Thoughts on CSU Global Campus?

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  1. taylor

    taylor New Member

    Hello guys. I'm finishing up my last week of classes at AMU and I've already applied for graduation at TESC for my BA. I was on this forum a couple of months ago and you guys gave me a lot of good info on AMU and the different MPA programs. Well, I've changed my mind a couple of times but I wanted to know your thoughts on CSU Global Campus as well. This is a relatively new university, part of the Colorado State system. I was thinking about possibly enrolling in their MS Management or MS Organizational Leadership. They are regionally accredited and I've double checked with an advisor over there but their wording is somewhat abiguous on their website stating that they're HLC accredited under extended accreditation from CSU? Not sure if I should be concerned by that? Ok, let me organize this better for you to answer.

    1) What do you think of this school?
    2) Which looks better on a resume MS Management or MS Organizational Leadership?
    3) Is this school regionally accredited?

    Thank you in advance again.
  2. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    1. I believe that all things being equal, you can never go wrong with State U. You have name recognition in all 50 states.

    2. What looks better on a resume? I don't know. What are your long term goals with the degree? Personally, unless there is a specific reason why you want one over the other, that both degree would be generally looked upon as being equal.

    3. The masters degrees at CSU - global are regionally accredited:

    This leads me to the next question...why an online MS in Management/Org Leadership? I'm not critical of online degrees, but you are potentially missing out on some networking opportunities. Maybe that doesn't matter to you, but then again, you should think about it.

    Whatever you do, good luck!

  3. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    CSU-Global Campus degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the regional accrediting body for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, under extended accreditation from the CSU system campuses.

    So basically you earn degree from CSU - Colorado State University.
    Now having GLobal Campus on your diploma may need to be considered.

    Just like with University of California the campus location makes difference, UCLA, UC Davis UC Irvine etc. Or Cal State University Long Beach, LA, Domingo Hills etc.

    Global Campus when checked - is 100% non traditional and DL. So you get
    Name recognized B&M school but with indication that the campus is DL.
    This may be a minus.
    I wander if it may be looked like Extension like UCLA Extension etc?

    As an alumnus of the CSU System, you know you'll get a high-quality degree at an affordable rate. We also offer a tuition guarantee that locks in the tuition rate you’re at when you start your program. As long as you stay continuously enrolled, you’ll never see a tuition rate increase.

    Members of the CSU Alumni Association receive discounted tuition rates. Join the CSU Alumni Association!

    Spring 2010 CSU Alumni Association Member Rate
    • Bachelor's Degrees: $249/credit hour (discounted from $299)
    • Master's Degrees: $349/credit hour (discounted from $399)

    As to Masters in Management or Leadership I think Management can be the Masters degree and suplemented with graduate Diploma in Leadership ?-)
  4. taylor

    taylor New Member

    Shawn, thanks. The online format works fine for me since time is of the essence.

    Lerner, from my conversations with the advisor she told me it does not state "Global Campus" on the degree. As far as your comparison with UCLA extension, not sure if that's a good comparison. The last time I checked UCLA, UCI, and UC Berkeley extensions only have certificates not BA or Masters programs, thanks though.
  5. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Thats better in my view if they don't state the Global campus.

    I wander what address and seal they use. My wife is graduate of Cal State Long Beach her diploma and transcript state that its the Long Beach campus, the Diploma has two seals one the Cal state the other is long beach, my friend with Cal State Northrige has different diploma seal and it states the Northrige campus.

    I don't know what Colorado State University does, do they have each campus distinctive emblem etc. Its a good school I think there is still bias against 100% DL programs but in this situation you have name recognized State university so it may not be an issue.

    As to Extension such as Harvard etc I read mixed views as if it is second rate to the Harvard or UC system etc.
    CSU Global Campus may or may not get the same stigma in the future.
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  6. Looks like a great program. I wish I could find a state school, or any other B&M, that offers the doctorate online that I want, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  7. taylor

    taylor New Member

    So your wife's a "Dirt Bag":D! Just in case you don't know, CSULB's baseball team is called that which I think is one of the coolest names ever.

    I asked the advisor if she could email me a picture of the degree but she said she couldn't, but assured me that there was no evidence of distant learning on the degree. I'm guessing and hoping it looks similar to the Fort Collins degree based on the similarity of the websites. But I guess I'll call again next week and try to find out more.

    I'm not sure of the stigma part. Do you think it's any different than Troy E campus or Penn State online?

    This school seems pretty attractive to me and I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here.


