Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University

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  1. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I'm always intrigued when I learn about a school not in my data base, as I just did looking at Quinn T. Jackson's site, and noting his professorship at Marquess College, London, aka Marquess University.

    At the moment, I'm perplexed by lack of information on Marquess (only two Google hits), and by its apparent involvement or interconnection with Sheila Danzig's notorious Career Consulting International and and John Kersey, Ph.D. (Robert de Sorbon).

    The search engine here found nothing. Perhaps more will be learned.
  2. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Does your database have a school named "ACU" that awards Ph.D.s in Computer Science?
  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    decimon: Does your database have a school named "ACU" that awards Ph.D.s in Computer Science?

    John: Yes. However: This is not a thread about QTJ's credentials, which have been discussed a lot elsewhere, and of course you could start a new thread on them if you wish. I just want to learn about the elusive Marquess College/Marquess University/Marquess Education.
  4. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Look here

    Here is a link to the author bios for Does The Value Of Your Degree Depend On The Color Of Your Skin? by Sheila Danzig and John Kersey:
    Kersey's site informs visitors that "This site is temporarily down for maintenance..." and serves the following "robots exclusion file" to keep search engines from indexing the site:
    Perhaps Marquess is a little shy of publicity.

    The robots.txt file dates from October 6, 2005. Recall that 10/6/05 was also the day the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington issued its press release concerning the St. Regis indictment. (The indictment itself is dated 10/5/05.)
  5. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    The senior officers of Marquess College do include John Kersey (Principal), Sheila Danzig (Professor), and Quinn T. Jackson (Professor at Large). By the way, I was able to access many other Marquess web pages from this link, although the home page indicates that the site is "down for maintenance."

    Many of the Marquess senior officers appear to be graduates and/or faculty of Knightsbridge University, including Kersey, Roger Thompson (Vice-Principal), Kenneth Martin (Dean), and Guntram Werther (Professor).
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  6. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Re: Re: Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University

    Another possible sign of a Knightsbridge connection, from the Marquess "partner institution" page:
  7. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Fyrst European Graduate School, Denmark?

    That seems to be new. Google has never heard of it.

    I wondered if the Danish government might be objecting to Knightsbridge University calling itself a "university", but KU's website is still up and running.
  8. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed reading this wonderful thread. I was howling with laughter then began wondering, "What is so funny?". I really can't figure out why it is so funny, it just is. :D
  9. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Marquess College takes a stand on plagiarism

    Marquess College has a tough policy on plagiarism:
    Ironically, it appears to have been plagiarized from Lancaster University:
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  10. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Re: Marquess College on plagiarism

    I also really enjoyed the irony of the following.

    Note: that Learner is capitalized which I surmise means that they are referring to a particular someone named Learner.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I post on this board as a private citizen -- all opinions and statements are my own.

    I never cease to be amazed with the looseness with which people conduct public speculation before any kind of due process has even appeared to have taken place. Innuendo, assumption, loose connections drawn from midair, time-lines imagined, and so on. I find it unethical at a professional level that journalists and researchers would throw scenarios publicly into the air, attached to people's good names, without first sufficient amounts of homework. I fail to understand the social value of such practices. Yes, this is a public rebuke of such practices. No, it is not anything personal (except to the extent that the rebuke comes from me, personally).

    The last time people speculated publicly on my credentials and comings and goings without in anyway first privately asking me about it, the results were, shall we say, less than positive. I'm fairly certain everyone with any history on these fora knows that could easily be the consequence of such public speculation. Based upon threads such as this one -- I have come to believe that people don't really care to avoid such potential for harm.

    I've seen it also happen with others -- speculation, innuendo, wild-guesses and maybes -- coming from figures who readers follow with some amount of trust. And it continues even when those people express extreme distress at such speculation.

    As anyone who knows me knows -- I am always quite willing to engage in open and honest discourse via private avenues. I could have been asked privately about what "Professor-at-Large for Gifted Students at Marquess College, London" means, but instead John Bear elected to ask publicly. Those who know me also know that I am open to reasoned argument and will, from time to time, change my own policies if the argument makes sense to me after meditation. (Case in point: I considered the words of someone here as regards revealing my Order, and after some meditation, revealed it for the reasons that person brought forward.) This to say, I'm not as stubborn as all that.

    But I won't engage in speculation. There are factual errors in this thread that, with the slightest amount of research, would not have entered into the discussion at all. At best, that shows too much haste, at worst, it shows lack of rigor in research and journalism and complete disregard for due process while gathering information.

    Suppose I came here and posted a thread entitled, "Comes now Bloggs College" and then went on to speculate that since the college's web page appeared a certain date in April, it must be somehow tied to the Sinking of the Titanic.... Utter nonsense.

    What social value is there in making such speculative statements in a public forum?

    Personally I think too much adrenalin is involved in these forays into speculative chicken entrail gazing. Otherwise, why not pursue a less public route and simply ask specific questions privately? Personally, I believe that the pot must be stirred from time to time to keep the tension in the air for those who enjoy such tension. People enjoy fault-finding -- even when the faults are a matter of opinion.

