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    I’m interested in an Industrial Organizational Psychology master’s program and came upon this website, Touro University Worldwide - Accredited, Fully Online University | Touro University Worldwide . I did some searching but could not find their “accreditation” under the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). I did find it under the Touro University of Los Angeles which is a subdivision of Touro Worldwide and part of a larger system of Touro College.? It only has the WASC as they state on their website with no other accrediting bodies. I’ve seen a few online programs that put out there multiple accreditation that were easy to track. I do like the TUW program but the subdivisions I see as unnecessary. From the brief research on Touro College I’ve found that Trident University was once incorporated but was sold and TUW is replacing it. Also, TUW lists nothing about VA benefits. Does anyone know anything about this school?

    I’m also considering Northcentral University (RA) and California Southern College (NA)
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    I graduated from Touro University International [Branch Campus of Touro College, NY]. That was sold off and renamed TUI which later became Trident. Personally, I have a bad taste in my mouth from Touro selling off their online program to a for-profit online only school and the transcripts...MY TRANSCRIPTS...being sold off as part of the deal. My academic records should reside with Touro College but they do not. Because of this I will always look down upon Touro and would never recommend any of their online divisions out of fear that this could happen again. TUW is RA and probably accreditied through NY.
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    I recall when this happened. TUI was the first school to offer an online PhD. The school has changed names many times from Touro University to TUI University and now Trident.

    I wouldn't be surprised if in the future is sold to Appollo group and it becomes UoP.

    I had only some experience as faculty. The pay was extremely low (50 bucks per student) and there was a hidden policy of "do not fail any student". Part of the faculty training included "suggestions" to offer second submissions when a student failed.

    There are better options out there.
  4. Randell1234

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    Trident is not TUW. Again, the whole name thing sucks with this name-game set up.
  5. CalDog

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    The "Touro" name is associated with a network of schools and programs, both B&M and DL, which are located in several different states and different countries. The Touro system has historically been oriented towards Judaism, and their B&M locations are in cities with significant Jewish populations.

    The original "Touro College" (TC) is in NY, and is regionally accredited by MSCHE. It appears that most Touro operations, both nationally and internationally, fall under TC's MSCHE accreditation.

    However, it looks like the southern California operations are accredited separately by WASC, as "Touro University Los Angeles" (TULA). The TULA accreditation covers both (1) a B&M undergraduate campus in West Hollywood, operating as "Touro College Los Angeles" (TCLA), and (2) a DL graduate school based in Westlake Village, operating as "Touro University Worldwide" (TUW).

    So TUW has legitimate (though perhaps confusing) regional accreditation through WASC, as a division of TULA. It shares this accreditation with B&M TCLA.


    Just to add to the potential confusion, "Touro University Worldwide" (TUW) is not the same as "Touro University International" (TUI), an earlier DL school in the Touro nework.

    TUI was originally an online division of TC, under TC's MSCHE accreditation. However, TUI was actually based in southern California. It eventually gained separate regional accreditation from WASC, and was then sold off to private investors. Since the sale, it has operated first as "TUI University" and then as "Trident University International".


    At least that's how the Touro pictsure looks to me. It's complicated, so feel free to make corrections as necessary.
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    Thanks for the info. I have a number of issues with this school that doesn't make me want to stay around for more. I shouldn't have to hunt down their information and find their accreditation info under another school. If that was the case they should have disclosed that on their website. They act like TUW is separate but it isn't if I have to look under the Los Angeles school for TUW's accreditation. I don't want to spend time explaining to a future employer why they can't find the school in the DOE database. I've emailed the enrollment director and I guess because I haven't given out my number to be called on a daily basis It will take weeks to hear anything back. It's only been around since 08' but I don't have the time for them to get their act together good program or not. Plus I'm using post 9/11 and I don't see anywhere that they participate. What school now a days doesn't?? I'm not taking out loans on a school that may or may not be around 10 years from now. Thanks again guys.
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    (Edited): What was originally posted here as a reply to the main thread was intended as a reply to RFValve's post above, and has been shown as such below.
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    My understand is that part-time faculty at Trident are paid below market rates, and especially for the undergraduate programs the part time faculty are the ones who grade student papers and that many aim to "process" the grading as fast as possible.

