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Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Rich Douglas, Aug 17, 2022.

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    And as for that Euclid - the Greek guy - no, thanks. Had enough of him in High School. No Royal Road to Geometry? Well, I never found one, anyway. But I still think that S.O.B. was lying about it... maybe to keep himself in a job.
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    I recently got my US citizenship and was comparing the passport strength of the US and Canada. While they are almost identical there are a few differences. One is that Canada requires a visa to go to CAR while Americans can go visa-free. I don't even know how you start turning a country like that around, when its troubles seem so insurmountable.
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    Congratulations on becoming a U.S. Citizen. CAR? Central African Republic? Thank you for your efforts.
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    Sadly, Dustin, I guess the CAR doesn't know how, either. From The Canadian Government:

    Pretty frightening. Years ago, I wrote, either in this forum or on now-defunct DD, "CAR is Hell!" mostly because I had a real bad thing against former "Emperor" Jean-Bedel Bokassa, for murdering many schoolchildren. He died in 1996 but I still feel the same way about him. Name doesn't matter, but somebody got on my case, saying only Hell is Hell. I dunno -- in light of this info --- I've decided I'm still not retracting that statement.
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    Thank you to Johann for being gracious to me in his post and realistic about CAR (where I have been of course, in 2016 when President Touadera was elected). Yes, there is a measure of stigma and opposition that remains attached to CAR, perhaps courtesy of Bokassa, but that was a long time ago. Plus believe or not many older people in CAR remember those days as better days. This being said, EUCLID obtained a second official HQ in The Gambia in 2013 and got settled there in 2015 while maintaining our CAR presence. We went through the entire accreditation process with their national agency called NAQAA and received full institution accreditation in 02/2022. We have a significant presence there (a nice building as well) and our academic operations have reached a good level since EUCLID began in 2008. I just finished a 3.5-year-long Ph.D. in public health at Texila/Universidad Central de Nicaragua because (1) I could afford that and wanted to qualify in this field which is important... (2) I wanted to compare the features and standards compared to what we do at EUCLID. I will post my comments somewhere else! My sense is that EUCLID is slowly overcoming the CAR issue thanks in part to The Gambia NAQAA accreditation but also a decent record of dissertations, articles, faculty work, annual reports, alumni, etc. Also through partnerships with ECOWAS, ACS, IACA, etc. We have trained quite a few people for governments and in the UN system. I cannot blame Johann not liking CAR or EUCLID as academic havens, and I think his recent posts are factual and sincere --- we are all getting older these days. Online learning became the norm under COVID and this may have been transformational, for better or worse. I will forever prefer the idea of being on campus somewhere great-looking (the campus, not me), building there a lifelong network of peers. I enjoyed that (a bit) in Montpellier and St Tikhon's in Pennsylvania and would have loved to experience Stanford or a nice East Coast university when I was in my 20s. I dreamt about that for a long time reading Erich Segal! For some people, affordable online options are a reasonable way to eventually accomplish those goals in a different way... Regards to all, Fr Laurent Cleenewerck
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