WNMU Admissions Denial

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    HETA HETA HETA.....There are tons of schools that do!
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    Originally Posted by landocalrissian
    Man, they must be desperate for people in their program.

    I noticed they have a 100% acceptance rating...according to US News.

    Very rare that a state university would accept an NA degree.

    You know since the start you have been trying to put down NA degrees and It is funny that not only does WNMU and ENMU accept NA degrees and credits so does alot of the schools on the HETA list. So I think we should be a sport and realize that we are wrong. The 100% acceptance rate has nothing to do with NA or RA that has to do with they policies and procedures they have of accepting students. And about your posts about it being a waste of time to fight for something that is right is just a example of why NA degrees are put down. So in the words of a average person," GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU POST". THANKS!!!!!
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    I second that motion. I wonder if calorissian has a college degree? Just a thought.
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    I have an M.A. from a pretty well known state university.

    Not that it really matters...
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    Where is the "like" button when you need it.
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    What really matters is your little manuever at the Battle of Taanab.
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    Eh. This was apparently a minor skirmish won through hiding until the enemy had its back to you, according to Wookieepedia anyway. Hey wait your right, it’s the same maneuver!
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    lmao...well played.
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    As a recent WNMU grad (Woot Woot!), let me share a bit about one of my experiences.

    Three years ago I was asked to complete some graduate credits in History & Political Science so that I could teach Dual Enrollment courses at the high school where I work. At the time, I did not know about WNMU. I found the school through my discussions with my colleagues here. (Thanks, y'all!) Because I already had a graduate degree, getting in was pretty easy. I didn't have to take the GRE again, which was good. (On a side note, I really don't like that they delete scores after five years, because I had darn good scores!) While waiting for the spring 2009 semester to start, I took some courses through American Public University. WNMU's catalog stated that it would accept 6 credits of transfer, so I figured I could just take two classes. I really didn't need to transfer them because WNMU drops the credit requirement from 36 to 30 if you already hold a masters degree. Anyway, I wanted to have the credits transferred so they'd appear on my transcript and display an easy 18 credits in history and 18 credits in political science.

    I sent in my transcripts, notified my advisor, and I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more. Finally after bugging the poor guy, he informed me that WNMU would NOT accept my credits because, and this is being quoted directly from the email I received on May 29, 2009, "The transfer credits cannot be accepted. Our Admissions Office concluded that the university who issued the credits does meet our accreditation standards for transfer." I thought that was rather vague, so I decided to email the admissions office to ask for clarification. While my advisor told me the admissions office denied the transfer, they told me it was up to the faculty member assigned to that discipline which was my advisor. A few emails later, and a little help from APU, I got my credits transferred. Apparently WNMU had old information about APU's accreditation. The key, though, is that I kept on it, and I followed the chain of command.

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    THANK YOU FOR THE INFO!!!!! It sounds like you had the same problem as did my brother. But it is good to know that you also kept on top of the situation.
  11. This has been an interesting thread...

    I think there is no dispute that Aspen's MBA and other NA programs provide value to students.

    There is no dispute that some RA universities will accept NA programs.

    There is no dispute that WNMU has a 100% acceptance rating, so selectivity isn't an issue.

    However, here's a reality - NA does not equal RA from a universal acceptance stance.

    For my UIS MIS program, here is the specific language in the application:

    A graduate applicant is a degree-seeking student who
    applies for admission and has
    • Earned or plans to earn a Bachelor’s Degree
    from a regionally accredited postsecondary
    institution by their term of entry to UIS..."

    Choosing NA may make great sense for someone based upon flexibility, cost or other factors, but it will limit one's choices for further study. This is no different than an AACSB graduate program requiring an AACSB undergrad if they publish it as part of their admissions criteria.

    In the OP's case it's great that WNMU accepts the NA degree for admission but I wouldn't be surprised if they do change the rules to RA in the future (or perhaps not if their goal is to be fully inclusive).
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    It's not surprising that a school with a 100% acceptance rate would bend a little on their own policies. Another warm body in a program is more cash for the school.

    Not saying this to badmouth the school, but a 100% acceptance rate just screams desperation on the schools part. However, the admissions process, even in the ivy leagues,
    is often suspect and seemingly random at times.

    I have to eat a bit of crow when I said the school won't budge. I was wrong. Looks like they are desperate enough to budge. I've driven through New Mexico. They need
    all the money they can get to fund their universities.
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    So if a school has 100 open spots and only 50 applications they are desperate for accepting all 50? Should they turn down 25% of them just to make them seem more selective? Obviously the school has the faculty to handle the students and doesn't have people tearing down their door. There may be a fine line between availability and desperation though.....
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    "I really didn't need to transfer them because WNMU drops the credit requirement from 36to 30 if you already hold a masters degree."

    Please share the page number in the catalog for this - I now have 30 credits and three previous masters degrees. According to this information I can graduate.

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    Read the RA guidelines. Your assumption will be challenged.
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    They didn't bend them, they simply followed them.

    Your absoluteness and certainty was uncanny.
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    Look at page 367.

    Earning a Second Master’s Degree
    A second master’s degree requires completion of at least 30 credit hours earned from WNMU beyond the original master’s degree.

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    "I have to eat a bit of crow when I said the school won't budge. I was wrong."

    Maybe read through the entire thread next time, Pauly Shore.
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    Is there some aspect of distance learning you'd like to know more about, or are you here to poke the bear? Since you already have your well respected university degree, and your posts have been argumentative (24 times) it makes a guy wonder why you're being allowed to participate?
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    Probably this thread should just be closed ... the OP's issue has been resolved, and any further discussion/trolling that goes on here will only lead to unproductive bickering.

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