anyone is familiar with this school

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  1. Kizmet

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    Yes, it seems you're right. But other than actually going through some degree equivalency process in a formal way I'm not sure that anyone can tell you beforehand what the result might be. We don't exactly have a lot of experience with this particular school.
  2. Steve Levicoff

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    Not necessarily. As you may have read, the other day I called out a long-term DI member who received a dissertation-only Ph.D. from UCN, and at least one of his master's is from Adam Smith University, a degree mill. Coincidentally, his latest inquiry was about a school in Spain claiming that its credentials are "certified" by Universidad Isabel.

    Coincidence? :D
  3. Michigan68

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    Yep. You have been saying that for a long time:
    Steve Levicoff referred to Adam Smith University as a degree mill, and he noted that it operated in Louisiana due to the absence of laws regulating the granting of degrees.[16] Adam Smith University and Columbia State University have the same address, which is "likely a mail forwarding address". Steve Levicoff. Name It and Frame It?. (3rd edition) Institute on Religion and Law. 1993 (page 111 and 119) ASIN B0006F1PCQ

    It looks like one of those schools that moves around the globe.
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    Interestingly enough, I visited UCN's European Programmes Postgraduate School's website at They are now offering a verified/accredited professional doctorate degrees in partnership with Collegium Humanum - Warsaw Management University. So if you get the PhDr, you will also be rewarded a professional doctorate equivalent from UCN.
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    That is indeed interesting.
    In Germany the European Programmes Postgraduate school which awards the UCN degrees in distant learning is not recognised by the state.
    That's probably the reason why they try to connect with Programmes that are state-recognised im Germany.....since the school is in Austria they are surely interested in the German Market too.

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