All else, you can see what's missing and then decide.

    Dude, that file is not public, I can't see the file until you approve me... haha, now you know my second alias! How dare you! Anyways, give me access and I'll see what I can do... or what advice I have for you...
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    My bad lol. I fixed it so everyone should be able to see it now.

    The Capstone appears to be only 6 credits. You have to take 12 credits?
  5. AsianStew

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    That was fast! Good going, you've got all exams and no courses? Wow, that's gotta be a lot of studying.
    From the looks of things, that is similar to COSC and TESU requirements. I would apply to TESU also...
    COSC Plan: COSC Degree Plans | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

    BTW, These are the following that are fully testable. Easiest being General Management, then Accounting/Marketing.

    General Management: Sanantone's TESU BSBA in General Management After July 1, 2015 | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
    Marketing: Sanantone's BSBA in Marketing post-July 1, 2015 | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
    Accounting: Sanantone's BSBA in Accounting post-July 1, 2015 | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

    CIS: Sanantone's BSBA in Computer Information Systems post-July 1, 2015 | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
    HRM/Organizational: Sanantone's BSBA in Human Resources Management/Organizational Management post-July 1, 2015 | Degree Forum Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
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    OK. I'll check that stuff out. My son is in high school and I'm just thinking ahead. We recently had a meeting at the school that talked about AP courses, so I thought it made sense to find out what he would really need and how many AP classes to take at the high school.

    After that meeting, I started thinking about college and did some research on how to keep the costs down. I eventually stumbled across Fortunato's cheapest degree plan at Ball State. I live in Indiana about 30 minutes from there so I'm also mapping out a degree there.

    Fortunato's post reminded me that 25 years ago, I still had two classes left to get my degree and so I contacted my school to see what I needed to do. A few conversations later followed up by a petition to the school and I had permission to finish those requirements by passing two CLEP exams. I passed both easily and officially got my degree in Finance on May 6.

    Once I took those CLEP exams, I told my son he could absolutely do the same thing. He's studying for his CLEP Psychology exam now and has the test on May 26th.

    After he agreed to do that, I spent some time reviewing Excelsior's requirements and started building a degree plan to see what it would look like and to help us keep track.

    So right now we are on CLEP #1.

    My long term plan was to see how far I can persuade him to go and then contact Excelsior, Thomas Edison and Ball State and see what they will offer if we complete it as laid out.
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  7. AsianStew

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    The reason I pointed out you need to take 12 credits is - to get affiliate or partnership pricing!
    It is the real response to your #4, where you were calculating from 19-30 credits with Excelsior.
    That's going to run you into the EXPENSIVE category, this 12 credit is a requirement for cheap credits.

    If you are interested in partnership pricing at Excelsior, POAG is the Police Officer Association of Georgia, which you may join as an associate member for $25/ year.

    If you take 12 credit hours for the POAG partnership rate, that is a total of $4920 at $410 per credit hour.

    Excelsior Partner Pricing

    Taking just a 3-hour Capstone

    $0 to apply
    $1095 Multi-Source enrollment fee
    $1230 = $410 x 3 hours tuition
    $450 graduation fee
    Total $2775

    Taking a 6-hour Capstone

    $0 to apply
    $1095 Multi-Source enrollment fee
    $2460 = $410 x 6 hours tuition
    $405 graduation fee
    Total $3960

    Taking 12 hours

    $0 to apply
    $0 enrollment fee
    $4920 = $410 x 12 hours tuition
    $130 graduation fee
    Total $5050
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    is this expensive?
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    Is what expensive?
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    Some varieties of spam are expensive. Others, not so much.
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    I know, I know. I just banned him.:banned:
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    I chuckle a bit over how obvious they make it.
  13. GLGAmerica

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    Excited that my son completed the first step of his degree plan today. He took his first CLEP exam which was Introductory Psychology. He passed a little lower than I expected but still passed with a 55.

    I updated the plan. We are working on which CLEP to take next.

    One other thing we opted to do officially was to just take normal US History in high school next year rather than AP US History. Then instead of taking the AP exam, he'll take the CLEP US History I and II.

    He just completed world history in high school so we are considering taking Western Civilization I and II next. Although not in the degree plan, we might be able to work things around.

    Anyone we were both pumped that he earned three college credits today and hasn't even turned 16 yet!
  14. GLGAmerica

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    Happy to report that my son passed his next CLEP test which was Principles of Management! That included with the Intro to Psychology he also passed, he now sits at 6 total credits earned through CLEP!
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Awesome, well done to the young lad!
  16. GLGAmerica

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    My son passed his third CLEP test today. This one was for Introduction to Sociology. 9 credit hours completed!!
  17. Lerner

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    Is this old info - taken of the Davar Academy web site ?

    Excelsior College 1 888 647 2388
    Excelsior College allows the transfer of 117 credits of 120 needed to earn a bachelors degree.
    Thomas Edison State University 1 888 442-8372
    You can transfer 117 credits of the 120 needed to earn a bachelor's degree.
    Charter Oak State College 1 860 515 3855
    Charter Oak is a member of the State University of Connecticut. They require 6 credits be taken at their institution.
  18. sanantone

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    The capstone for the business degree at Excelsior is six credits. This change happened in 2015 or 2016.
  19. GLGAmerica

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    I was wondering if BUS 499 Strategic Management is the only class required at the moment to be taken through Excelsior? All the rest can be transferred in?

    For a finance degree for my son, I was just trying to figure out how to get a few of the final upper level classes completed that can't be tested out of and how many had to be completed at Excelsior.

    Updated degree map:
  20. GLGAmerica

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    So my son passed another CLEP test today. He passed Principles of Marketing. That's four CLEP tests down for a total of 12 credits. He's also enrolled in AP Art History at school now which will give him another three credits. Basically the first semester of college nearly completed.

    Next up is Western Civ 1!

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