Xavier University School of Medicine (XUSOM), Bonaire

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    I wish I could tell you but I have no knowledge of this school, I have been to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia many times and don't recall this school but that doesn't mean much, that's why I wish Ian would enlighten us with his source of legitimacy.
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    Good news and bad news.

    Okay, according to the MQA website Open University of Malaysia has approved Masters degrees but could not find the Doctoral degrees are approved.
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    I talked them. They are in accreditation process. God knows if they'll get it. Probably they will...
  5. Asia e University

    Hi there! I'm a rep from Asia e University and caught your query online. Yep, it IS a legitimate university :) Its a uni formed by the Malaysian Government with the support of 31 Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) member countries. You can check out our website or ACD website. The main driver of this uni is to provide cross border education via online (online distance learning or e-learning) to members of the Asian countries. We focus primarily on postgrad courses such as MBA, PhD and DBA in Management, Education and ICT. All academic courses are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and we're going for accreditation in other Asian countries soon (a long process). Need any more info? Let me know!
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    Hi - Here's the information I need. I need a link to "Asia euniversity" and I need a link to the Malaysian governmental website that shows you operate as an accredited school. Then I need a list of your faculty along with their credentials (including the universities that granted those credentials). Then I need a link to the degree requirements for the degrees offered by your school. Thanks! You're Fantastic!
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    So wont you answer kizmet's questions dear asia e-university representative ??? we're waiting for your response!!!
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    Why all this?

    Hi -

    I don't understand why it's

    (1) so hard to answer the question - is Open U. Malaysia legit? Yeah, it IS.

    (2) So darn hard for Asia e-University guy to reply.

    Here's the listing from the MOHE site (Ministry of Higher Ed.) showing them BOTH.


    Here's a link to Asia E-university's page on (ongoing) program accreditation by the previously mentioned MQA. Nothing above Master's. The letters from the MOHE are not in English. Maybe if Asia e University's marketing guy reappears he can translate them.

    Asia e University (AeU) - Approval and accreditation for AeU programmes

    In the meantime, I must say some attitude(s) in this thread have often seemed critical, carping and extremely unhelpful to those enquiring.

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