Virginia Governor's Racist Yearbook Photo

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by sanantone, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Bruce

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    Making idiotic statements, versus the systematic murders of 17 million people.

    Not really a valid comparison, wouldn’t you say?

    The problem for the left is that they throw around the term “racism/racist” so often, in almost every conceivable political discussion, that it’s losing its meaning. I have no doubt that whoever runs in 2020 for the Democrats, they’re going to see racism around every corner, in every issue of debate/discussion, and the public is tired of it. That’s what makes the Northam case so hilariously ironic.

    The further left the Democrats go, the better the chances for a Trump second term.

    And, I stand-by my prediction that Northam won’t resign.
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    You're right, I should clarify that calling Steve King racist is fair, but calling him Hitler is hyperbole.
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    I would certainly agree that it's not even close to being a valid comparison. But another comparison that is not valid is comparing the political power of Steve King to that of Hitler. Relatively speaking, King is small change. One question might be "What would be the result if King had the power that Hitler had?" Maybe he's just be the same old low level racist he is now. Maybe he would actually put some of that rhetoric into action. It's speculation on my part but I tend to fear the worst in such situations and given more than a little evidence I tend to withdraw any benefit of the doubt.
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    Here is an article from CNN, that is not what I expected. It is about the outward and the inner persona of racism. In my younger days and even recently , my naive social justice days, I would have wanted revenge on anything racist. I was mistaken, the person who is openly racist is more of a friend than an enemy.
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    Calm down. No one said anything about Hitler. Most racists aren't murderers. Steve King is not racist because he's conservative; he's racist because he's racist. He's made many racist comments over the past 17 years that have gotten progressively worse, and he's supported Neo-Nazi politicians in Europe. You don't just accidentally say racist things over and over again well into adulthood. You don't just accidentally support European politicians who are openly racist. People who are fine with his racist comments must be...
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    McConnell has changed his views on the Confederate flag (which is not even the real Confederate flag) because he now knows how hurtful it is for older black people who were terrorized by it to constantly see it on government buildings. The purpose of using the battle flag was to terrorize newly freed slaves. It was not the flag of the Confederacy. If people really wanted to celebrate the Confederacy, they would use one of the official flags.

    It's similar to the statue situation. The majority of the statues honoring Confederate soldiers were erected during the Civil Rights Movement nearly 100 years after the end of the Civil War. They didn't erect these statues because they all of a sudden felt southern pride 100 years later. They erected them as a symbol of defiance and to strike even more fear into black southerners who were protesting and boycotting.

    Being married to a minority is not proof that a person is not racist. There is a hierarchy of minorities in the U.S., and just because someone is fine with Asians does not mean that he or she is fine with black people.
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    It should be noted that Northam is not a stereotypical Democrat. He voted for George W. Bush twice, and there was not a Republican president who Democrats hated more than GWB. He only looks better now because Trump is worse.
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    No one can force Northam to resign, but your prediction that he will receive overwhelming support from the left has already turned out to be untrue. Just about every Democrat running or thinking about for president has called for him to resign. and other liberal groups have called on him to resign. The black caucuses in the Virginia legislature, which are overwhelmingly Democratic, are still calling on him to resign after his disastrous press conference. The former Democratic governors of Virginia are calling on him to resign. The NAACP still wants him to resign. It's hard to find an influential Democrat who is supporting him. I've only seen one, and he's only influential in the Virginia legislature.
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    Well, I for one am getting tired of this whole hooplah over blackface. I think everyone is agreed that blackface is distasteful, and that it was a norm 80-some years ago does not justify it then any more than it would today.

    But I submit that there is something far more insidious than blackface, and it is still being practiced today, openly and without shame: greenface.

    Yes, actual green actors are discriminated against in favor of white actors who are made up in greenface. In an age of diversity, the question presents itself: why are these roles not going to green actors?

    Take, for example, the prominent role of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west, in the musical Wicked. Elphaba is prominently green. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a green actress to play the part? But nooooooo, countless productions of Wicked have used white actresses made up in greenface:

    Does it end with Elphaba? Again, noooooooo . . . In Shrek the Musical, white actor Brian D’arcy James and his successors have been made up in greenface to become the ogre Shrek:

    But does Equity, the actors’ union, ever speak out on behalf of green actors as they have done on behalf of Asian and Hispanic actors? No, they continue to tolerate the use of white actors in green roles. In fact, there is only one green actor who has had a successful career, and no one would think of asking him to appear in a role of any other color with make-up:

    So there it is.
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    Northam is an interesting case of a fiscally conservative Democrat. Normally, conservative Democrats are social conservatives, especially in the South. Those who were fiscally conservative and socially liberal tended to identify as moderate to liberal Republicans or Libertarians. Of course, these days, moderate and liberal Republicans are unwelcomed outside of blue states.

    Apparently, Northam was so fiscally conservative that Republicans tried to get him to run as a Republican. This gives me more insight into why he supported GWB over Al Gore and John Kerry.
  14. Ted Heiks

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    I did not say "overwhelming support", I said that the far-left fringe (which is moving towards being the majority) will close ranks around him, and eventually this will die down.

    It all comes down to abortion; the left wants abortion on demand, even during the third trimester and immediately after birth (we used to call that murder). Northam fully supports this, and it's probably going to be the thing that saves him, because his next opponent will oppose abortion during the third trimester, if not fully pro-life. Almost nothing matters more to the left than abortion on demand.
  16. sanantone

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    Next opponent? Virginia is a one-term state.
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    Stick a fork in Northam; he's done.

    Former governors of Virginia do sometimes go on to run for U.S. Senate, but Tim Kaine and Mark Warner both look like they're not going anywhere. There wouldn't really be anywhere for Northam to go even without this hanging around his neck. And boy, it is.
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    Hmmm. Well, if need be you can find the story on the front page of every major newspaper
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