Will Trump pay this supporters legal fees?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Abner, Mar 11, 2016.

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    “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun” – Barack Obama

    “I want you to argue with them and get in their face!” – Barack Obama

    “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!” – Barack Obama

    “Hit Back Twice As Hard” – Barack Obama

    “We talk to these folks… so I know who’s a** to kick“– Barack Obama

    Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat” - – Barack Obama

    “Punish your enemies.” - Barack Obama

    “I’m itching for a fight.” – Barack Obama
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    First, it would be nice for you to list the sources so others might verify these. Second, speaking metaphorically isn't the same as encouraging violence against non-violent protesters in real time.
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    Trump campaign violence goes back a long way


    Per the article:.

    "Without ruling on the underlying claims, a New York judge has already ruled that Schiller, whose title is director of security, “provoked” the incident, according to court papers reviewed by Yahoo News. Dictor said his clients are actively seeking evidence they believe will prove a broader point: that the Republican frontrunner has authorized his security personnel to routinely use force in dealing with political protests, as shown by the recent blow-ups at campaign rallies".

    I believe it was Trump's security that flanked the sucker punched protestor recently and ushered him up some stairs. Instead of arresting the guy that punched the protestor as they were climbing the stairs, Trump security threw the protestor down to the ground and then he was cuffed by police. The white dude that threw the punch was allowed to go back to his seat without incident. It wasn't until video of the incident was televised that police took action and arrested the sucker puncher the next day. Hmm
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    Looks like the campaign won't be charged, but the puncher is still being held.
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    It's a "fact"?


    You're absolutely certain about that?

    If you're going to make such a bold proclamation, you may want to cite a better source than a website that was started as a 527 group by someone who had honesty issues in college (plagiarism), for which he had to resign from both his position as a Washington Post blogger and from his own website.

    For good measure, when he did come back to RedState, he perpetuated the completely fabricated story about Ben Carson stating he had a scholarship to West Point.

    Sorry dude, but once again, total intellectual laziness on your part.

    Then let it die, because in recent years, there has barely been any functional difference between Democrats and Republicans. RINO's like Paul Ryan, John Boenher, and Mitch McConnell have totally rolled over and played dead, even with a majority in both houses of Congress. They've had how many years to at least make an attempt to oppose Obama, have done absolutely nothing, but they can seemingly mobilize overnight to try to "stop" a member of their own party (Trump)?

    Screw them, if the Republican party implodes, then so be it. Whatever rises from the ashes has to be better, and holy crap, will the country be ready for it after 4 years of Clinton or Sanders at the helm.

    The business system? Sure, he gets stuff done. He may ruffle a lot of feathers along the way, but the job gets done. That's what a lot of Americans are ready for now.
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    It doesn't matter what Donald Trump calls himself at the moment since it's constantly changing, he has many liberal stances on issues as late as the early 2000s. Even many of his current stances don't fall on the conservative side of the political spectrum.


    It is pure laziness on your part because you could simply google it and find plenty of articles on it. You can find many trustworthy news sources that have identified some people at Donald Trump rallies as white nationalists and have reported on the white supremacist super PAC. I only chose that website because the tin foil hat crowd thinks that all of the major news sources have a major liberal bias and are conspiring against Trump.

    White supremacist super PAC for Trump.

    Trump's unwelcome support: White supremacists - CNNPolitics.com
    White supremacist group urges New Hampshire voters to support Trump | MSNBC

    Trump retweeting white supremacists.

    Donald Trump Retweets Apparent Neo-Nazi Supporter - NBC News
    Donald Trump retweets another white supremacist - POLITICO

    White nationalist assaulting a black woman at a Trump rally. It's also mentioned in the article linked to in the OP of this thread. I'm not even sure if you and b4cz28 bothered to read it.

    The White Nationalists Who Support Donald Trump - ABC News

    And, there is no proof that Trump can get the job done. Simply standing on stage saying that you can make America great again is not proof of anything. However, there is proof that he has gone bankrupt four times. He also received a very large loan from his father to start his business. Business experts say that, if Trump had handled his startup money properly, he would be worth more than he is now.
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    Then why didn't you just do that?


    Uh-oh, obviously Hillary Clinton is a white supremacist!!!

    Oh, what's that? She can't be responsible for who endorses her?

    Yeah, exactly.

    Again, laziness.

    Donald Trump has never personally filed for bankruptcy, his companies have.

    Yes, and......?? My dad helped me out with my house down payment, the same as I hope to help my children some day. In your view, there's something inherently wrong with that?

    Who, Mitt Romney, who said during the 2012 election that Trump is a much better businessman than him?
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    Why didn't you just do that? You seem to be supporting Trump while knowing little about him.

    I believe that Obama also got some sort of an endorsement from a white supremacist, but the reasons were for economic policies. I've already shown you David Duke's words supporting Trump. In one of the links I gave you on the white nationalist super PAC, you can see a white supremacist giving his reasons for supporting Trump. They support Trump because of the racist and xenophobic things he's said.

    Are you really being serious? This is your argument? You keep throwing out the word laziness, but you're the laziest person posting in this thread. Any credibility he's supposed to have comes from him being a businessman, but his businesses have gone bankrupt four times.

    It is much easier to start a major business when you are given a million dollar loan. Most Americans cannot get that much from their parents. Most Americans can't even get that from a bank. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and still managed to have multiple business failures.

