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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Bruce, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. cbringas

    cbringas New Member

    My plan was to do a combined Master in International Relations/ MBA but since those degrees are way too expensive I decided to do first through distance learning and the MBA in a traditional manner. I'm halfway done with the MBA, and my hope with all of this is to find a job within the provincial government in the area of intergovernmental affairs. However, recently I've discovered international outreach opportunities within universities and this seems interesting as well. I've been working as a community librarian for the past 8 years, which is a very good and fun job but I'd like to find something new in the near future.
  2. willheikkinen

    willheikkinen New Member

    Will Heikkinen

    Firstly i appreciate the success of those worked hard for there better tomorrow.It was very inspiration to all of us and also we have to motivated towards our work and passion.
  3. Andrew Borchers

    Andrew Borchers New Member

    I started my search for a part-time doctoral program in the early 1990's. Nova Southeastern is my alma mater, having graduated in 1996 with a DBA. Since then I moved from industry to full-time teaching, and more recently, a role as an Associate Dean. I'm also a full professor and have been tenured. Over the past two years I've been a journal editor. Without Nova Southeastern (which I found with Dr. Bear's help), I'd still be in industry. Academic life has been wonderful for me and my family. This forum and its predecessor news group were very helpful in my journey.

    Blessings - Andy Borchers, DBA NSU '96
  4. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Nice to see you, Andy! What happened to your old account? It just feels wrong for you to look like a newbie. :smile:
  5. Andrew Borchers

    Andrew Borchers New Member

    My old account

    Steve - Somehow my old account got locked up and I couldn't get it unloced. So I created a new account.

    Blessings - Andy
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Hmmm.....let me see what can be done about that. I agree with Steve, you shouldn't appear as a n00b! :yup:

    Welcome back!
  7. Mighty_Tiki

    Mighty_Tiki Member

    Walden MBA

    Looks like we need a new success story - I finished my MBA with Walden in October. I started with APUS about 6 years prior but had stopped after 5 classes due to my wife being a full-time Occupational Therapy student. I decided to restart at Walden because at the time I was taking classes there, APUS had pretty much non-existent support. The classes were structured well and covered the needed material but heaven forbid you actually needed help from a professor. Anyway, Walden was a better fit and now I am enrolled in Cal Southern's PsyD program to fulfill a dream. After 13 years I am still watching this board a couple times a week. Thanks everyone that continues to contribute!
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Congratulations, well done! :fest30:
  9. thequietman

    thequietman Member

    Hi Guys, graduated MBA Business Administration and Management in January 2017, from Assam Don Bosco University, India.

    I was a little reluctant to apply at first due to accreditation but my mind was put at ease by the members here. Glad I signed up when I did because the course fees now are 5 times as much as they were when I paid. Phew!
    The course itself was difficult at times because I am working and studying at the same time. Doing the online proctored test was a nightmare because if you even looked away from the screen for a brief moment (I look up when I try to recollect), the test was stopped and you were asked what you were looking at and made to show the examiner the room again.
    However I am glad I did it and now it has opened many doors for me. Thanks guys. :)
  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Congratulations! It's a lot of work but it sounds like it's paying off. You may be the first of our members to go through that program. Perhaps sometime you'll tell us a little more about your experiences with this school.
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Congratulations, well done!
  12. thequietman

    thequietman Member

    Certainly, if any one has any questions please feel free to ask. The fees, as I said before, have increased 5-fold but they are still cheaper than a Uni in the UK and USA and the UNI has a pretty good name in education fields in India.
  13. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!! Have you done a foreign degree evaluation as yet? I went through ECE and had mine evaluated as being equivalent to a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the U.S.

    I enrolled in ADBU in December 2014 when they were only UGC recognized but by early 2015 they gained NAAC accreditation. I can relate to you on the proctored exams, they are the strictest I've encountered.
  14. b4cz28

    b4cz28 Active Member

    All done at Liberty!!!!!! Feels so good to be finished and done. Master of Art in Biblical Studies.
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  15. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member


    But you know that those Home Depot guys won't know cubits, right?
  16. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Congratulations! :beerchug:

    What's next?
  17. Brez

    Brez Member

    Been a very long time since I've been on the site.

    B.S. - Org Leadership PSU World Campus
    M.S. - Org Leadership CSU Global Campus
  18. Koolcypher

    Koolcypher Member

    Due to school and work commitments, I have not been active as much as I would like. I am finally done with my Masters degree in Education from St. Thomas University. It took a bit longer than I expected, however, I’m glad it’s over. I have been teaching middle school for the last 18 months. However, this new school year, I will be transitioning as an elementary school teacher. Hopefully, I will be a bit more active here.
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  19. MattS

    MattS New Member

    I defended my dissertation yesterday and received my first phone call greeting me as "Doctor" a short time later! I remained mostly a lurker on these boards over the years, but I learned a lot here. So, add another success story to the pile!
  20. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Wow Matt, that is truly exceptional. Congratulations! Can you give us some details?

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