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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by GLGAmerica, May 16, 2017.

  1. Bruce

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    Awesome!! :banana:
  2. Lerner

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    My cousin is not happy with the EC.
    They mishandled his transcripts. He had the transcripts ordered from his previous colleges.
    The records office sent some back because they didn't have sufficient identification info.
    They mailed them back to wrong colleges, the other colleges thought my cousin is a new applicant to their programs.
    It's a mess.
  3. GLGAmerica

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    Alright great news to report. My son took his next CLEP test and passed. He took Western Civilization 1. He now has passed enough CLEP's to accumulate 15 hours of college credit. That's enough for one semester of college.

    We are both pumped.

    Next up Western Civilization 2!
  4. Bruce

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    Fantastic!! :beerchug:
  5. GLGAmerica

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    My son moved quickly onto his next CLEP test by taking Western Civilization 2 exam today which he passed. That's 18 hours now! It's awesome because he's really bought into what we are doing.

    I think the next one he is going to tackle is the CLEP Spanish test. If he gets a 63, that would be 12 credits. Wish him luck!
  6. Maniac Craniac

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    Wow! This is great! I wish my parents were as involved with my education and I was as proactive and industrious as your son!

    By the time his peers are college sophomores, he might already have a Bachelor's and be moving on with his life :banana:

    Nice job to the both of you. Keep it up!!!!
  7. GLGAmerica

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    At the end of December, my son took and passed two more CLEP exams. The first was US History 1 and the second was CLEP Spanish. He's now at 27 hours total which means with 3 more hours, he'd be considered a sophomore in college which is cool because he's only a sophomore in high school. He's excited about this progress and so am I!
  8. GLGAmerica

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    My son took CLEP Mathematics today and passed that one too! He now has 33 clep credit hours accumulated which is enough to be a sophomore in college. He's a sophomore in high school. The CLEP Mathematics was easy for him. He didn't even study or take a practice exam.
  9. Please tell your son to keep up the excellent work.
  10. Love reading these stories. I hope to do the same with my son when he enters high school.
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    Greetings! It's great to see more people make progress on their degrees. I graduated with my own B.Sc. from Excelsior in June 2016, and about 75% of that was credit-by-exam. So it's definitely possible to get that stuff done. For your next set, I suggest you also focus on the business side exams, as well as enroll in a course that would otherwise not be accepted at Excelsior if it hasn't been taken elsewhere -- specifically, college comp (aka advanced composition).
  12. GLGAmerica

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    We're getting close to taking some of the business exams. After US History 2, next up will be Macro and Micro economics. He's also currently enrolled in high school AP Art History and we have two other AP courses planned. One is AP Language and Composition during his senior year of high school. We have AP Environmental Sciences slated for his Junior year.

    It's good to hear from someone who finished their degree from Excelsior in this manner. Congrats!

    Here's the degree plan we have put together. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


    Thanks to all for the support as well.
  13. I noticed you have both CLEP Principles of Management and DSST Principles of Supervision on your son's degree plan. If I'm not mistaken, those are just different titles for the same subject. I don't think Excelsior awards credit for both as it is considered duplication.
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  14. GLGAmerica

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    Thanks for noticing that. I will check into that a little further.
  15. GLGAmerica

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    My son passed two more exams today. CLEP US History 2 and CLEP Precalculus. This adds 6 college equivalent credit hours to his total he now has 39 potential credits completed!
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  16. If he can do CLEP Precalculus he is a shoe in!:)
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  17. He's a machine. What are his life goals after he completes the Excelsior degree?
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  18. GLGAmerica

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    Since he's still 16 he is not sure yet lol. I'd like to see him start his own business while in high school here. But we haven't identified one we'd like to start yet.
  19. GLGAmerica

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  20. Awesome job! Those economics exams aren't easy.
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