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    Who says I can’t place a limitation; you sanantone? In fact, I stipulated the limitation (e.g., restricted to this thread) before-the-fact … not after. Are you in fact daft; or is this just an act? I am proffering these questions as your responds have become more and more preposterous.

    I can appreciate that I earlier wrote that it is an exercise in futility; it’s nonsensical to debate with you … futile at its best … or worst. Nevertheless if you so elect; you can have any last words as this discussion with you in particular has faded to simply tiresome and a general waste of useful time. But please consider this; although you have the last word sanantone … does not /will not boost the chance that your arguments are either convincing or correct. Such has not transpired thus far…

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    Are you daft? I was the one who made the statement first, and you responded to it. That is after the fact. You did not set the limitation for my comment beforehand because my comment was made before you had any input on the matter. Why is that so hard to understand? You can make anything inaccurate if you place limitations after the fact. This whole thing is preposterous because of you. How in the world can you say that you set the limitation before the fact when you did it after I made the comment? That is just so ridiculous. Can you not see the order of the comments? Do you already not remember that you responded to a comment on something I brought up first? It wasn't even in response to you, so how in the world could you have set the limitation? You didn't even know I was going to say it. Are you psychic? Did you send your message to me beforehand by a telepathic message? You just don't want to admit that you erroneously assumed that I was referring to an exchange in this thread when it was blatantly obvious that I was referring to a different thread.
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    Did we answer your question?
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    I genuinely hope so…
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    You all have been having so much fun with this that I think you should start over from the beginning.

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    The lengthiest thread on DI in some time…


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