    1) State school with name recognition
    2) Reasonable tuition ($349 per credit with alumni membership)
    3) 8 week terms
    4) Favorable reviews


    1) REALLY NEW (Worried it may close like University of Illinois Global Campus)
  8. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    A decent school but not that many programs.
  9. taylor

    taylor New Member

  10. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    I think Martha Coakley is the webmaster....."Massachusettes". :rolleyes:
  11. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    I leaned about this Global Campus for a first time here.
    I see UoP and Devry, ITT and all the for profit adds constantly on TV and many web sites so they market their programs aggressively.

    Maybe the CSU GC needed some boost initial marketing?

    Maybe they should apply for accreditation by DETC :)
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  12. consultco

    consultco New Member

    If you're interested in an online Master's degree in organizational leadership, Nichols College has one, and many of the courses are self-paced:

    The school is nearly two-hundred years old, although it was established as an accredited four year college in the 1970s. The campus looks great, so credibility on that level wouldn't be an issue.
  13. taylor

    taylor New Member

    I'm graduating from Thomas Edison State College and it doesn't quite have the name recognition so I kind of wanted to go to a more recognized school for my masters. You know the kind of school that you tell people you went there and they've heard of it and don't ask too many questions after that:cool:. Thanks though.
  14. TechGolfer

    TechGolfer New Member

    Colorado State University has been doing distance education for some time, and the press write up's have been positive as well. If you were worried about their global campus, you could always get a distance MBA from the real Ft. Collins, CO campus:

    It's quite a difference in tuition though: $620/credit vs $399 (and the 399 drops to 350 if you join the alumni org).

  15. Love2Ski

    Love2Ski New Member


    That article in EdNews was written over a year ago. CSUGC has grown and more than doubled their student population since then. I'm enrolled in the MS-Mgmt program and I really like it. It's flexible being 100% online so I can still have a job and spend time with my family. I talked to my employer before I started about WHERE I went to school and in my case as long as it's accredited, they didn't care if it was online or nights/weekends. And personally, I would rather invest in a state school then a UOP or another for-profit. I got in at the $300 tuition price for the Master's program and they guarantee your rate until you graduate so no tuition hike even though they have since raised their prices $30 a credit hour. That means my whole degree (minus books but NO FEES) will be $14,354.
  16. Brez

    Brez Member


    Like Love2Ski I am currently a student at CSU Global, however in the Organizational Leadership program. I will give you some updated information.

    1. Diploma - I was told that the diploma does not state global campus, it states "Colorado State University System," like the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses. However, there is consideration for adding Global Campus to the diploma in the future since the Global Campus is it's own branch and they want to brand it as such.

    2. Penn State Diploma - Somebody brought up what the PSU World Campus diploma looks like. Mine doesn't say online, world campus, etc. If you saw it you would see it was from University Park, PA, so do my official transcripts.

    3. Tuition - If you are in the military or a veteran you get a discounted tuition rate, my cost for the entire program will be $13,5000.00.

    4. Student Population - They now have over 3,000 students enrolled.

    5. Schedule - They break the schedule out into two semesters per year, 24 weeks per semester, 1 class per 8 weeks. So, you can essentially do one class every 8 weeks and still graduate in 2 years and are considered full-time for financial aid if you need it.

    Now, I only just started, I'm in my first class. I personally am a little disappointed at this point of how easy the class is. My gut tells me that this is a "confidence" class to get people feeling successful and future classes will require a bit more dedication. I asked an adviser about this and she said I could take two classes per semester, just need the dean to approve it.


    Wish I could give you more about the curriculum, I'll know more in a few weeks when the next semester starts.
  17. taylor

    taylor New Member

    Brez and Love2ski,

    Thanks for updating this thread. As I'm settling into my new job, I'm considering using my company's tuition reimbursement plan to get a Masters degree. CSU Global still seems like a good option since I want to obtain the degree from a state school without using too much out of my pocket.

    How did you like Penn State World Campus?
  18. Brez

    Brez Member

    I loved it, it was very hard, very demanding, and prepared me well for my Masters. The price is a bit high, but it was well worth it, in my opinion.

  19. taylor

    taylor New Member

  20. Brez

    Brez Member


    I understand what your saying about fear and the cost. ASU was one of my other top choices for a Bachelor's, but ultimately I chose Penn State for the Org. Leadership major.

    Make no mistake I have some school debt from Penn State, but my income also increased about 15K a year because of graduating from there. They have a very deep national network and my new boss is originally from Pennsylvania. Not a Penn State grad but she thinks very highly of the university, lucky me!

    It goes back to what others have said in different posts, if there is not going to be a ROI that is calculable, then you need to pay the money for a love of the education. Either way, I'm very happy with both of my decisions, my quality of life has improved significantly.


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