    I also understand that Trident had a policy that faculty must not use software to check for plagiarism, and that many faculty took that to mean that they shouldn't.

    Though Trident was challenged in 2011 regarding their transcripts handling process that issue pales when compared to the potential issue which could emerge from a challenge to the university's academic standards due to low-paid faculty, grading large numbers of papers as fast as possible and not checking for plagiarized work. I understand that such an issue is in fact brewing and could lead to another formal complaint to WASC sometime this year.
  9. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    As I have said, do not mix up Trident and Touro, they are different schools. It is like mixing up Columbia College and Columbia University. By the way, I am not comparing Touro to Columbia. That is the first example that came to mind.
  10. Stu_Dent

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    I agree. The way in which ownership and names changed can cause confusion for people reading these posts. My understanding is that Trident University International was a wholly own satellite campus of Touro College of New York, then known as Touro University International, and was sold to private investors around 2008. Because it then became independent it could not retain the original name as doing so would have cause confusion with Touro College, of which it was no longer a part, and so the name was changed to TUI University. This caused confusion for students as the TUI acronym was then seen as meaningless and the new marketing department went about developing a new name which they hoped would better reflect the university's orientation towards military students. Thus there was a further name change at the beginning of 2011 to Trident University International. Presumably it was felt that it would help to retain the initials T. U. I. as many people referred to the university by that acronym.

    That said, and though I agree that people should not necessarily associate the procedures and policies of one institution with another, my point (and I imagine that of RFValve) regarding the academic standards of TUI concern the university's entire history, i.e. that the changes of name and even of ownership seem not to have made any difference to the procedures operated by the university. That was evidenced by the transcripts scandal of 2011 which occurred years after the change of ownership so it's not unreasonable to assume it applies to TUI's academic standards as well.

    And that is what makes this such a potentially serious issue as it raises questions about some of the degrees TUI has granted since its inception.
  11. DxD=D^2

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    I like the concept of Touro University Worldwide. They have 5 sub-semesters (lasting 8 weeks long: Calendar | Touro University Worldwide). It looks like a great opportunity to earn a MFT degree without any residence / on-campus requirements.

    Tuition is $500 per unit, which is cheaper than some other DL Graduate programs. Although I know there are cheaper programs out there, one must consider the 'resident requirement costs' when comparing apples to apples for the MFT degree.

    I'm a bit interested in this option, especially since I live in California. They also said something about Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP) scholarship and a TUW Scholarships – TUW offers 40% scholarship toward tuition, but I cannot find any details about that. If that were the case, one could apply for it and receive a dramatic discount rate. :) (Current tuition @ $500, would be deducted down to $300 per unit!)

    I have to say, it's something to consider in the near future for me.
  12. USGRAD

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    Hi Randell:

    Let me again say that under the law you have the right to request that all your records be maintained by Touro College from which you graduated (via a Branch Campus), unless you explicitly gave permission for your records to be maintained by a third party (such as Trident). It is your right under FERPA, and you should exercise it. I am very serious about this. I suggest that you also contact MSCHE (Middle States.....) which body, initially accredited Touro University International (through inclusion in the scope of accreditation of Touro College). Touro College (soon to formally become Touro College and University System) is a strong and rapidly growing institution with many specialized accredited programs (including, law, medicine (also New York Medical College), public health, social work, nursing, physical therapy, etc.) and you should be proud that you are a graduate.

    Please act soon, and rectify this situation. It is not too late.
  13. CalDog

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    I'm not an expert on FERPA, but I'm not sure that it applies in this situation.

