Trident's accreditation is in jeopardy

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    You're a glutton for punishment. :)

    On a slightly more serious note, it would have been nice if they'd gotten accredited by DETC as well, such that they'd still have NA accreditation even if they fouled up their RA.

    Just now saw their redesigned site. Much nicer, though it looks like they ripped off some design concepts from National University.
  2. Randell1234

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    I guess I am but it is only one class and part of a "master plan" :wink1:
  3. Cyber

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    You did? How much are they charging you? By the way, where is that MBA in Marketing that you received not long ago from Trident? Your sig line is not full, yet...

    By the way, did you know Trident's tuition charge for the PhD in Business is $53k? Someone mentioned sometime ago that it is about $25k for coursework.............In guess they won't let you complete your dissertation until you've paid them a total of $53k.
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    I’m not sure that this is entirely correct. The Ph.D. course work consists of 11 classes, 4 credits each (44 credit hours total) and tuition is $575 per credit hour ($2,300 per course). So the total price for coursework does indeed amount to $25,300. After completing all of the coursework you enter into the dissertation phase and must enroll in a 4 credit hour class every session until you complete and successfully defend your work. So to get to the $53,000 total you mention one would have to enroll in 48 credit hours, 12 sessions, work of dissertation phase work, the maximum allowed without permission from the dean. However, from the discussions I’ve had with the professors at the school when attempting to assemble my committee, a good majority of those who finish the degree complete the dissertation process in much less time than that.

    From a personal perspective, since I’ve been working on my dissertation proposal throughout the entire time I was completing the coursework, I had a significant portion of it done prior to entering the dissertation classes. While there is still much revision and editing to be done, my dissertation chair firmly believes that with a solid amount of continued effort (and no major hiccups on my part) I can have everything wrapped up by mid-next year. So, if that plan does indeed come true the total cost of my doctorate will be right around $34,000. While that is definitely not inexpensive in my opinion, it is a far cry from 53K.
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    They are charing $1,000 per class since I get the military tuition rate. I did complete the MBA in Marketing but there is not a need to crowd my sig line with anything else. I am not sure about the $53K either. When I signed up for NCU I compared them to TUI and the price was about the same ~$25K but that was 2004.
  6. Cyber

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    I didn't make the tuition amount up. Go here and see for yourself. My opinion is that Trident will ensure that they collect that much money from you by constantly seeking revision of some sort. I even read a while ago (I was admitted into the PhD in Business, and then I withdrew on the first day of class) that you cannot start your dissertation before finishing the coursework. Again, I suspect the only way they can guarantee that is by continuously seeking revisions, which eventually pumps the tuition dollars up. Regardless, all the best!
  7. Cyber

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    $25k is to draw people in. Once you complete coursework, and the realize that revisions to your dissertation is unending, that's when you realize that the program is far from costing $25k. I knew of a lady who attended Trident (when it was TUI) and after several years in the dissertation stage, she dropped, and went to NCU. By the way, do you know that Amberton University now offer a grad cert in project management (Amberton classes are about $700 per class)? That would be a nice addition to your credentials, instead of risking 1K per class at a school that may become unaccredited in the near future.
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    I really think the max was about $25K, remember this was 2004. Regarding the single class, I work in healthcare (almost 20 years) and have 15 graduate credits in healthcare so I figured I would knock out one more class to have that as an option to teach. I am not ready to take on any projects right now but that is a nice find.
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    From the Trident website: (Emphasis added by me)

    "Note: The total tuition and required fees includes 44 units of required coursework and the maximum allowable time to complete the dissertation (48 units/12 sessions). Doctoral students who complete the dissertation phase in less time will lower the overall costs of the program by $2,300 per session of dissertation enrollment not needed."

    On a side note, it would be very interesting to see the stats associated with those who enter into the dissertation phase and the average time to completion... along with dropout rates, reasons, etc.
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    Just got word from another school where I teach (which shall remain nameless) that they were on probation then Show Cause and they just got their accredtition reinstated/extended for 3 years! This gives me plenty of hope.
  11. Petedude

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    That's good news, but 3 years isn't much time. That means they're on a pretty short leash to get whatever remaining issues fixed.
  12. Randell1234

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    Short lease yes but better then "putting them to sleep"
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    Great!!!!!!!!!! Good to hear it!

    Abner :smile:
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    In reading the comments to the article, it seems that the Navy had something to do with it. Perhaps Navy did not like an online school assuming the name of one of their vaunted submarine classes. :naughty:

    Navy 1
    Trident 0

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    I posted here a while ago. Finished the MBA with Trident in March of this year...raced to the finish line and I am happy with the outcome. I am thinking now I would like to go for a Master of Social Work. I need it to be online....any ideas?
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    Well, it's nice to hear that Trident's bubble didn't burst.
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    I received an email from a lady that works at WASC. She told me Trident will not lose their accreditation from WASC. The lady said its difficult to lose accreditation once you have it and the process won't happen in a year. I have tried posting the email here but someone keeps deleting it.
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    Capt XXXX,

    The Commission decision in February cannot be to terminate Trident’s accreditation. They will be considering whether to continue Trident on its ‘Probation’ status, or whether to move them back to Accredited (with no sanctions). Trident’s accreditation status last year was more dire, at the ‘Show Cause’ level. The university worked hard to address the issues in violation and was bumped up to ‘Probation’. They have continued to work on the issues, and the WASC review team visited Trident this week. The Commission’s findings in February will determine Trident’s new status. It would take at least a year to lose accreditation, and more likely multiple years, as each sanction status requires WASC visits.

    All that to say your degree will be earned from a fully accredited institution if you graduate this year.

    Best regards,


    Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100
    Alameda, CA 94501
    (510) 748-9001 ext. 300
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    Why this posting in triplicate?

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