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  1. Messdiener

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    To continue our discussion of Roman Catholic institutes, I present to you The Scholasticum in Rome:

    This institute is currently unaccredited but boasts a unique set of "cycles". The Scholasticum offers courses in medieval philosophy, medieval scripture studies, and more.

    Beyond being unaccredited, the other major catch is that this institute only offers synchronous lessons. If you don't mind missing the first few hours of work (in the US), the last few hours of work (in Europe), or a few hours of sleep (in Asia), this may be the school for you! :tired:
  2. Kizmet

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    Seldom discussed here is Maryvale Institute, a British school that offers a little bunch of degrees through DL. Linked here is their MPhil/PhD in Catholic Studies.

    Maryvale Institute - Research Studies
  3. Messdiener

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    Kizmet, thanks for the reminder.

    Maryvale does seem to be impressive and have a wealth of programs. I think the biggest obstacle with Maryvale is the price! Otherwise, I'd give it a go in a heartbeat.
  4. Rich Douglas

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    Maryvale does not seem to have degree-granting authority. Rather, its degrees are "validated" or "accredited" by other schools like Open University and Liverpool Hope University.
  5. Kizmet

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    I believe that the diploma, when it's issued says "The Open University", etc. not Maryvale. Once upon a time it was the only way for an American to get a PhD from the Open U. Not sure if that's still true.
  6. Johann

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    Yes -- and an undergrad degree validated by Faculty de Notre Dame, Paris. And another undergrad degree program validated by Open U., and taught in collaboration with St. Malachy's Seminary, Belfast.

    Research degrees (M. Phil and Ph.D.) are through Liverpool Hope U. There is also an Ecclesiastical Licence in Catechetics, a qualification of the Holy See.

    All looks completely above-board to me.

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