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    I'm a student of this program and I love it. The most important aspect I would say is that I'm still able to work full time since everything is online and I can study/test around my work schedule.

    I'm getting my MBA in Management Information Systems (there's no direct page to it, just the general MBA page for info). Anyone with questions, feel free to fire away and I'll do my best to answer them!
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    I’m new as a poster, but have followed the forum for several years. I’m currently working on a second MBA at Tarleton State University (online).
    Tarleton State University offers an online MBA, MS in Management and Leadership (MSML), MS in Human Resource Management, MS in Information Systems, MS in Agriculture and Consumer Resources, Master of Criminal Justice, and a MS in Educational Psychology-Experimental. Tarleton is part of the Texas A&M University system; SACS accredited. The MBA, MSHRM and MSML degrees are also accredited by ACBSP (they're working toward AACSB). They're also pretty sensibly priced.

    M.B.A. Tarleton State University (current)
    M.Ed. Prairie View A&M University
    M.B.A. Taylor University
    CGSOC U.S. Army Command & General Staff College (Diploma)
    B.B.A. Sam Houston State University
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    distance mba from belgium, foreign education

    About United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe
    United Business Institutes (UBI) is today the number one business school in Brussels,
    Belgium with more than 20,000 students from across various countries. Ranked 9th in
    Top 10 European Business Schools by the International Education Commission (I.E.C)
    Belgium, UBI equips you with the skills, knowledge and networks to propel your career
    wherever you decide to take it. The institute is spread across 1.200 m2 mansion dating
    back to the 19th century, with full modern amenities. The programs conducted in the
    institute are validated and awarded by University of Wales, UK.

    Why International MBA - DLP? How this course is going to help you?
    • Whether your goal is to progress within your organization, take on new or global
    responsibilities or pursue an entrepreneurial route, the program will give you the
    knowledge, insights and confidence to succeed.
    • If you are working and simultaneously doing MBA, it would allow you to
    implement the newly learned management ideas, concepts and strategies.
    • After graduating in International MBA lot of global career opportunities are open
    for you.
    • Distance learning is the best option for work executives, business persons,
    housewives and students wishing to do multiple courses simultaneously.
    • The program has strong linkages with the industry and is designed to cater the
    needs of the ever growing and fast changing business environment.

    Program Offered: International MBA – 1 year
    Unique Features of the Program
    1) MBA Degree – The degree in International Masters in Business Administration is
    recognized worldwide.
    2) Flexibility – Working Executives / Managers can study at their own convenient
    time, place and location.
    3) Fee - Affordable fees, bank loan facility and flexible installments options
    4) Placement Assistance – All the students would be given 100 % placement
    5) Learning methods - Books, CDs, virtual lectures, online discussions via chats,
    message boards and other social media platforms.
    6) Curriculum - The institute incorporates case study based approach followed by
    top business schools like Harvard, Wharton, Cambridge and other reputed
    7) Global Understanding – To ensure success in the competitive global
    environment, the curriculum includes international subjects commonly taught in
    USA, UK and Australia.
    8) Personal Contact Program (PCP) – For better learning and understanding of
    Management concepts we provide weekend lectures on Saturdays and Sundays.
    The lectures to be conducted at your nearest possible location.
    9) Examination – Online Exams at convenient time at the nearest possible location.
    • Graduates from any recognized university.
    • Diploma holders from any recognized polytechnic with 3 years of supervisory work
    experience post diploma.

