Associates degree a week before high school graduation

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    I miss Hawaii, been there three times to Honolulu (Waikiki) and Maui (Kaanapali Beach), I loved sitting on the beaches and just looking out into the Moana and listening to the Nalu at night... <Shaka>

    Anyways, here's an article in regards to 8 high schoolers who will graduate with an associates before their high school diploma! Great use of free dual enrolment or early start programs and other resources!

    Link: They’re getting college degrees ― a week before they graduate from high school (

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    Two of my wife's nephews in Washington state did this, graduating with an associate's degree at the same time they graduated high school. They carried a full load at the community college, plus a few requirements unique to high school, participated in school activities, and graduated with their high school peers. One went on to graduate university (Western Washington) as a mechanical engineer while the other graduated from Kansas as an electrical engineer. (The third brother skipped it all and became a Marine. And he was the quiet one!)
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    Ahh, good old Fork U. Don't want to say that with a South Boston accent.
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    Yup, there are many high schoolers who are taking advantage of dual enrollment or homeschoolers taking dual enrollment along with the AP/CLEP options, plus other alternative credits such as ACE or challenge exams. I remember or think there is an upward trend from reviewing GMA over the years, here are a few examples...

    1) Last week - 17-year-old set to graduate with 3 college degrees along with HS diploma - Good Morning America
    2) Feb 2023 - 9-year-old graduates from high school, now attending college - Good Morning America
    3) April 2021 - This 12-year-old genius has her sights set on becoming a NASA engineer - Good Morning America
    4) June 2021 - 12-year-old graduates high school and college in same week - Good Morning America
    5) May 2019 - 17-year-old graduates Harvard 11 days after he graduated high school - Good Morning America
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    I think a lot of kids could do it.

    I'm sure I've said this before, but I didn't attend high school. I kicked around a little after the 8th grade, but that was about it. I took the California High School Proficiency Exam when I was 16, which got me my high school diploma (not GED). I joined the military at 18 and took a ton of CLEP, DANTES, AP, Regents, and GREs and graduated with a BS in Business at 20. I took 35 exams overall, getting credits from 30 of them. I'm either bragging or trying to illustrate the point that there's a lot of credits available out there. (Not bragging; there are plenty of posters who've done far more than I regarding credit for testing.)
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    This kid is 12 years old and graduating with 5 different associate degree.

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