    No. Again, you're just being lazy while calling someone who has been paying more attention lazy. How come I know more about your candidate than you do? You're losing this debate badly, so all you can do is call me lazy. It is not a good look. You would think a moderator would have more tact and a better temperament.

    Donald Trump Would Be Richer If He Had Invested in Index Funds - Fortune

    Trump also took over his father's real estate business. He didn't build it from scratch.
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    Trump protestor transferred to immigrations because of her name

    Quotes from the article:

    A Trump Protester Was Transferred to Immigration Authorities and You Need to Know Her Name

    Three of the protestors — Michael Cassidy, Stephany Laughlin and Jacinta Gonzalez, all of whom are American citizens — were arrested after chaining themselves to cars. Of the three, only Gonzalez was handed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This was, she says, because of her last name.

    Gonzales cites Arizona's SB 1070 bill as one such example, which enables law enforcement to inquire as to the legal status of anyone they detain or arrest, a sentiment backed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    "[Such laws] invite rampant racial profiling against Latinos, Asian-Americans and others presumed to be 'foreign' based on how they look or sound,"

    SB 1070 certainly opens the door for racial profiling.

    I agree with the quote from this article:

    Is Arizona's SB 1070 Immigration Law Constitutional?

    "Opponents of the bill focus on the provision that directs law enforcement officials to inquire into the immigration status of anyone they stop. Some worry that law enforcement officials will use race, color, or national origin as their basis for determining whether or not they have a reasonable doubt about a person’s immigration status even though the bill specifically forbids discrimination of this kind".

    I also think cops have enough work to do. So now they have to do the work of the INS?
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    Trump campaign manager charged with battery of reporter

    Typical, the guy denies it even though there is a video of him doing it.

    Trump campaign manager charged with battery of reporter

    "Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge," Trump's campaign said in a statement. "He will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated."

    "Police released a video showing the incident. It shows Fields walking alongside Trump, and Lewandowski grabbing her arm and pulling her backward as she tried to question the Republican candidate. Previous videos of the incident had been obscured by people in the crowd".
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    Of course Trump will stand by this guy. This isn't a scandal with Trump supporters. It is a feature.
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    Both of them lied. The campaign manager lied about having touched her, and the reporter exaggerated the incident.
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    I know Trump is telling everyone at his rallies that she said she was pulled to the ground. What she actually said was that she was "almost" pulled to the ground. If I am wrong, I stand corrected.
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    Trump's "scandals" haven't killed anyone.

    I bet that the families of Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty are a bit more concerned about Mrs. Clinton's scandals.
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    As are the 3,000 dead from 9/11 about Bush's. Fair is fair. If Clinton is somehow the cause of Benghazi (never been demonstrated, of course), then Bush killed all of those people, plus the more than 4,000 more Americans from his misadventures in the Middle East (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterns who've died, plus the complete destabilization of that region by that neocon nightmare that has displaced millions and resulted in multitudes more dead.) Now THAT'S a scandal.

    Fortunately, those fair and balanced folks at Fox News have compiled a list of Bush's victims:


    (Hint: it's more than 4.)

    The debacle in the Middle East--which Clinton supported with her vote in the Senate--is a big reason now for the success of Trump's candidacy. That vote by Clinton is way more troubling than any of the made-up "scandals" the Right has been trying to foist upon her over the decades. That vote contributed to the enabling of a devastation that will outlive all of us.
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    Fair? Bush had been President for 8 months when 9/11 happened. You're a 9/11 conspiracy theorist now?

    In any case, it's 2016 now, not 2001. George Bush is not running and cannot run to be President, this conversation is about the 2 major candidates for that office, right now. Trump has no blood on his hands, unlike Clinton.

    Nice try with the countermeasures, though.
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    Nothing Trump does will turn away his voters. But what about undediced voting blocs?

    This latest incident will have no impact on Trump in regards to his voters. He will not lose any. One paper describes it as such:

    “As Donald Trump himself has said, he could shoot somebody … and his supporters would still be his supporters. And I think that’s true, I think there could be a video of Donald Trump beheading someone and I think his supporters would applaud him,” said Bragman. “So, if you’re a Donald Trump supporter, you’re going to think this reporter was aggressive and deserved whatever happened to her. If you don’t like Donald Trump, this merely reinforces the reasons that you don’t like Donald Trump, which are that he has some issues with the truth, that his positions are constantly in motion and evolving.”

    But what about important voting blocs like blacks, Hispanics and women? One article states:

    "Women comprise a powerful share of persuadable voters in the general election. And even as Trump is still trying to lock down the GOP nomination, he's struggling with the women he would need to win the White House.

    A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found 70 percent of women had a negative opinion of Trump. Nearly three quarters of women overall, and 39 percent of Republican women, had an unfavorable view of him in a recent CNN poll".

    I am certainly no political expert, nor have I ever claimed to be one. But, I do know that it is pretty hard to win elections by depending primarily on your base. Mr. Trump has pretty much ruined his chances at winning over the important voting blocs I described above. For example, he is not faring well with women:

    "Women comprise a powerful share of persuadable voters in the general election. And even as Trump is still trying to lock down the GOP nomination, he's struggling with the women he would need to win the White House.

    A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found 70 percent of women had a negative opinion of Trump. Nearly three quarters of women overall, and 39 percent of Republican women, had an unfavorable view of him in a recent CNN poll".

    I mean, to his credit even GWB courted Hispanics via his Viva Bush campaign, and if I remember correctly, he won over quite a few of them.

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