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    Due to the numerous inquiries I have had, I am sharing the following:

    Anyone who graduated from Touro University International (a former Branch Campus of Touro College, NY), and was issued a diploma from Touro University International, is entitled under applicable laws and regulations to have their academic records maintained and issued by Touro College, New York. This arrangement is already in place, and was facilitated by the MSCHE. It MUST apply to all graduates of Touro University International. This is non-negotiable. I would recommend that you contact the Registrar of Touro College and/or the MSCHE. AGAIN, Trident University International is NOT a continuation of Touro University International.

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    Does anyone know the details of this thingy? On the surface, it looks like some people in California rented Touro College's accreditation for awhile in order to start up their own school. (We know about the accreditation and name changes.) Was it ever really a part of Touro College, and if so, how did it change hands? Or did it belong to the current owners all along?
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    Trident claims on its site that it has been operating since 1998. That sounds like they're claiming the Touro period as their own.

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    Here's the story according to Trident:

    According to WASC, the institution now known as Trident University International was first accredited in 2005, which is consistent with Trident's story. Trident goes on to say:

    It looks like these are the historical facts:

    - Touro University International operated as a branch campus of Touro College, under MSCHE accreditation, until 2005.

    - In 2005, Touro University International obtained separate accreditation from WASC.

    - In 2007, Touro University International was sold to the current management. It was renamed as "TUI University", but kept the WASC accreditation.

    - In 2011, TUI University was renamed as "Trident University International", but kept the WASC accreditation.

    However, different people, different schools, and possibly even different regional accreditation agencies seem to draw different conclusions from these facts.
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    One fact to add: TUI was sold by Touro College to a group who created a for-profit school out of this operation. What I'd like to know is who built this thing in the first place, and what is/was their connection to the buyers and Trident?
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    It seems that Touro University International was founded by a Dr. Yoram Neumann, who joined Touro College in 1998 for this purpose. Dr. Neumann continued to run Touro University International after it became separately accredited by WASC in 2005. And he apparently remained in charge after the 2007 sale to Summit Partners, when the school was renamed TUI University. From a 2007 Touro College press release regarding the sale:

    Dr. Neumann apparently led TUI University under Summit's ownership until 2009. In 2012, he returned to the Touro system to take charge of a second Touro DL school, Touro University Worldwide, which (like Trident) claims a connection with Touro University International:

    The headquarters of Touro University Worldwide (in Los Alamitos, CA) are only about 2 miles from the headquarters of Trident University International (in Cypress, CA).
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    Thanks. Very profitable move for a not-for-profit school.
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    Trident University International is just one of many companies, mostly tech-related, that are under Summit Partners management. Some of TUI's "sister companies" that you may have heard of include AVAST (antivirus software), Belkin (computer cables and peripherals), Nomacorc (synthetic wine bottle corks), and Philz Coffee (Bay Area chain).

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    Touro University International was always a Branch Campus of Touro College, NY, and both operated with the same OPE ID #. This is a fact. Touro University international was closed in 2007 and the assets (including the accreditation – but NOT the University, given its non-profit status) were sold to Summit Partners.

    Yes, “accreditation” is an “asset’ and can be sold; and WASC has created somewhat of a precedent here.

    It is not surprising (albeit disingenuous, in my view) that Trident is claiming a history back to 1998. Claiming association with Touro College is a boost to Trident. Touro College and University System is a major and well-respected educational entity with specialized accredited programs in Law, Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Education, and Social Work, among others.

    The problem is, under applicable laws and regulations, academic records (for graduates and students of Touro University International, a Branch Campus of Touro College) should not have been sold, or otherwise disposed of, and they were.

    When Touro College was subsequently challenged on this matter, MSCHE got involved and together the matter was rectified, however, I am troubled to learn that this resolution is not widely known, and I suspect it is because they do not want a rush on Touro College, as this can hurt Trident’s image.

    I commend Touro College, NY, for now taking full responsibility for the maintenance of the academic records of graduates of Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College, NY).

    As part of this arrangement, you will be able to request transcripts directly from Touro College, NY. After all, you are a legitimate graduate of Touro College, through its Branch Campus, Touro University International. To represent yourself otherwise, is gross misrepresentation (to put it mildly and nicely), and a disservice to Touro College and graduates of Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College).

    Notably, one US Department of Education finding notes that Touro University International and Touro College were one and the same and given that both had the same OPE ID number, Touro University International was the online Division of Touro College, NY.

    PLEASE contact the MSCHE and/or Touro College, NY, directly, if this applies to you. Nothing mentioned here should be disputed by MSCHE and Touro College.
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  10. Randell1234

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    Richard Polkrass was my contact there when I was trying to settle my first issue with Touro. I am still having an issue with them. Any suggestions on contacts?
  11. USGRAD

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    Hi Randell,

    It is disappointing and upsetting to hear that your situation has not been satisfactorily resolved. This is unacceptable. Please also write to the following: Tito Guerrero [[email protected]], Mary Beth Kait [[email protected]], and Ralph Wolff [[email protected]].

    I must admit that MSCHE has been very responsive and helpful.

    Please keep me posted, and, if it becomes necessary, I will try to assist more directly.

    Make it quite clear that you are asking no favors of MSCHE or Touro College - this is what you are entitled to (under the Law), at the very minimum.
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    I sent an email to Touro College about the transfer from TUI to Touro College and here is their response:

    We received your request regarding having your diploma replaced to reflect Touro College rather than TUI University. Our approach in this matter is, and has been, to replicate the original TUI transcript and issue a facsimile to the requestor. Unfortunately, this means that we will be unable to fulfill your request.

    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  13. Ed Edwards

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    I don't understand any of this. What is your point, why do you need this, and what does their response mean?
  14. Randell1234

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    Contact the accrediting agency at - Please also write to the following: Tito Guerrero [[email protected]], Mary Beth Kait [[email protected]], and Ralph Wolff [[email protected]].

    They will respond!
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    Did you graduate from Touro College? If you received a diploma originally, did it say Touro College or TUI? Whatever it said, that should be what you get in replacement. New style and signatures, of course.
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    Speaking of. . . TUI. . . I can say I've had reason to do some math and when reviewers of Trident programs say "be prepared to write a lot" they are not kidding. Looks to me like a graduate student with them could write 1400+ APA-formatted pages before they wrap up the program.

    More to say about this later.
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    So,does this mean we can request a replacement degree that displays's Touro College or does this simply mean that Touro Univeristy International graduates' transcripts are now being maintained and verified by Touro College? Graduated from Touro University International here in 2007 with degree displaying Touro University International (a branch campus of Touro College NY). As I see it, having graduated from Drexel University's executive graduate public health program in California and having been physically awarded a genuine Drexel degree in Philladelphia, the matter is simple: although your degree was obtained in a non-traditional manner, the parent organization should be the degree granting institution. Any clarification so I can get this straightened out would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Our new friend GFLETCH has chosen to ignore my warnings about shilling Trident on DI. As a result, some of his postings have begun to disappear. Maybe they will all disappear. Or maybe our new friend will conform to the TOS. I think most of you recognize that I am willing to let it play out either way.
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    For a second I was wondering if we had a moderator on here.
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    Yeah I know what you mean. GFLETCH's shilling for Trident was almost as bad as your shilling for Liberty.

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