Why is the Police not enforcing social distancing at the parks and beaches?

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  1. Lerner

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    Why is the Police not enforcing social distancing?

    I was watching the news and it was surprising to see people gathering on the beaches defying distancing and other rules.
    Why couldn't local Police enforce social distancing? I'm not saying to do it in a draconian way but
    ticketing and show presence could have worked.

    This could save lives and slow down spread or possible second wave unless someone is interested in having a second wave which I don't think is the case.
    The newly found power of Governors and Myers who can easily stop people from going to church seemed to ignore the parks and beaches since the reopening of these areas.
    I didn't politicize it, but it is interesting to compare the blue and red states. At first glance, both seem to neglect this area. And ticketing can bring some revenue to the city.
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    Police unions have, generally, made a devil's bargain with Republicans in general and President Trump in particular. If you remember a few years ago, there was a big push to create right-to-work states, most especially in the Midwest. I remember this because I am a teacher and I participated in the protest at the Michigan Capitol on the day that Michigan went right-to-work and the police tear-gassed our protest. The laws ended closed-shop bargaining for everybody except for firefighters and police.

    Note: During the recent protests at the Michigan Capitol, the police just let everybody walk around with guns because these were conservative protesters.

    Basically, police and fire sold out everybody except for themselves. Ever since, police unions have been in the tank for Republicans. We now have a Republican president and Republican governors opening everything up. There is not much incentive for police officers to enforce social distancing regulations in these states.
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    They're doing it in some places here in Canada. I heard news on the radio that a newly-reopened beach area will be patrolled by police and people will be ticketed for gatherings of more than five and / or individuals not maintaining social distance (2 metres). The fines I heard about were in the $500 range.

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