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  1. Johann

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    A real authority? They ALL do. However, there are always, in US at least, a couple of bottom-feeders who are not really "authorities." They will hand you a fancy-looking paper that gives you a bogus evaluation for a bogus degree. Positive but worthless.
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    No, the Europeans will look at the RVOE. In the US, for a TN working visa with a degree from Mexico you need a "cedula profesional" that requires an official degree. So it is unlikely that the Mexican own degree would do something for you in the US or Canada.
    The degrees are legally granted and would allow you to use the title Doctor (Azteca U), but they are as good as any unaccredited degree granted legally in the US (e.g. religious based).
    There is the believe that because the school issues accredited degrees, the unaccredited degrees issued by Azteca are better than unaccredited degrees from American schools but I think both are the same with the advantage that people that do not understand the Mexican system will believe that the degrees are accredited.
    The Nicaraguan degree from UCN would be accredited but mainly because the Nicaraguan law is not very specific when it comes to this type of degrees so many places do not take them even if technically accredited.
    6K is too much for the Azteca own degree considering that similar schools like CLEA or San Miguel sell their masters for 100 bucks. I would wait and see if Mastercursos starts selling the own PhD for a couple of hundred bucks and buy mine from CLEA or San Miguel.
    You can also edit your Masters from CLEA with photoshop and just change the word Masters to Doctor, the reality is that it wont matter because they are own degrees with no official value.
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  3. Rich Douglas

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    Well, I know what to use to line the parrot cage....
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    So what do you all think in general of IEE giving Azteca the equivalent of a regionally accredited institution / unaccredited program for all programs without RVOE? Would you hire holders of that degree for faculty positions after seeing that evaluation or a similar evaluation? How about Swiss private business schools which I know for sure would probably get a non-regionally accredited institution / US business accredited program (or some similar wording)?
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    No - I wouldn't. Flat no, even though I'll never be in this position.


    (1) These are both, at best "imperfect" accreditation.

    (2) Azteca is accredited but not approved for that program. Ergo, something wrong there.

    3) The Swiss Private school would not have Swiss Federation approval - and Cantonal permission / license is not accreditation. Ergo - not a shred of institutional accreditation.

    (4) Programmatic accreditation is an add-on. Separate from institutional - which it is not. The program is accredited - not the school.
    Programmatic accreditors generally require that the school be regionally accredited, if in the US. Outside, ACBSP requires "sufficient accreditation in its own country" - and they (ACBSP) are sole arbiters of what is "sufficient." They regard Swiss Cantonal permission as "sufficient" whereas credential evaluators do not.

    5) I might, if permitted, hire a grad of ONE Swiss school - IMD. It has European "Triple Crown" Accreditation - EQUIS , AMBA and ACCSB. All programmatic, none institutional. Only 1-2% of european business schools have "Triple Crown. Probably not many IMD grads in academia though. They make heavy bank in the business world, right out of the gate. Not an easy school to get into.

    From Google, re IMD:

    "As Forbes mentions “Students arrived at the Lausanne, Switzerland campus with a median salary of $90,000 and five years after leaving it are making $226,000, besting the earnings profile of Insead's class ($209,000 five years later).”

    Pretty danged good for a degree without institutional accreditation. IMD is a supreme outlier!

    (6) I'm pretty sure that knowingly hiring instructors with degrees from unaccredited schools, or from unapproved programs especially those of known imperfect provenance, would lead to trouble with my school's accreditors and likely to my eventual dismissal at most US accredited schools. If I valued my job there, I wouldn't want to test the theory. In an exceptional case, e.g. If an IMD grad applied --- I'd ask the powers-that-be, first.

    (7) What would be my motivation to hire people with imperfect credentials, anyway? Those with superior ones would probably be applying in sufficient numbers that I wouldn't have any reason to go "downmarket." Well-qualified people want these jobs. They should be the ones to get hired.NOT people with "degree problems / problem degrees" of any sort.
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  6. Johann

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    IMD - not an easy school to pay for either. Tuition for the one-year MBA is about $111,286 US.
  7. mintaru

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    IMD has Swiss institutional accreditation now:
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  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I would read their research.
  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yes - full-on accreditation as a University Institute, by the Swiss Accreditation Council, last year, 2022. I was obviously behind the times a bit. Thanks, mintaru. :)

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