Will the Coronavirus Revolutionize Education?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Marcus Aurelius, Mar 12, 2020.

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    I was just talking about this, with a colleague of mine, in the field of history and PhDs online ( only one American university offers a pure history PhD online). Well, with UH and Rice going online ( even the doctoral classes in history), the genie will be let of the bottle. How easy will it be, when this is over, to put it back in? Interesting days ahead
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    The Coronavirus and subtypes have been around since the 1960s. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html

    ll this panic has more to do with psychology than pathology. Yeah sure, it can kill you and so can a million other things. If you want to go to a college campus then don’t let coronavirus stop you! The need for development of a vaccination is great if more to allay the fears that are causing global chaos. It’s ironic one goes to college to get enlightened yet ignorance abounds.
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    Looks like we have a new scapegoat for greed. Wait till the stores blame all higher prices on the Coronavirus! Doesn't take much to make a scapegoat out of anything. Back a few years ago, when oil prices were higher, I remarked to a supermarket manager that apples seemed extra expensive. "Oh, it's all those transportation surcharges," he wailed. "Costs so much to get 'em here!"

    What a liar! I looked around - the most expensive apples were from Grimsby ON, nine miles from the store. The cheapest? From New Zealand - about as far away as it's possible to get without leaving the planet!

    Luckily, apples were not much over half the price at another nearby store.
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    It's amazing how most people in high income countries don't even realize that fruits have seasons.
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    At the same time, a number of schools have gone to online classes as a result of the concern, so the option to go to a campus is off the table for many current students. They will either have to study online right now or have their progress halted.
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    Yes, a large number. Approximately 100%

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