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    It appears that even Diploma mills have more prestigious names then some legitimate schools.
    Well they are selling a product that needs to be attractive.

    I would say that legitimate schools that are not RA should think even more about the name.
    Some may call the school based on the city or county.
    For example if the school located in Cooperstown NY, you can name the school Cooperstown College.
    Another approach is famous people.
    In my opinion the name University of The People has a meaning, it can be understood but this is better suited as a slogan.
    Ralph E. Parks was first mayor of Pasadena, Maybe call the university Ralph E. Parks University or simply Parks University?
    Earn degree at the Ralph E. Parks University the university of the people, the first non-profit, tuition-free, American, accredited, online university.
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    As a general rule, your school sounds fairly legitimate if it is a person's name, a location, a cardinal direction or some combination thereof as well as subsets of the same (i.e. Saint Names which, of course, are people names with the modifier "Saint.")

    "I have a B.B.A. from St. Columba University" is not going to raise any eyebrows. Claiming a degree from Central New York College would probably not raise eyebrows unless you're interviewing with a person from Central New York who, obviously, would have not heard of it.
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    Right. It doesn't. Slippery Rock U. PA - fine. Slippery Slope U. - I'd worry.
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