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  1. dataReader

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    I've graduated from Master Institute in San Jose California. The school has been closed down for over 2 years now and I need the transcript in order to enroll in other school and maybe I can transfer the units over. Does anybody know how to obtain my transcript?


    George :confused:
  2. bo79

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    Thats going to be a hard one. What you should have done is order about 6 copies of you're transcripts from the school in sealed envelopes, make sure you keep the envelops sealed and store them in a safety deposit box for safe keeping. College education is a big investment and you should be protecting you're investment.

  3. dataReader

    dataReader New Member

    The school has been closed down for 2 years. I want to know if anyone know how to get the transcript?
  4. UoPStudent

    UoPStudent New Member

    Try the Board of Ed

    The transcripts have to be somewhere! Try the board of ed and let them know you're looking for transcripts for an institution that's closed. If they don't have them, they'll know where to guide you....
  5. DaveHayden

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    Records of closed schools are almost always available. They are usually kept by another local school or a state agency. You will likely need to contact the CA state agency in charge of post high school education. They will be able to tell you who holds the records of Masters Institute.
  6. UoPStudent

    UoPStudent New Member

    Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was a state agency. Just assumed it was the Board of Ed.....
  7. John Bear

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    Most schools that close down deposit their records either with another school (and notify the state) or with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education in Sacramento. They are actually better on the phone than by Email, in my experience; you might want to call them at (916) 445-3427.

    Also, they administer a tuition recovery fund, in case Masters didn't provide all the instruction you paid for, and you live in California.

    Last resort: the Governator.

    Let us know what happens; it could be helpful for the next person along with the same need.
  8. dataReader

    dataReader New Member

    Thanks , I will contact them tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
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  9. didja

    didja New Member

    where can i find my diploma from master institute of san jose

    hello everyone ,

    i graduated from master institute december 2000. i left the country before the graduation ceremony. now i would like to get my diploma and i don't know where to look.
  10. mcjon77

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    Probably nowhere. You can, however, get your transcripts from:
    Department of Consumer Affairs - Transcripts
    P.O. Box 980818
    West Sacramento, CA 95798
    (Source: Custodian of Records - Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education)

    They are the custodian of records for Master's Institute since it closed. They MIGHT have your physical diploma, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. The transcripts will have to suffice.
  11. Hadashi no Gen

    Hadashi no Gen New Member

    The first result on Google

    (Post deleted after realizing that I wrote the same thing as the previous poster)
  12. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    As nobody can validate this diploma, just print out one from your computer and will serve you as well as the original one.
    There are few diploma replacement sites that can print out that look professional if you need one. Just google diploma replacement service.
  13. okima123

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    Mrs. Okima McQueen

    I did homeschooling over 13 years ago and graduated from this course study in June of 2003. some how i lost my transcript in the shuffle and i cant locate the school to get a copy. ive enrolled in college and this is the last thing they need from me

    the school was University High School
  14. Johann

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  15. David Vander Schans

    David Vander Schans New Member

    I graduated in 2001 from a private high school in Colorado that no longer exists. The people who ran it have since passed away. I have contacted the Board of Education as well as the school district closest to where the school I attended was located. The Colorado Board of Education informed me that they do not handle high school transcripts. Both the BoE and the district had no record of the school I went to even existed. There is no information or even a shred of a clue as to where my records went after the school closed and I need my transcripts for college. This has been an extremely frustrating search and I'm afraid that I've run out of options of where to look. Nobody seems to know anything about the school's existence or where the records are now. If someone knows any way to acquire the document I need without having to go through a third party website that charges a fee, please help me.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    1. Look for alumni/teachers on social media sites (Facebook, etc.)
    2. Pay the third party fee
  17. David Vander Schans

    David Vander Schans New Member

    There was only one teacher and she passed away several years ago so there is no one to search for. As for paying the fee, I barely make it from week to week as it is after groceries and anything else my children need. Paying $20 - $30 isn't even remotely an option for me.
  18. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    A third option: Do a little studying and take the high school equivalency test (G.E.D.) now.

    A fourth option: Find yourself a different college. At 17 years old, a college will want to see that you have graduated from high school. But at 36 years old, a high school diploma is not generally a requirement for college admission.
    A social media search doesn't have to be limited to your dead teacher - did you not go to school with any other students? Kizmet recommended searching for alumni, not just teachers.

    As for not being able to afford $20-30 for an evaluation, how to you intend to pay anything for college? This statement raises questions about the truth of your, um, whine. And if you have children and barely make it from week to week, have you not heard of food stamps, SNAP, or EBT?

    But just to humor us, Colorado may be cold and remote in some areas, but it's not Siberia. How did you get stuck going to a one-teacher private high school that no one seems to have heard of?
  19. David Vander Schans

    David Vander Schans New Member

    I've applied for grants to pay for college. I went to a one-teacher private school because I was a knucklehead and got in trouble in public school. SNAP and EBT only cover so much per month which leaves one paying out of pocket for anything leftover. Does that answer all your criticisms?
  20. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    David, don't be so sensitive . . . I was not criticizing you at all. I was merely laughing at you. And I still am. :D

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