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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Ed Edwards, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I'll throw WGU into the mix, there are many instances of someone completing their bachelors in 1 or 2 six month semesters, at $2890/semester...of course it depends on what you bring to the program and how much time you have to keep cranking out work. There are many reports of folks finishing a WGU MBA in a single six month term, at $3250 this may be the cheapest RA masters option available. In theory one might be able to get through the MBA/Masters level for $6140 and in only 1 year.

    TESC and COSC have BS/BA degrees that could be done for well under $5000...I think this would be more flexible than WGU, but not quite as cheap.

    I once considered the MA-Teaching at Morningside College using VESI courses...I believed, at the time, I could do it for $5000 and in one year.
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    I agree that cost has been and still is a barrier to education and I am delighted to see these new programs and educational offerings. I can't put a finger on it but there seems to be a psychological phenomenon about receiving a product for cheap or for nothing.

    Consider your perceptions.

    1. I earned an online MBA for $3000.

    2. With scholarships I was able to earn an MBA online for $3000.

    I realize the knowledge gained is the ultimate value but there appears to be a perceived value for the accomplishment. Perhaps I am mistaken?

    I recently treated a patient for free at the community clinic. The diagnoses was Diabetes and I provided education and prescriptions. I later learned this patient went across town the next day to another provider that diagnosed the patient and prescribed the same medicines. However, the patient payed $120 for the visit. Perhaps the patient desired a second opinion or perhaps because I charged nothing, the value of the consult had little value?

    The other day I called my brother, the plumber, to come and fix a sink in my house. He was unavailable so I called a licensed plumber who charged me $120 an hour. I quickly was reminded of the value of having a brother that I took for granted. So what's my point and who cares? It didn't cost you anything!
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    For UNISA, it varies. Last year it was $1800.00, the year before, $2100.00. Yes, that is yearly. They say (History department) minimum two-three years. This July will be year five for me. So, your mileage may vary.
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    Thanks, Tireman. It's as I thought. Still the greatest Doctoral value around, but that news does knock a hole in the "$9K-including doctorate" plan put forward earlier.

    It's getting easier to find an inexpensive degree program, but one has to make sure the education one is after comes with it. Sadly, it is possible these days to earn a legit degree, without much real education attached. (But certainly not at UNISA!) And price is no sure guide.

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    @Ed Edwards -

    if you still don't like the idea of Don Bosco U. because of the 3-year B.A. - that's perfectly OK. But I should point out, 3 years is the usual Commonwealth format and if you're considering UNISA - or a British school - for further study, I'd think they should be absolutely OK with it.

    And in the UK, UK-NARIC would not recognize a UOTP degree, even if it's 4 years, because it's Nationally Accredited. (That said, a school there can make up its own mind on admissions and is not bound by UK-NARIC.)

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    Gee, is it possible to move beyond the original point. Or is that some form of heresy?
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    Hi Johann: Its not that I don't like it, it do! Its just that the 3 year degree often wont get you into a US MBA program so I was thinking it would be good to have identified the absolute least expensive path to a legitimate set of US degrees..
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    Page. Reading Comprehension. Think. Relevance!
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    This seemed particularly rude. I have a short memory regarding such things, but I note tearing this guy apart just a week ago. Clueless.
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    I understand that, Ed - but your proposed program ended in a UNISA doctorate. That's not a US degree. So why must the others be US, as long as they are legit and will get you into UNISA? Your preference for US degrees is fine, but not absolutely necessary for study in South Africa.

    Anyway, I'm sad to say that the $9K plan is out the window, now that we've established UNISA charges around $2,000 per year for several years of doctoral study - not $2K for the whole program. However, your original choices would still be a VERY good deal at $20K. The total would probably come to something close to that. Substituting Indian degrees at the BBA and MBA levels would reduce that to maybe $16-17,000 - at least on paper.

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    Also - the idea was raised of skipping the bachelor's degree and going right for the master's. The only legitimate way I know for this is getting accepted to the Heriot-Watt MBA program. It's a school with a great reputation -- and if they think an applicant really has what it takes to succeed - they will consider people without Bachelor's degrees.

    Trouble is, that great program costs more than the $7,000 we allotted for the first two degrees. About $3,000 more, as far as I know. People say it's well worth the money, though. :smile:

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    Fair points!
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    Yes I was trying to find the "cheapest" way through getting not around getting them. For the Doctorate being UNISA somehow in my head, and I don't know why, I seem to think in the US that UNISA is a better route for a terminal degree but not undergrad. I have no idea why I think this, but it somehow seems logical.
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    I did notice UOTP has a MBA listed on the California BPPE.

    FYI: Not to get off track but another "B.S. skip" degree one can do is the Associate to Masters in Nursing.
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    Yeah. As if that post was for you. Gnat.
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    I think you get your bachelors as part of the 'bridge' process with this.. online medical degrees have always scared me anyway..
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    Are you asking or telling?
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    I went from ASN to MSN. There are few programs out there but it is done. What bothers me is that you think everyone posts bs without doing your own dd. Have a nice day!

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