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    Just finished my Ph.D in Modern Chinese History at Chu Hai University (Hong Kong). Previously completed LLM (Chinese Business Law) from Hong Kong Open University through 100% online (I got my law degree from University of La Verne).
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  2. Dustin

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    Cool! What are your plans from here?




    I am working as an in-house counsel for a multinational corp in the Greater China region. This degree gives me an opportunity to get an adjunct job in the region.
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  5. RoscoeB

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    Congratulations, Dr. PAULWENLIUESQ! Well done.

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  6. RoscoeB

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    Can you tell us about your research?

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    Sino-British relationship during WWII (1931-1945)
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  8. Jahaza

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    I graduated with my MBA from University of Texas of the Permian Basin on Friday.
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    Congratulations!! Great job!

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  10. SteveFoerster

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    Fascinating! The closest I get to knowing anything about that is having watched "Empire of the Sun" a long time ago.
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  11. Mac Juli

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    I have remarked that my$149-special-account was going to expire and managed to do the 1-credit-course "The Essentials of Managing Conflict" in 47 minutes!

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  12. SteveFoerster

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    I have two kids amassing ingredients for their eventual respective Charter Oak burritos, and this last year from has been a miracle. They each still have a course or two they won't make before their years end, but I don't mind paying for an extra month or two after what they've gotten out of this.
  13. Alpine

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    Congratulations Vicky, that is awesome! I second your thanks to the DI community.
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  15. GregWatts

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    Hey, offer for MA in Buddhist Studies from Wales !
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  16. Finished my qualification exams earlier this month in the Ph.D. Family Consumer Science Program at Texas Tech and also handed in the first draft of my first three chapters. My chair wants me to defend by December this year, will keep everyone updated on progress. Was going to update this in the PhD FCSE thread I started last year but it looks like it got locked.

    Looking forward to being done soon, hoping to find a full time financial planning professor position.

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