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    ...is back, https : / / westernorthodoxuniversity dot wordpress dot com.

    The Intercollegiate University and University of Sulgrave are also mentioned.
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    University of Wordpress? :smile:

    According to the site, the Church behind the Uni. claims the following as affiliates:

    ◾Abbey-Principality of San Luigi
    ◾American World Patriarchs
    ◾Anglican Independent Communion
    ◾Association of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Churches
    ◾Belarus Autocephalous Orthodox National Church
    ◾Chaldean Catholic Church (one of our parent bodies)
    ◾Episcopal Church of the USA (one of our parent bodies)
    ◾Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Church of North and South America
    ◾Lutheran Orthodox Church
    ◾North American Old Roman Catholic Church
    ◾Order of Corporate Reunion
    ◾Provincia Anglicana del Ecuador

    This is WAY too complex for my simple brain. Lutherans, Anglicans, Catholics of different orders --- Maybe our good member Stanislav or some other resident expert on Eastern churches (if we have any others) can contribute an um...exposition on this.

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    Apparently, these names both applied to the same unrecognized school (UK). The only (3) references I could find to these names ALL dated to 1943 - the year I was born!

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    No worries Johann, I'm sure John Kersey has it all under control.
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    Indeed. :smile:
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    While I wouldn't call myself an "expert" in Eastern Churches, I am fairly familiar with the complex world of canonical vs. non-canonical Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions.

    Let's jump right to the Episcopal Church of the USA. While not Orthodox, or Eastern, it is the only body on this list that is pretty solidly "mainstream" and has more than a handful of congregations affiliated with it. It notes that its affiliation is to one of its parent bodies. I'd be curious which parent body this was and what the nature of their affiliation is.

    I am familiar with a group in the US which identifies itself as the Western Orthodox Church. It, like this university (its a bit unclear if they are affiliated), is better described as either an independent Catholic jurisdiction (not affiliated with Rome) or a non-canonical (not accepted by the mainstream Orthodox Church and not in communion with the canonical patriarchs such as Moscow, Constantinople, Antioch etc).

    When you begin looking into this movement you begin to find a lot of these "affiliations" with oddly named bodies; many of them no larger than their founding bishop/metropolitan/patriarch/pope.

    The Lutheran Orthodox Church, for example, appears to be very small. Though there are many photos on their website depicting their clergy and ordination rites there is only one mention of an actual physical church. Beyond that, it appears to be a loosely confederated bunch of home churches.

    The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi also has a somewhat colorful story.
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    Mar Joannes Edmundus, a member of the senate of the Western Orthodox University, is secularly known as John Kersey. Another university of his, the European-American University, is probably more well known. Marquess College/Marquess University on the other hand may have slipped into oblivion.
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    Some say it's possible that this person also posted here at DI for a short while, back in 2003, as Dr. Marianus. Perhaps so. It seems a reasonable enough assumption, but what do I know? :smile: Maybe the name was a reference to the theologian Doctor Marianus in Goethe's Faust, or possibly it referred to Anselm of Canterbury (1033? - 1109) or Duns Scotus (1265? -1308). Dr. Kersey held doctorates from Knightsbridge University (Denmark - since closed) and Robert de Sorbon (France). At one time, he was an advisor with Prof. Dr. Sir Roger Haw's Ansted University and held an honorary degree from that school. However, in 2010, Dr. Kersey's European-American University published a notice of dissociation from Ansted University. https://thedegree.org/2010/03/25/notice-of-dissociation-from-ansted-university/ .


    Tout le monde hate me, wey I don't know pourquoi. (Cameroon)
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    Indeed it has. I see the Abbey has made special housing arrangements for the Republic/Regency of Lomar, whose founder later established Euclid University.
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    I remember him. Wow, brings back memories. Gracious

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