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    Do understand that there could have been mistakes and misrepresentations made in the past, so I would suggest that you do not take every last word from historical (or even current) records seriously. Lawyers will know what I am talking about.

    Now CalDog, you seem intent on rationalizing this matter toward a particular end, and that is, graduates of Touro University International (BRANCH CAMPUS OF TOURO COLLEGE, NY) should not be able to obtain their academic records from Touro College, NY. This reasoning escapes me, and I wonder why you would want/wish that.

    If you are not comfortable with the current definitions (State and Regional Accrediting Bodies) of a Branch Campus, then maybe you should lobby to have it changed.

    All Branch Campuses of Touro College maintain their academic records locally in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and POLICIES OF TOURO COLLEGE, NY. It is all done under the authority of Touro College, NY. It is not unusual for a Branch Campus to operate in this manner.

    And when a Branch Campus ceases to operate, the academic records should be maintained and issued by the Parent/Main Campus, as Touro College, NY is now doing for graduates of Touro University International (a former BRANCH CAMPUS OF TOURO COLLEGE).

    The OPE ID for Touro College is 01014200, and this was also the OPE ID for Touro University International. Indeed Touro College should have obtained a Branch Campus OPE ID for Touro University International. That the “exact same” OPE ID was used makes a stronger case that Touro University International and Touro College were one and the same, a claim that Touro College has made repeatedly.

    Note that that all Touro College Branch Campuses have different OPE ID numbers, but it is clear from this ID number that they all operate as Branch Campuses of Touro College, by having the first six digits (010142) of the Touro College OPE ID number.

    NOW, what is the OPE ID for Trident University (Formerly TUI University)? It is 04127900. It is different and not linked to Touro College. That should speak volumes.

    Let’s celebrate this development. It is long overdue. Graduates of Touro University International will ALWAYS be graduates of Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College, NY) - so says the letter of admission, so says the diploma, and so says the transcript.

    I commend the US Department of Education, MSCHE (Touro College’s Institutional Accreditor) and the Administration of Touro College for rectifying this situation.

    AGAIN, like all other graduates of Touro College, graduates of Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College) can now obtain their academic records directly from the Office of the Registrar, Touro College, New York, and enjoy all the rights and privileges accorded to graduates of Touro College.

    Happy New year to all.
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    I have no connection to any of these institutions, and don't want/wish either way. But as a Californian, I do respect WASC accreditation rules. Touro University International was based in California, and was accredited by WASC in 2005. And it's apparent that WASC currently regards Trident -- not Touro College -- as the post-2005 successor to Touro University International. If you can show me that WASC has changed that position, then I will drop my objections.

    I don't believe that the current definitions of a "branch campus" include separately-accredited institutions. If you can show me otherwise, then I will reconsider.

    I agree that this fact tells us that Trident University is not linked to Touro College. However, we also know that the current OPE ID was not obtained until after the sale of Trident. Everyone agrees that at that time, the institution now known as Trident was not linked to Touro College. So this fact, while true, tells us nothing new.

    I have not seen any publicly available information from USDoE, MSCHE, or Touro College that addresses this situation. However, I have seen publicly available info from WASC and Trident, and it appears to contradict your assertions. Can you provide a link to the USDoE, MSCHE, or Touro College info that supports your claims ? If so, I may reconsider my position. If not, I have to consider the info from WASC and Trident -- which is readily available -- to be more definitive.


    Happy New Year to you as well. By the way, the civility in your posts is unusual in an Internet forum, and is commendable.
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    And I'm not convinced that MSCHE believes it either.

    There is an archived MSCHE Directory page for Touro College, dated Sept. 6, 2006, here.

    It indicates that Touro College is based in New York, and that it also includes the following campuses: "Touro College South, Bay Shore, Berlin, Flatbush, Touro Law School, Jerusalem, Moscow." I think we can all agree that those are branch campuses.

    But if Touro University International was a branch campus of Touro College in 2006, then why isn't on MSCHE's list ?

    Is it because Touro University International was separately accredited by WASC as of 2005 ?
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    I will leave you with the following:
    If you have standing in this case/matter – such as, you are a student or graduate of Touro University International, then you would be able to get more information and know that what I am saying is 100% TRUE.

    Given that WASC has been found not to be in compliance, by the US Department of Education, I wonder why you “believe” everything they have said/published?

    Touro University International began as a Branch Campus of Touro College (under the scope of the MSCHE accreditation) and became separately accredited in 2005 (under WASC), while continuing to be a Branch Campus of Touro College, New York, until it ceased to operate (and the assets were sold) in November, 2007.

    For a similar Branch Campus operation, see the UC system.

    Again, if you are a student or graduate of Touro University International, and would like your academic records to be maintained and issued by Touro College, New York, please contact the Office of the Registrar, Touro College, NY and/or the MSCHE.

    Let’s just say that I do not believe it until it is written, signed and sealed – and that HAS BEEN DONE.

    Thanks to the US Department of Education, the MSCHE and the Administration of Touro College.
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    We may have to agree to disagree on this. I will leave you with the following:

    But I (like most people on this forum) have no such standing. So I have to find some other way to verify your claims. I am making a good-faith effort to do this, but no luck so far.

