Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University

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    Thanks. I'll put it in a nutshell:

    There are no anonymous "honors". The style Chevalier is an honor, and that honor is not anonymous -- Chevaliers are vested by Chivalric Orders. Period. To refer to being a Chevalier, but to refuse to divulge the fons honorum (the order, and in turn its source of honor) is to basically say, "There is no honor here." One either is, or is not. Can't play both hands against the middle.

    So -- although I wanted my privacy, I also did not want to keep the cards so closely to my chest that it appeared I was withholding critical information about what should be something one is proud about. I am proud -- not ashamed -- and must live life as if not ashamed. Pretty basic stuff.

    Therefore, at the same time that I added the postnominals CSC to my signature line here, I included the name of the order on my personal site (for anyone with a curiosity to come across). That way -- it can be taken at face value by whomever, discounted by whomever, but not questioned. If someone doesn't like it -- they can judge it for themselves. Not my problem.

    Gregg is also the only party outside the university at which I am pursuing a DLitt who has seen a draft of the thesis I was on about over the last year. (Though I didn't include the institution name -- as I said -- only going to do that if and when I am conferred.) I sent it to Gregg because, as I stated to him privately -- I know someone who isn't going to break a confidence when I see one -- and the thesis contains new results that must not be disseminated until after conferral, to avoid having those results released prematurely (such is the nature of "original contribution".)

    The motto on my crest is Qui nimimium probat, nihil probat -- "Who proves too much, proves nothing [at all]." I picked that motto for a reason. One cannot spend his or her entirely life running around making a secondary case for one's own integrity. One must, rather, live life with integrity, and allow others their opinion about that primary case. The work either speaks for itself, or it does not. The rest is opinion, and there's not much one can do to try to change opinion while still having time to do much else productive in life.

    After all -- why do I trust Gregg DesElms? Because he has made a primary case for his own integrity by behaving publicly and privately with integrity. I know his detractors will perhaps not like to read that -- but I'm not on this planet to please each and every comer, now, am I? Much better for the soul to deal with individuals as individuals than as concepts we allow others to convince us on.

    How on Earth I managed to become even a small player in this particular card game -- GAK -- God Alone Knows. I took people at face value, let their conduct with me tell me about them -- and ended up smack where I am. Life without the Internet would certainly be simpler -- no doubt on earth about that! -- but not nearly as rewarding as regards growth.
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    I started to respond to this with a deeply philosophical paragraph or two which was to have begun something like, "There is great wisdom in this..." and then it would have been off to the races from there; but it occurs to that the following two words, arranged and emboldened as I'm about to arrange and embold them, and followed by an enthusiastic exclamation point or two, could probably accomplish much the same thing somewhat more economically:
    • "Amen, brother!!"
    'Nuff said.
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    I hope that this thread will maintain our traditions of civility. After all, the unbridled attacks which Lerner makes with impunity upon my character and intentions are not typical of this board.

    My best wishes both to Quinn and his critics. This institution appears mighty dubious to me. It is unfortunate that Ms Danzig's participation did not raise a red flag for Quinn. Nor is he the first in that situation.

    I am sure that most of us have failed to notice red flags about this or that situation and continued to believe or hope for the best long after such hopes were thoroughly untenable. I am glad to have had the opportunity to post on this thread while still consistent with a reasonable sense of honour, before the participation of our (perhaps) Tiraspoler (certainly) troll makes posting on this thread inconsisent with my word as a cleric and a gentleman--or at any rate with my word.

    So thumbs down to Marquess. Thumbs up to the rest of you. Cordial wishes,

    Janko muy fino y muy frio

    Carthage must be destroyed.
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    Marquess links gone

    It appears that all of the Marquess links discussed above have been broken over the past few hours. The Marquess home page, which formerly stated "This site is temporarily down for maintenance", now states that "This site is currently in testing mode."

    I was responsible for pointing out some of these links earlier today. At that time, it was not apparent that the Marquess web pages were "draft", or that Marquess had not officially begun operation. In fairness to Marquess, I would have acknowledged these points, had they been evident.
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    Can anyone really believe such a post would not encourage subsequent posts inflicting "irritation and discomfort"?

    I have to agree with Quinn, this should have been handled privately.

    KUDOS! to Uncle Janko for the most sensible, reasonable, and compassionate post in this thread!
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    What Janko said!
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    Re: Re: Marquess College on plagiarism

    When I read this I had smile on my face and knew that a remark such as yours was on the way.

    Hey if its copied from Lancaster University then its ain't that bad.

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    QTJ: "I won't comment...except to note that it's not Marquess University -- the first factual error. College. College.)"

    John Bear:
    It was not I who chose to use the term "Marquess University." They use it themselves. On the archived version of their own site,, it says, "Marquess University Graduate degrees by distance learning for busy adults offered by international university with libertarian philosophy..."

    Also of interest to me: A reader of this site pointed out to me in an email that there is also a connection between Marquess and the notorious Richard Hoyer and his Homeland Security goatbag, through faculty member Guntram Werther.
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  11. galanga

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    the text in the cache

    What it said:
    Is the term "libertarian philosophy" code for something?
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    Marquess address

    The Marquess web page lists its addresses as

    Mailing Address:
    London WC1N 3XX.