    Touro University International was originally a branch of Touro College; then it became a separately accredited institution; then it was rebranded as TUI University; then it was rebranded as Trident University. However, these could all be regarded as different stages in the life of the same institution. Trident certainly sees it that way; their website states that:

    If this interpretation is valid, then Trident is not a "third party". Trident would be the "first party": it would represent the same institution as the original Touro University International, just under a different name.
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  14. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I would think that they are not the same school since it (Touro University International) was sold off and renamed.
  15. USGRAD

    USGRAD Member

    There is no need for all this analysis. Trident is NOT a continuation of Touro University International, which is now closed and the ASSETS (not the institution)were sold to TUI University (now Trident) another institution (with a different OPE ID # - a unique identifier for academic institutions) incorporated around October 2007. This has already been well-established. Trident (with its “questionable” practices) is trying to claim association with Touro College to help its image. This is a no-brainer. Also, the bulk of the money paid to Touro for the sale was for the “illegally” sold student records. In fact, you may not know that Touro University International operated as a division of Touro University California (which is in existence and well-ranked). It is more convoluted than you may know, and this is all in your favor. You owe it to yourself to rectify this situation. Please do it, and write your history well.

  16. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Again, I am not an expert on either Touro/TUI/Trident or FERPA, but I will point out that WASC -- the regional accreditor in this case -- says that Trident has been WASC-accredited since 2005. As indicated above, that's before Touro sold the operation to Summit Partners (which didn't happen until 2007). The US Dept. of Education database says the same thing: Trident University is considered WASC-accredited since February 2005.

    So for accreditation purposes, WASC and USDoE seem to think that Trident University is a continuation of Touro University International, at least since 2005. Degrees obtained from Touro University International before Feb 2005 might have a different status.
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  17. USGRAD

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    The year 2005 is when the MSCHE accreditation of Touro University International was transferred to WASC, and hence Touro University International became independently accredited (albeit still a branch campus of Touro College). Therefore, its record with WASC was initiated in 2005. Now, Touro University International was a non-profit institution, and technically you cannot sell a non-profit institution, but you can dissolve the organization and sell the assets. In the case of a college/university, “accreditation” is one of its assets, as it pertains to an operation. The accreditation was therefore sold and transferred to TUI University (a new institution), now Trident University International. Touro College and WASC allowed for a teach out agreement with TUI University whereby those who were admitted to Touro University International, were allowed to take courses at TUI University/Trident and graduate with a diploma from Touro University International (branch campus of Touro College).

    In fact, a colleague of mine just graduated with such an arrangement, and is now employed to Columbia University (NY).

    JEAN FITZPATRICK TIMMERBERG, PT, PhD, MHS, OCS (She just graduated but entered while it was Touro University International)

    Christopher Kevin Wong, Ph.D., MS, BA (Another Touro University International graduate).

    I maintain that under FERPA, you are entitled to have your records maintained by Touro College. What else can I say!


  18. Trident University

    Trident University New Member


    The following chronology is offered in hopes of providing clarity on, and avoiding misinformation about the history of Trident University International and its relationship to Touro University International.

    Touro University International (TUI) was founded in 1999 and initially accredited as a branch of Touro College by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSACHE). Touro College was subsequently re-accredited by Middle States in 2004. This accreditation included the TUI branch.

    In 2004, TUI sought transfer of accreditation to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). TUI’s accreditation was transferred from MSACHE to WASC in February 2005.

    The change in ownership was approved by the WASC Commission on October 23, 2007. Thereafter, Touro University International operated independently as TUI University. After notice to WASC and other constituents, in January 2011, TUI University officially changed its name to Trident University International. Trident University International is currently accredited by WASC.

    If you have any further questions please contact [email protected].

    Trident University
    Accredited Online University Degrees, Military University, Online Colleges, Bachelor, Masters, PhD - Trident University
  19. USGRAD

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    Regarding the post by Trident University, what is omitted is that that the assets of Touro University International were sold to Summit Partners which formed (incorporated) a new institution named TUI University (now Trident University). The fact is, Trident University (with a different OPE ID #) is NOT a continuation of Touro University International.

    Now the million dollar question for Trident:

    Is it true (and please think carefully before you respond) that some Touro University International graduates are now obtaining their academic records directly from Touro College (New York)?
  20. DxD=D^2

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