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    That's some great information that he and I will look into. The company he works for now is getting ready to start using sales force so he will have some exposure to that platform here real soon.

    Appreciate you passing that information that along because I had no idea that getting sales force certified could be a good career path.
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    Great news!

    My son finished the Capstone class today and has now completed all of his bachelors degree requirements!

    He was staying with his friends where they are going to college this weekend. They got to watch him hit the submit button for his final assignment and be part of the moment.

    Anyway, he's thrilled to have completed this project and I'm very proud of him for having the drive and initiative to see it through.

    I'd estimate the overall cost of the degree to be around $15,000 and he has zero debt which is fantastic.

    Last weekend, he put a deposit down on an apartment a block away from a major college with some of his friends who are still working on their degrees. Beginning this fall, he'll be hanging out with his college friends for at least the next year maybe two.

    So at 19, he's finished his degree, he's debt free, he's got a job and he'll basically be on campus with his other college friends soon so it's a good start.

    The next step is that the grades will post on May 10 and then they'll audit his records to confirm all is in order. His degree will be conferred on July 16 which is after the July commencement takes place. I was a little surprised that students who completed their degree requirements in May don't go through commencement in July. They have to wait until the following July.

    Not that it matters too much. As of today, the commencement will be virtual anyway. Maybe next year it will be in person.

    He still gets his diploma this July though since Excelsior does confer degrees every month.

    Once he gets it, I'll possibly post a picture of it.

    In the meantime, next week we'll start working on his next project. Starting a business!

    MARCUS: One of the first things he said was that I'll have to post this information on the forum so you could see it. We might hit Qdoba today but we might also go some place nicer lol.
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    Congrats! That is really a great start for a 19 years old young man!:emoji_thumbsup:
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    Welcome to the Excelsior College alumni family! Please tell him "congratulations" for me. That's an amazing accomplishment. Being able to graduate early and debt-free is a big, big, big deal. And he's starting his own business too. Epic!

    If he's on Facebook, there's an Excelsior College alumni group he can join. Also, if he's still considering graduate school, both Coursera and EdX have some VERY affordable programs through some VERY nice schools:



    Taking a well-deserved break from school to focus on his new business is a great option too.

    I wish I was in the same position as he is when I was his age. Yes, I'm a little envious. He's got a great future ahead of him.
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    Thanks Marcus! I passed on your congratulations. He was excited to hear from you during the whole process!

    We will check out these options and see what we think.
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    Another exciting day.

    I checked the system today and noticed his degree completion date was officially entered into the system as of today. His degree will be conferred on July 16. His actual commencement would be July of next year since they do July - June graduates for that.

    So a good tip is if you want commencement to plan to complete your degree in the first 8 week spring session. After the second 8 week spring session, you have to wait an entire year for commencement.

    The plus side is Excelsior confers degrees every month.

    I mainly wanted to post this information for future graduates of Excelsior how the conferral process works.

    I think there are still some more things that go on behind the scenes before it's official.

    Here is a link to the process on Excelsior.


    I think there is also a graduation fee of some type as well but I am not sure yet if that is for commencement or just because you graduated you have to pay it.

    Hope that helps!
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    My son's journey was officially completed as his diploma arrived in the mail today! While his degree was officially conferred on July 16, it took a week to get his diploma in the mail

    We did have to pay a $260 graduation fee before he graduated.

    Anyway, today is an exciting day to see the project finally completed!

    For those of you out there working on your degree, keep at it. And if you are still in high school, don't be afraid to start while in school. There is really no reason that a high school freshman can't begin and graduate with their high school diploma and college degree at the same time.

    Go get 'em!
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    Did my last four classes at Excelsior worked out great for me.
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