    Registered Office:
    20-22, Bedford Row
    London WC1R 4JS.

    The UK Royal Mail knows of one entity in WC1N 3XX: it calls itself

    British Monomarks Ltd
    PO Box 12
    WC1N 3XX.

    Perhaps the "BM1807" in the Marquess address refers to bin 1807 at British Monomarks?

    The British Monomarks website promises "A London address wherever you are" and offers "Discrete, private service" and "Mail collected, sorted and forwarded to you wherever you are or held for you to arrange collection."

    The Royal Mail also knows of one organization at WC1R 4JS:

    Jordans Ltd
    20-22 Bedford Row
    WC1R 4JS

    The Jordans Limited web page shows this as its title: "UK Limited company formation and company registration agent. Start your limited company with our online company formations package."

    So Marquess might be using London-based services that would allow it to operate from elsewhere.

    I have heard that the weather is better in Florida than it is in London, although I would like to know if alligators really do eat Florida housecats.
  13. Rich Douglas

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    Re: Marquess address

    Only while doing the Macarena in Ft Lauderdale.;)
  14. Bill Huffman

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    This is a thread about Marquess College/Marquess University. This is not a thread about an individual that could be handled in private email. Private email would not have produced the interesting additional information on Marquess College/Marquess University that has been uncovered which was the stated purpose of the thread after all.
  15. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: the text in the cache

    I suspect that it means something like, "send me your money, the government won't mind".
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    This kind of "might" nonsense is exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned earlier the notion of accurate research rather than speculation and innuendo.

    I "might" be a 400 pound, female Austrian opera singer living in Nebraska -- but I claim to be a 195 pound Canadian computer scientist. Which am I? I "might" be blind in one eye, have a parrot on my left shoulder who answers to Polly, and ....

    Well, you get the picture.

    As for the so-called "connection" between Hoyer and Marquess by proxy of Werther -- same kind of nonsense -- offered to achieve what end?

    Even if I had never come across John Bear in the DL world, he and I are "connected". Here's a bit of such trivia: a friend of John Bear's (with whom I have had limited, but some communication totally outside and unrelated to DL) sued some associates of mine (with whom I have considerable contact) in a matter totally unrelated to distance education. This one degree of sepearation that exists between Bear and Jackson is via someone who is, in certain circles I frequent, considered a "notorious" figure by more than a few people. Since Jackson and Bear are thus "connected" -- shall I expect some portion of his royalty checks to come to me? Hardly! (But he's welcome to send me 10% any time he wishes, by virtue of this "connection". :cool: )

    Moreover, I also could be said to have two degrees of separation from Bush, Kerry, Gates, Manning, and the now deceased Erdos and Polya, three degrees from HRH the Queen. Do any of these people even know I exist? Not bloody likely. Am I "connected" to the President? Oh, that's sweet.....
  17. galanga

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    might, maybe, perhaps

    The fundamental interactions that guide the behavior of matter and energy might be described by quantum mechanics.

    Even string theory is quantum mechanical in nature, and it is, according to those who explore its possibilities, the closest thing to a "Theory of Everything," perhaps one layer away from such a theory.

    A hundred years of experimental data all support the view that physical reality is guided by principles that are quantum mechanical in nature. The evidence is overwhelming that this is the case.

    So IS the universe guided by something that is fundamentally quantum mechanical in nature? Yeah, probably. But once in a while our ideas turn out to be wrong, in spite of Occam's razor and the crispness of the existing data. So we say "maybe" and "perhaps" to be closer to an exact description of what's there and how certain we are about things that are almost sure to be true.

    Is Marquess really run out of Florida, but using a London address for reasons known to the operators of Marquess? Did the Marquess staffers install robots exclusion files in their sites the same day that the SRU indictment was delivered to the defendants because they felt their association with SRU made their other higher education activities overly public? Was St. Regis really run by Americans whose offices were in the western United States and not primarily by Liberian citizens in Monrovia? Did Sheila Danzig actually generate most of the foreign credential evaluations of the the SRU degrees submitted by the Georgia teachers? Will a sham university try to hide itself from search engines and use nonsensical internet domain registrations? Was "Paul is dead" just a rumor without basis in fact?

    Yeah, probably. Is this inuendo? No.
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    Did I miss something. How did we end up in FL?
  19. Khan

    Khan New Member

    Nevermind. I got it. The same way we always end up here. Crap.
  20. Guest

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    Re: might, maybe, perhaps

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, Quinna della Pericola shall sing for you her famous version of Der Ring des Gedanke Experimentes. Due to the diva's girth, we kindly ask all those in the front row to take care should she walk too close.

    Lalalala... sososososo.... dodododod.... rerererere ... (Quinna tightens her girdle and straightens out his cap-with-wings)....

    And she begins.....

    Universum, warum sind Sie so äußerst gelegentlich?
    Was hält diese Theorie zusammen?
    Ist diese Zeichenkette oder Isolationsschlauch?

    (Gotta love Babelfish! That was supposed to read:

    Oh Universe, why are you so random?
    Is that string or spaghetti?
    What holds this theory together?)
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