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    My name is Katherine and I have been trying to find a good DL for myself. I am interested to study fashion. But my main question and reason I came to this forum is I am wondering if there are any DL for my son who recently graduated from a Waldorf education type of setting in [link deleted by Moderator] I just want to make sure he gets the best.
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    I heard spamming is in vogue right now.:bigok:
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    What is Waldorf education?
  4. Chip

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    In the unlikely event this is a legitimate post, there should be no difference in educational opportunities for someone who's graduated from a Waldorf school than anywhere else.

    Waldorf schools were founded by Rudolph Steiner and take a very holistic view of education, as in, educating the whole person. I know a bunch of people who graduated from Waldorf schools and they are all well rounded, thoughtful, and inquisitive types. They've been around for decades and are generally well regarded.
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    Courses of apples, celery and walnuts. ... Oops! that's a Waldorf salad. Chip is, of course, right. He always is. :smile:

    Get more Rudolf Steiner here: Rudolf Steiner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It seems there are now more than 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide.

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    This is not an endorsement or attempt to sell anything here , but this course-site has Waldorf leanings and Steiner figures prominently in some of the courses:


    Its director, Andrew Flaxman, is Waldorf workshop leader and adjunct professor at Antioch University of New England.

    The site was formerly known as "Humanities Online." One drawback: These courses are mostly good for "credit" at schools with no accreditation, or non-recognized accreditation, e.g. the much-discussed Akamai University in Hawaii. There is some kind of arrangement with Empire State College - but I believe you don't get details unless you enrol at Classic Insights.

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    Here's an interesting Waldorf Education grad - Barbara Berlusconi. Yes - daughter of "that" Berlusconi - Silvio, three-time Prime Minister of Italy and holder of wild parties at his "bunga-bungalow" with "Ruby the Heartstealer" (Karima El Mahroug) and a cast of thousands... :smile:


    Barbara Berlusconi's primary and secondary education both took place at the Steiner School in Milan. Naturally, from its name, it's a Waldorf school. In 2010, she graduated with a first-class degree in Philosophy, from Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, also in Milan.

    Get more Barbara Berlusconi here: Barbara Berlusconi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yep - nothing beats a Waldorf education -- and a billionaire Dad!

    Johann von Googleberg - Hardly educated - at some schools, more hardly than others. And none of 'em Waldorf. :smile:
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    Short answer- Hippie/ liberal education.

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