Diploma Mill Rankings

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    "Suffield’s site offers a list of majors including Fire Science, though I suspect you can get fired with any of their degrees."

    That is pretty funny.
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    Most Famous Alumni: Columbia Pacific University. Dr. John Gray, best-selling author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” has a Ph.D. from this now-defunct California-based school. Blogger Kieran Healy summed it up nicely: “Men from Mars, Women from Venus, PhDs from Uranus.”

    Oh my......LOL
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    Some years back, John Gray was married to Barbara de Angelis, likewise an author and relationship expert - and with a doctorate from the same school as hubby - Columbia Pacific. They split up in 1984, I think.

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    It's unfortunate to see Columbia Pacific since it doesn't meet the criteria set forth by the article: "unaccredited colleges that award degrees with little or no study."

    CPU had some problems, but there was a lot of good work going on there, too. But they decided to fight the state of California rather than improve in some key areas and, IMHO, were hounded out for political reasons much more than academic ones. (Disclosure: CPU co-founder Dick Crews was on my Union committee for several years.)

    My favorites:

    California Central University
    City University Los Angeles
    Columbia State U.
    University de la Romande

    I'm sure there are others.....
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    Seems I remember a similar sentiment regarding Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies
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    Well, you're wrong. There is an entire thread about that subject, and a careful read of its history would bring you to a different conclusion.
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    Columbia State with the guide from Mr. Herald Cranshaw if I'm not mistaken.
    Melan univ

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