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Discussion in 'Accreditation Discussions (RA, DETC, state approva' started by ianmoseley, May 12, 2004.

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  1. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Shame. That's disgusting (the facts, not the thread!). Somehow, I don't think Jacob Albright would be amused...
  2. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I overcame my sloth to find that Albright is legitimate. In fact, it looks like it's probably a good school. But then comes the dark cloud of the oxpecker revelation, so....

    At any rate, I was more interested in Ms. Price and her former(?) presidency of WAU. If she received her PhD in 1962 then she may well be now retired. I don't see her being among the current SDCCD staff as she was in 2000.
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  3. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    That's a leap. I'm more inclined to think that they are probably separate, and that the MO version just appropriated the name.

    The key to what? Duped how?

    Apparently until recently there was a CA-approved school using the WAU name that prepared its graduates for the California state clinical psychology and MFT exams. Judging from one of the posts, Ms. Price seems to have been its president.

    There's nothing particularly scandalous about that. Nor is there anything wrong with the fact that she served on an Albright College board and possibly worked for the SDCCD.
  4. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Could be. That's why I said it appears so and not that it is so.

    As erstwhile(?) president of the San Diego WAU, she would know what it was and perhaps is.

    She has a legitimate PhD and was the president of a will-o'-the-wisp school. Maybe she was being used and ducked out when she realized it. It happens.

    Apparently so.

    Nothing at all scandalous unless a true leap is made to link her with Zimon.
  5. Redlyne Racer

    Redlyne Racer member

    I guess you aren't the same Rich Douglas who wrote:
    "Schools that do not have recognized accreditation are not part of our higher education system. Plain and simple."
  6. Redlyne Racer

    Redlyne Racer member

    After VIU is accredited, and MIGS is accredited, and Greenwich is accredited, and--am I leaving any out?
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Ah, but I am. You didn't know that?

    It is up to unaccredited schools to become accredited. Gee, I didn't know that was a controversial stance to take. :cool:
  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    VIU: Adjunct teaching classes. Hopeful.
    MIGS: Unpaid research assistant. Disappointing.
    Greenwich: Intern. Educational.
    All: Very early in their development.

    Oh, let's not leave out teaching for San Diego State University, Webster University, University of Phoenix, and presenting at Bellevue University.

    I would suggest to Mr. "Racer" that his post is OT and ad hominem in that it is simply argumentative, adding nothing to the discussion thread.

    I've requested the moderators review his posts in this thread for that purpose.
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  9. Redlyne Racer

    Redlyne Racer member

    It is not ad hominem to point out a person’s “logical inconsistencies” (to be nice). In your case they are patent, numerous and well documented.

    On the other hand, you are the one who introduced the term “crud” into the conversation. By all means have Clone Central review my posts. You might want to have them screw-tinize your thesis while you’re at it, in case there is anybody left on the planet you haven’t had to convince your PhD is real. (Now that’s ad hominem.)

    Hint: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Dr. Bear use the term “crud” in discussing his detractors. If you want to be a Bear you need to act like a Bear, not just drink his bath water.
  10. jerryclick

    jerryclick New Member

    Now now guys, be nice. This thread is about American Western University, not somebody's personal opinion of someone.
  11. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your advice, Mr. Racer. I shall endeavor to follow it.
  12. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Can I be rude to Rich too?
  13. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    And be redundant? Please.:rolleyes:
  14. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Redlyne....please watch the personal attacks.

    Everyone gets a freebie from me, and that was yours.
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