Zimbabwe Economic Collapse

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    If Marine Le Pen wins the upcoming election in France, riding the Brexit and Trump revolutions, then both the Euro and the European Union are toast.
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    I appreciate the discussion and would tend to defer to your experiences and insights here. Maybe there is a fiat currency collapse at some point (perhaps the Aussie or NZ Dollar prevails), but I would figure that the more plausible scenario is a relative loss of value (today vs. future times) as opposed to a complete currency collapse.
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    I revived this old thread because something happened with Mugabe I didn't know about. Besides several honorary degrees being revoked, he's had a knighthood rescinded, or whatever they do to take it away. From the article:

    "Robert Mugabe was booted out of the Honorary Knights Grand Cross Order of the Bath, a civil and military chivalry order headed by the Queen, for, well, being Robert Mugabe."


    Ha! Looks good on him! :laugh: :laugh:

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