    Admission - Fees Structure
    Program Fees Fees With PCP (Optional)
    International MBA Rs. 36,000 + Service Tax Rs. 44,000 + Service Tax
    Mode of Payment for all Types of Fees
    • Cheque/Demand Drafts should be made in favour of "JARO A/C - UBI ' payable in

    Cancellation Charges
    • Within 15 days of the admission – 50 % of the fees refunded
    • After 15 days of the admission – No refund.
    Note: The fees and course structure may be subject to change at the discretion of the

    Structure of the Program & Specializations
    Specialization available
    Marketing / Finance / Human Resources / Retail Management / Leadership and

    International MBA – 1 year
    Semester I (Core Subjects common for all specializations)
    International Business & Culture International Business Management
    Financial & Management Accounting Organization Behaviour
    International Economics Human Resource Management
    Marketing Management Management Information Systems
    Semester II – Specializations

    Finance Human Resource
    International Financial Management International HRM
    Financial Markets & Services Human Resources Strategy
    Corporate Finance Human Resources planning
    Mergers & Acquisitions Personnel Management
    Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Industrial Relations & Labour laws
    Strategic Management Organization Development
    Project Project

    Marketing Retail Management
    International Marketing International Retailing
    Product and Brand Management Retail Business Environment
    Market Research Retail Strategy
    Sales Management and Promotion Consumer Buying Behaviour
    Marketing Finance Retail Finance
    Strategic Management Sales Management and Promotion
    Project Project

    Leadership and Entrepreneurship
    International Strategic Management
    International Marketing
    Small Enterprise Management
    Leadership Excellence
    Application of Business Design

    For further queries contact sagar at [email protected].
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    Dear Sagar

    Regarding your posting on the site today . . .

    As the author of a popular book on MBA programs*, I am always interested in learning more about offerings in this field.

    My initial research raises these issues:

    UBI is not mentioned in the 2010 edition of Europa World of Learning, a 3,000-page compendium of the colleges and universities and institutes of the world, published by Routledge, which includes a 20-page section describing dozens of institutions in Belgium, but not UBI.

    A relationship is claimed with Clark University in the US. The administrator I have spoken to at the Clark School of Business is not familiar with UBI, and has no knowledge of a relationship.

    You cite a ranking showing UBI as one of the top 10 programs in Europe . . . but it is not mentioned among the 100+ European business schools described in the Financial Times business school rankings (

    Nor does it appear in the 100+ MBA programs listed in The Economist's "Which MBA" book? (

    The #9 ranking you cite is from 2003. Has that list been updated?

    Thank you for clarifying these matters.

    Cordially, John Bear, Ph.D. ([email protected])
    *Bears Guide to the Best MBAs by Distance Learning (Ten Speed Press, a division of Random House)
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    I think Dr. Bear might have scared someone away...
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    Online MBA Program

    North Greenville University (Greer, SC) offers a good and affordable online MBA.
    The tuition is about a grand per class (3 Credit Hours). It is served up in executive format with each class lasting 10 weeks. It is a Christian University that is accredited and accepts Government Tuition and GI-Bill.

    An excellent look for those desiring an MBA in less than 2 years (16-18 months).
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    An extensive thread indeed. I hope that my experience might be useful...

    Even though you say that money is not a question i think the best option is a mix of respected and at the same time affordable degree. I'm an online MBA student. And to be honest, i'm totally satisfied with both price and quality.
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    Look through the FT rankings. I think it's the most independent source and recommendations of schools given here are subjective I think.
    Personally I have chosen online MBA program because it's cheaper and more flexible.
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    yes, I think so too.
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    Just found an MBA at Alvernia University, also in Pennsylvania:
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    I don't see any "vote" by the Financial Times for the "Best Online MBA". Only a LISTING by size of enrollment.
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    Online MBA Option

    Has your friend looked into American Public University?

    Here's a link to their MBA program page: APU Degree Program: Master of Business Administration

    You mentioned that your friend almost enrolled at UoP, and I saw another post about Western International University --- APU's pricing is much more affordable, at only $300/credit, for a total of $11,700. Also, it's accredited so that will make the degree worth more.

    I hope this helps!
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    Everyone's feedback is really appreciating. Thanks to all for information..
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    another ranking of MBAs

    There is a new ranking for full-time MBAs at The Economist

    Which MBA | The Economist

    Free registration is required.

    The Economist is probably the world's leading business/ economics/ government magazine, so some people at least will take these rankings seriously.

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