The end of the world!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kizmet, Jun 1, 2016.

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    I don’t see anything about the WHO in that link.
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    Time for more End of the World News (Still no zombies that I've seen. But all the rest of World War Z.)

    Ships sitting idle off coast of Singapore as Asian economy grinds to a halt

    What looks like a pharmacy and their own do-it-yourself precautions. (Rather creative.)

    What may or may not be dead bodies lying on a street. (If it was LA, they would be homeless people sleeping on the streets and there would be lots more of them than here. So it isn't clear what this is in China.)

    Using drones to spray 'disinfectant' in Wuhan. This suggests to me that they know that the virus remains virulent on non-living surfaces for some time and that people can catch it from touching things as well as from other people's breath and secretions. But the low concentrations of disinfectant from such a small aircraft spraying from so high can't be very effective.

    So there's much more heavy-duty spraying in Luoyang. This city is a considerable distance north of Wuhan, east of Xian.

    Evidence that the Naval University of Engineering in Wuhan issued a warning about an unknown pneumonia to its own people and restricted access to its facility on January 2, more than two weeks before the coronavirus was officially announced to the city and the world.

    Funeral home employee reports that only about 1/3 of corpses they receive are coming from the hospitals. The rest die at home. Unlikely that these victims were officially diagnosed or included in the official stats.

    Wuhan had been strongly advising people to stay home, now that's an order and people need official permission to leave their homes.

    Suspected cases are being welded into their homes. If they die there, they will probably never show up on the official statistics.

    Unconfirmed rumors that 49 crematories in Hubei have each cremated an average of 1,200 bodies since this started. That totals more than 50,000 dead in that province alone.

    Collecting dead bodies.

    People posting these kind of officially unauthorized reports on social media are disappearing. Rumors about some of them being declared presumptive cases and forced into guarded quarantine facilities/death camps, where if they aren't infected, they soon will be.

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    Had to look up a few of those videos, as they were professionally polished. Turns out that NTD is a legitimate news broadcaster of the Falun Gung movement. They have widespread distribution, outside of China of course, but for obvious reasons are very critical of the Chinese government. Appears that last year the station latched on to the QAnon nonsense. With those two elements, it might be hard to fully trust them as a reliable news source. That being said, the numbers that they're revealing are fully aligned with other reports coming out of unofficial channels. What's the truth? No idea, but sending lots of thoughts and prayers to those at risk of infection, and hopefully that histories greatest containment attempt works.
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    In more End of the World news, rumors are circulating that they are thinking of postponing or cancelling the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. This from an IOC member.

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