    I conduct my life in the most honorable way my conscience and ethics dictate. While I am certainly not perfect -- I strive to avoid kicking cans and stirring pots for the sake of making noise. (Although I have been called a pot stirrer myself from time to time.) I believe in freedom of choice in education, and I believe that gifted learners need alternatives to the homogenized goo they presently have before them. I associate with those who show, over a period of time, a conviction of similar beliefs. I do not presume to judge based on hearsay and innuendo, but prefer instead to get to know people over long periods of time, and to deal with them on an honest, forthright, and conscientious fashion. It is for this reason that one will find me posting on other boards from time to time -- even though those on the boards of which I speak are banned from DegreeInfo.

    When I stand up publicly (and privately) against anonymous attacks on people's private lives -- I mean exactly what I say. I accept that my views will put me into a minority -- and I do not seek the public love. If public love means compromising basic human concepts such as avoiding harm to private citizens -- then the public can keep such "love". The reward for such a policy is that I can go to sleep knowing that I have not contributed to the misery of others, as much as it is possible for me to avoid such a "contribution".

    Experts must accept responsibility for their expert statements. Because this is so -- they must practice due diligence when speaking publicly in their area of perceived expertise. I didn't invent this notion -- it's part of every professional organization I've ever known about, and has been for some time. If they do not wish to accept responsibility for such care and due dilligence -- they cannot hold themselves out to have an expert opinion -- in the same way an anonymous poster cannot cry "freedom of speech" without accepting responsibility for libel. Those basic precepts must apply to all experts.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled speculation and innuendo.
  12. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University

    I, for one, am shocked. SHOCKED! SHOCKED! :eek: Or perhaps not.
  13. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Perhaps he hasn't rented the P.O. box yet, or the signage on his house.
  14. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Re: Marquess College takes a stand on plagiarism

    Liars lying, and now plagiarists with an anti-plagiarism policy plagiarized from another school? I remain shocked. SHOCKED! SHOCKED! :eek: Or maybe not.
  15. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Okay Quinn, let's stay away from speculation. It is not conjecture, however, to see that Frist/Knightsbridge/Marquess are all tightly connected. It is also not conjecture that your name appears as a professor for "Marquess College," which otherwise does not exist.

    One simple, terminal question: Are you a professor for Marquess College (or any other incarnation of it)?
  16. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    If Marquess isn't listed on this web page, or this one (and it appears on neither); and if it's truly a UK educational institution, then that means it's not "accredited"... at least not as we tend to use that word around here. So it's a UK unaccredited institution, then... which means it would be viewed, here in the US, as unaccredited... and, from the other posts herein, likely also a diploma mill.

    Without divulging any of the details (which I would never do without first obtaining permission from Quinn), I can personally and categorically attest to this.

    The irritation and discomfort this thread is causing you is palpable... and I, for one, am sorry for that. I am quite certain that that was not the thread-starter's intent... as is clear from his subsequent post in which he tried to wave-off any of this turning into a thread about you and/or your qualifications. But, like it or not, this thing is what it now is; and you now have, here, it seems to me, a spectacular opportunity to provide explanation and understanding if there's any of same to be had. You wrote many heartfelt and valid paragraphs about the wrongness of speculation and proffering misinformation, but you proffer no facts which correct said misinformation. You've earned the kind of respect around here that will, I believe, cause those reading your words of explanation to consider them carefully and to not dismiss them out-of-hand. Perhaps you should take this opportunity to enlighten everyone as to the specifics of their errors. Just a suggestion, mind you. Just a suggestion.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As it says on my personal web page, I am Professor-at-Large for Gifted Students of Marquess College, London. "Professor-at-Large" typically means that one roams across faculties with a certain degree of interdisciplinary freedom. This granted freedom comes from the need to fulfill the "for Gifted Students" portion of the appointment. The "Marquess College, London" means just that. Marquess College (not University).

    This particular role comes from my having been a member of various ultrahigh IQ associations since 1999. I have come to understand the particular desires, needs, and strategies of gifted researchers who do not wish to be confined by tight classical boundaries between classical faculties. My role is to serve such students so that they may get maximal benefit from the entire scope of resources available to them.

    It's what I believe in -- and have believed in for ages. Nothing particularly new or surprising about such a thing. My commitment to the cause of the gifted community of the Internet is no particular news to those in that community. A quick browse of my publication list over the years will show that. If it surprises anyone that I believe such things -- that is perhaps a good sign (since it would kind of surprise and ... well, disturb ... me if those outside those communities would be terribly interested to have followed my progress over the years).

    As to the particulars of Marquess College -- I am posting on this board as a private citizen, and not as a representative of MCL. Thus, except as relates to my appointment, I won't comment. (Except to note that it's not Marquess University -- the first factual error. College. College.) Also, since MCL is not yet open for operations -- I have no comments about drafts of web pages, or whatever. Those will become known when the College makes them known officially.

    Anything to offer on any of this? Just what I've already said.
  18. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Re: Re: Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University

    The senior officers page doesn't seem to be working any longer.

    Before it evaporated (only a few minutes ago) it featured a rather handsome photo of Quinn, along with the by-now-familiar Sheila D. Kersey himself was kind of imperial, in a nice suit sitting behind a big desk.
  19. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Re: Marquess College takes a stand on plagiarism

    That Marquess link is now gone. Somebody's been reading Degreeinfo, do you think?
  20. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    Re: Re: Marquess College takes a stand on plagiarism

    Why would they do a silly thing like that when they have The Crabby Forum and AED... either or both of which certainly contain much higher-quality information, just generally... and freedom of speech, too!


    (Damn! When is vBulletin finally gonna' add that [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tag to its vB Code?!)
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