    I only believe that WASC granted full accreditation to Touro University International in 2005, as it says on the WASC website. Is this incorrect?

    I looked, but don't see the connection. Each UC campus appears to be separately accredited by WASC -- not as Branch campuses. So I don't see your point.

    And I have exactly the same attitude. But I can't find any "written, signed, and sealed" info anywhere. So should I believe it ?
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    I have my MS-ITM from Touro University International (2004) and have been in this fight for over a year. I contacted Touro and MSCHE. MSCHE said this is an issue that Touro University International degrees before the 2007 sale should be under Touro and they are working with Touro. I have had several conversations with Touro VPs and this is being worked out. My transcripts should be located at Touro now or will in the very near future and I will confirm this soon. I am not going to split hairs over who was under what branch on which date for which accrediting agency because it does not matter to me and who really cares.
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    I am trying to understand the issue here, you don't want your transcript to say Trident University because? Is it because Trident has low reputation and you rather say Touro College in New York that is a B&M school with a decent reputation? Is this the whole issue?

    Based on what I have seen, it seems that it makes a difference for those with PhDs as some Touro International University graduates were able to land good jobs because of the Touro College relationship but I wonder if it makes a big difference for a MS in ITM.
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    i think you have correctly identified the issue. And it's obviously something that people care about -- otherwise they wouldn't go to the trouble of trying to move their transcripts around. I would probably feel the same way if it happened to me.

    And while the details of "who was under what branch on which date for which accrediting agency" may seem arcane, my guess is that these details really do affect the chances of success: someone who completed a Touru University International degree before 2005 (while TUI was accredited as a branch of Touro College) may have more luck moving their records than someone who started a Touro University International degree after 2005 (when TUI was accredited as a separate institution). However, that's just my guess, and some people obviously disagree, so I will leave it at that.
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    As a consultant and advisor to graduates and students, I can report the following:

    1. Question: Regarding this discussion, who should be entitled to have their academic records maintained and issued by Touro College, NY?
    Answer: All graduates and students of Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College, NY). Touro University International ceased to operate in November, 2007, therefore, you must have graduated or matriculated on or before November, 2007.

    2. Question: Why do graduates and students want their academic records to be maintained and issued by Touro College, New York?
    Answer: Honesty, accuracy, academic integrity, and to enjoy the rights, honors, and privileges associated with being a graduate and student of the Touro College and University System.
    Touro College is a major academic institution, with accredited programs in Law, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, etc, and for ALL (who consulted with me) this was a major factor toward their decision to pursue studies at Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College).

    This is a non-negotiable issue - they graduated from Touro University International (Branch Campus of Touro College, NY), and at the very minimum, their academic records must reflect that, and be maintained and issued by the Parent/Main Campus of Touro College (NY).

    Note that under FERPA, your academic records cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of (to a third party) without your explicit permission.

    I will be able to read, but not respond, for the next few days.

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    The History of Touro University Worldwide

    Touro University Worldwide's story starts in 1998 with start up of Touro University International which was founded by Dr. Yoram and Dr. Edith Neumann. It was the first university to offer an accredited doctorate program online with no residency requirements, making it attractive to government and military students. In 2007, TUI was sold to a private group, prompting Dr. Bernard Luskin to found Touro University Worldwide in 2008. His goal was to fill the educational void created when TUI was sold.

    Touro College Los Angeles, a liberal arts college modeled after the program of the Lander Colleges, was opened in Fall 2005 in West Hollywood, California.

    In 2008 Touro University Worldwide and Touro College Los Angeles were merged. Touro College Los Angeles is a division of Touro University Worldwide. ( Two divisions:Brick & Mortor and the online aspect)

    Today, more than 19,000 students attend Touro University Worldwide around the globe.

    "It gives me great joy to return to the Touro system as CEO of Touro University Worldwide and Touro College Los Angeles and continue the important work Dr. Bernard Luskin began. Through Touro University Worldwide, I have been able to realize my goal of creating a learning environment where students can receive a higher education degree on their own schedule, allowing them to pursue careers simultaneously. The Touro College and University System is a not-for-profit, visionary institution that aims to serve the underserved and promote academic success that translates into professional advancement. I believe in the mission of the college and have dedicated the majority of my life to upholding that mission. Drawing from the Judaic principles on which the school was founded, Touro students receive a holistic education. Our graduates are not only skilled in critical thinking, problem solving and communication, but they are also ethical leaders and global citizens. I fully believe in this approach, and the high retention and graduation rates that TUW maintains serve as testament to the powerful learning environment we’ve built at Touro. Again, thank you for your interest in Touro. We look forward to helping you succeed." -Dr. Yoram Neumann – Chief Executive Officer of Touro University Worldwide & Touro College Los Angeles

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    Thanks for the information but we don't need the redundancy of having the same blurb dropped into multiple old threads repeatedly.
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    The only benefit to these shill posts is that it resurrected this thread and I honestly had no idea that people were under the mistaken impression that Touro had a "decent" reputation. That just serves as proof to me that outside of the elite schools, people just randomly assign reputational characteristics to schools all willy nilly.

    I'd rather walk around with a degree from Colorado Technical University than Touro (any of them).

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