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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Ed Edwards, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Johann

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    Yes - that was pre-accreditation. BPPE approved the course, but DETC has not yet authorized any Master's offerings from UOTP under its new accreditation - so the MBA is not currently offered. I imagine a Master's program (or two) might be approved by DETC in time, if everything goes OK. I'd figure it might happen at renewal of the initial 3-year accreditation period.

    If someone signed up for a UOTP Bachelor's now, he/she could gamble on the MBA being available by graduation. If not, then off to ILM. It's a no-lose proposition. :smile:

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  2. Delta

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    Sorry, here is the link for the ADN to MSN program. The other link was for an Iphone.
    ADN to MSN+DNP (Bridge) Entry Option | Frontier Nursing University

    "No Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is awarded as part of the ADN to MSN+DNP entry option."
  3. Delta

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    My guess is UOTP still has students in the pre-accredited program and since they have California State approval, they list it as an offering. I agree, the DETC accredited MBA will probably be the next step. I wouldn't doubt the school goes for regional accreditation one day as well!
  4. Johann

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    I'm not sure that UOTP does have students in the MBA program. I don't remember UOTP offering the program on its site, prior to accreditation. Perhaps they got BPPE approval, intending to offer it and then DETC suggested they wait. If they do have MBA students (and I rather think they don't) graduation under any conditions could be really problematic now - all sorts of difficult scenarios.

    Anyway, UOTP does not list the MBA as an offering and as I said, I can't remember that it ever did. I'm sure the MBA remains on BPPE file simply because BPPE did, after all, approve it, back in the past.

    Yes, they might well qualify at some point for RA -- if they see it as necessary. NA to RA has happened a few times - DETC and also at least one ACICS to RA - this school (that I really like): University of Advancing Technology | Technology College | UAT

    And no - they don't pay me to say that. No affiliation. :smile:

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  5. Delta

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    They list the MBA in the 2012 catalog!!!
    Enrollment for the Master of Business Administration, which is restricted to University of the
    People graduates, will not begin until graduates currently in Bachelor’s-level programs at the
    University have earned their degrees.

    Please note: The following is example only. The MBA program is not currently available.
    The University’s Master of Business Administration program takes a hands-on approach to
    business education. Focusing on success-building skills such as leadership, management,
    decision-making, team dynamics, and communication, this program provides the adult
    professional with a comprehensive, application-oriented overview of essential business concepts.
    The University MBA prepares students to fill business leadership roles as senior managers in large
    corporate environments. For entrepreneurs, the University MBA provides the necessary business
    acumen for successful business operations.
    The goals of the program are to provide students with:
     Management skills for business, government, health care and non-profit organizations.
     Ethical standards, to provide a framework for responsible decision making.
     Computer skills to utilize technology in making organizations more efficient and competitive.
     Increased facility in critical analysis, planning, problem solving and communication skills.
     Global awareness as more businesses compete in a world marketplace.
    Course Title Course Code Credits
    Management MBA 500 5
    Accounting MBA 510 5
    Quantitative Analysis MBA 520 5
    Marketing Management MBA 530 5
    Managerial Economics MBA 540 5
    Finance MBA 550 5
    Business Ethics MBA 560 5
    Strategic Management MBA 570 5
    Strategies for Change MBA 580 5
    Organizational Behavior MBA 590 5
    E Business MBA 685 5
    Capstone Course MBA 599 5
    Total Program Credits 6"

    My understanding is that when a school goes through the accreditation process they have to show a track record of courses taught, completion, etc. The DETC MBA was probably too much to chew at the time so they settled for an AS/BS to get the ball rolling.
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  6. Ed Edwards

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    Wow! I think everyone posts bullshit without doing my own due diligence? You got that from me commenting on your link to a $505 per credit hour online medical degree program that skips the bachelor degree in a thread that I'm the OP for focused on under $9k all in associates to terminal degree education?

    Okay you must be right! There is some crazy cool aid some folks around here are drinking! Peace out!
  7. Rich Douglas

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    "Kool-Aid" is a trademark of Kraft, Inc. I suspect it's one of those trademarks that has to be defended vigorously (like "Coke" or "Q-Tip" or "Band-Aid") to prevent it from falling into the public domain (like "aspirin" did).
  8. Ed Edwards

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    I think accreditation is institutional at this level not programmatic, so the school is accredited to deliver x,y, and z. If they deliver it it's because they are approved to. Unlike, say, CCNE who would accredit a nursing program at a school but not the business programs at the school, which say AACSB would accredit. CCNE and AACSB are programmatic accreditors, DETC is an institutional accreditor. So a school that is DETC accredited couldn't offer a degree program that DETC did not approve. In this case the MBA. So, they probably dropped it to go through the process and will get it added when they feel like they have some students for it. There is no in-between space here as is being suggested.

    My humble DD'less BS, FYI.
  9. Delta

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    No, I got it from you saying, "I think you get your bachelors as part of the 'bridge' process with this". I simply showed as an FYI that there are other degree programs that allow one to go from an associates to a masters without a bachelors. Perhaps there are more? It was an irrelevant FYI that has obviously caused unnecessary confusion.

    Anyway, to keep it simple,

    UOTP is authorized by the California BPPE to offer the MBA! see link!
    UOTP has in their 2012 catalog an MBA curriculum. see link.
    UOTP undegoes accreditation from DETC and now offers Associates and Bachelor degrees.
    Is UOTP going to offer the MBA in the future? Who knows and I don't care!
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  10. Ed Edwards

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    Well I care and I think a lot of people do! This school has an MBA for $3k all in (MBA Tuition and Other Costs) and I think if UotP were to compete with that then people would have a very very low cost choice! How cool would that be!?! I care a lot about legitimate low cost education, FYI.
  11. SteveFoerster

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    Me too, in the sense that more options are always good.
  12. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    UOTP catalog says the MBA is restricted to UOTP graduates. The school doesn't accept transfer credits for their degree programs. May work for "a few" but not for many! Perhaps in time it will change. ILM on the other hand looks like a great deal for$3k!
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  13. Johann

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    Doh! Indeed they do. :oops: Thanks for straightening me out. I also note they were careful to say it was only on offer to UOTP grads - of which they had none at the time. - So I doubt if they have any students in the program, or that they will open it up before DETC approval.

    Doubtless they'll get that approval at some point and they have a complete program ready to roll out. They know what they're doing!

    Again, thanks for the correction.

  14. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And if UoTP started offering an accreditor-sanctioned MBA, using their undergrad pricing! :smile:

    Imagine -12 courses at zero tuition, $100 per exam - A $1,200 MBA!


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