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    Dang. I timed out. Here's the whole thing:
    I guess they do - somehow... What alternative do they have? Well, they can come here, I guess. And they do. And what good is the fact that costs are 60% cheaper, when wages are ~90% (or more lower).

    Truth is - there - and here, money is being siphoned off that should be getting to the people - or being used for their benefit. The means and methods may differ. Corruption in one place is different to that in another - that's what makes getting a handle on it as a whole, very difficult.

    However, I still maintain that overall, the problem is much worse in Nigeria, than in Canada. Here, the main cause of Government waste is bungling and ineptitude, rather than larceny. In the US I think Government waste is generally 50-50. That's not scientific - just casual reading and observation. I could be WAY wrong. I think in the Nigerian Government - there's comparatively little incompetence and a whole lot of stealing.

    You dismiss the corruption report totally. Okay - I don't. Too many sources - and too many individuals - say pretty nearly the same thing, re: Nigeria. I know, from my own reading, that Nigerian writers deal with the topic frequently in both their novels and non-fiction. I could give you some names to start with, if you want. I think it's outside the realm of coincidence. And It's not the most corrupt place in the world, according to the report. Nigeria is 150th. The worst place would be 180th. The worst five are:

    176 -Yemen
    177 - Venezuela
    178 - Syria
    178 - South Sudan (tie)
    180 - Somalia (Dead last)

    Those sound about right to me. I'll just stick with what I wrote - all of it. There, no caps or bold. I can do that, too. G'Night.
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    No. Stop. Saying that what is happening in a country that should be doing better than it does is a global norm normalizes (by definition) the endemic corruption. Making the populace believe it is how bad people stay in power. I've seen it on the post-Soviet space. The closer to the heart of the evil empire, the more powerful the signal from "ballistic defense towers" (Russian sci-fi reference), the more cynical people are. So people in Poland are less cynical than people in Ukraine, who are way less cynical than the people of russo-mordor. This is why Poland is in EU and growing, while Ukraine is struggling, and russia is a full blown Nazi dystopia where mothers of killed soldiers are grateful to the Fuehrer for a cheap car they can now buy. This kind of thinking, in addition to being just factually wrong, is also absolutely toxic. For the sake of Nigeria, don't do that.

    Here's a theory: people who work hard to make folks in the Third Word hate the West are either robbing them, or are working for someone that do. Or are empolyed by the RT network and "rossotrudnichestvo" and are involved in whitewashing a genocide that happens right now.
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    Oh, do they really? How wonderful! :)

    What % of Nigerians are officially poor? 63%

    "Highlights of the 2022 Multidimensional Poverty Index survey reveal that: 63% of persons living within Nigeria (133 million people) are multidimensionally poor. The National MPI is 0.257, indicating that poor people in Nigeria experience just over one-quarter of all possible deprivations" (National Bureau of Statistics - Nigeria)

    What % of Americans are officially poor? 11.6%

    "Official Poverty Measure
    The official poverty rate in 2021 was 11.6 percent, with 37.9 million people in poverty. Neither the rate nor the number in poverty was significantly different from 2020 (Figure 1 and Table A-1)." (US Census Bureau)

    What % of Johann is no longer listening to any more fiction about economic conditions for Nigerians ? 100%. :(
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