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  1. Lerner

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    Colorado State, Washington State, Univ of Arizona, University of Maryland, Kansas State Univeraity, University of Arkansas, SanDiego State, and others offer degrees via their Global Campus.
    How are such degrees stand in comparison to
    degrees from other campuses of the same universities?
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I don't know much about the purpose of the Global Campus. When I earned my degree at Troy University's eCampus, my degree never mentioned anything about "ONLINE" or "DISTANCE LEARNING." The degree state the same giving at Troy, Alabama. Because I was on active duty, my school administrative office was located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I assume the degree from Global Campus does not have the same merit as the one on campus and has a different alum network. It sounds like Harvard University's Extension School from another school within the university. My degree from Georgetown University's School of Continuing School does have a little looking down. I attended the MBA alum network dinner in Dallas, and they invited all the school's alums. The alums did not recognize Georgetown's SCS from other schools.
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  3. Acolyte

    Acolyte Active Member

    I wonder about these things as well. My Master's degree from Anderson University (South Carolina) was completed online - but they don't have an "eCampus" or "Global Campus" - it's the same degree you get in person. There is no indication of the online coursework on your diploma and they consider you an alum like anyone else. I'm currently looking into University of Arizona Global programs because my company will pay 100% on those. It seems to me like it makes sense to brand the PROGRAM separately, but branding the DEGREES differently seems silly to me - either the coursework is up to the university's standards or it isn't. If it IS, then just make the degree the same, like my Anderson degree. If it's something "lesser" because it's online, then why put your university branding on it to begin with? Why not just limit your online offerings to things you can teach well using DL or make the criteria more rigorous to match your on campus programs...if your on-campus programs actually are any more rigorous, which I find really hard to believe. They've been doing this to MBA's for a long time - part time, executive, online, etc. At some point we have to admit that either DL is not reasonably equivalent to an in-person instructional experience or it is. And if it is, we need to stop trying to "otherize" it.
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  4. SteveFoerster

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    It's needlessly confusing terminology because sometimes it might refer to the online part of a dual mode institution, while other times (as with the University of Maryland Global Campus) it refers to a separate institution.
  5. Alpine

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    Did anyone ever get a transcript to see if the University mentions distance learning, online, hybrid or online school on the official document? Sadly, differentiating students by mentioning the modality of study on one’s transcript is a disservice to the student and institution. The concept of distance learning has changed so much over the years. From correspondence mail in packets to full blown live, interactive zoom conferences that are better than the traditional on campus auditorium with 100 or more students that never interact with the professor.

    Do employers or other schools really need to know I attended on campus versus DL or hybrid? Is there a stigma?
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think the American InterContinental University used to do mention "ONLINE" on the transcript, but not sure if they still do anymore.
  7. Alpine

    Alpine Active Member

    I don’t think it is necessary to differentiate on a transcript between DL or on campus or mixed platforms of learning in this day and age. Look at all the medical students that did two years of DL basic sciences during the Covid pandemic. Should their transcripts say online? They may not get a license if it did!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think Global Campus is a completely separated institution. Otherwise, there should not be University of Arizona's Online, Colorado State University's Online, University of Arkansas Online. It is just like you are learning a degree at the University of California at Merced, you don't get the same recognition as the University of California at Los Angeles.
  9. SweetSecret

    SweetSecret Well-Known Member

    I don't it's a big deal considering the fact that most of the states of these degrees are being offered and are rather technologically savvy. I can tell you that at least one of those states had a community college system online in the early 2000s, so people are just used to the online education in that state.
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  10. Alpine

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    There are many B&M universities that offer courses via DL and then differentiate that offering on the official transcript. Perhaps it is not a "big deal" today but DL, non-traditional, and correspondence learning once carried a, "you are not in the same league" stench to it. I agree that DL has become a norm, so why write it out on the official transcript as my B&M school does? What if that simple notation on the transcript is the bias that stops me from getting a job?
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  11. Alpine

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    Does the actual degree or transcript say, "Global Campus" or "Online?" If it does, then the school feels the need to separate and differentiate the "non-traditional" students from the students who attended the B&M campus. Does this differentiation impact job prospects, acceptance to graduate school, standing, etc.? I don't know but I believe it can. Most of these "global campus" schools hold the same RA accreditation and operate under the B&M institution. The University of Arkansas Grantham is DEAC Accredited Online University | University of Arkansas Grantham ( Does this school have an affiliation with the RA-accredited University of Arkansas? Certainly, a different "standing" if it does.
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  12. Alpine

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    "On Nov. 1, 2021, Grantham University joined the University of Arkansas System and officially became the University of Arkansas Grantham."
  13. TEKMAN

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    Colorado State University Global Campus does state "Global Campus" on both degree diploma and transcript. And the seal is different than other campuses.
  14. Alpine

    Alpine Active Member

    "Colorado State University Global Campus does state "Global Campus" on both degree diploma and transcript. And the seal is different than other campuses."

    I searched the Colorado State University - Global Campus on the USDE accreditation website and it is listed as its own entity with its own school code of (04208700): DAPIP | Location Profile (
    The transcript and diploma are correct in stating "Global Campus" because that is included in its name and recognition by the US Department of Education. It really is a separate school from Colorado State University! Will an employer or even a graduate make that distinction?
  15. Alpine

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    University of Maryland Global Campus also has its own distinct recognition by the US Department of Education:DAPIP | Location Profile (

    and so does Purdue University Global: DAPIP | Location Profile (

    These are technically separate institutions with the correct names reflected on diplomas and transcripts.

    My statements deal with attending the main B&M university and taking a DL course that is annotated on the transcript as a DL course, which I believe is not necessary.
  16. Alpine

    Alpine Active Member

    Overall, I think it is important for prospective students to realize they may be enrolling in a degree program that sounds like they are attending the main institution and in fact, may actually take courses from the main institution that are accepted by the "Global Campus." Prospective students need to know these are technically different although affiliated institutions. Additionally, as we see with the University of Arkansas Grantham, the accreditation is not RA but NA by the DEAC. These are important details that get overlooked by fancy websites and marketing ploys to make one think they are graduates of the parent institution. With that said, I am not saying these schools are not reputable, I am simply saying they are not one and the same. They are, however, a marvel in marketing strategy!
  17. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    If it's just an administrative division of a brick and mortar university, then Global Campus or any other derivative won't be on your transcript or your diploma. An extension or professional studies division might state something on the diploma.

    CSU Global, UMGC, Purdue Global, UMass Global, etc. are independent institutions within state systems. "Global" is a part of their name, so it'll be on your transcripts and diplomas.
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  18. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    This really shouldn't be confusing. State university systems have long had multiple independent universities with the same name and a city attached at the end. "Global Campus" is no different from Texas A&M - Commerce or University of Texas at Dallas except "global campus" signifies that the university is mostly or 100% virtual.

    Other than a school of professional studies or extension school at a prestigious university, I haven't come across an American college that differentiates between its nontraditional and traditional program delivery modes on the transcript/diploma.
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  19. Garp

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    I wonder how many people leave off Purdue Global (or whatever it is) and just note they graduated from Purdue (Go Boilermakers).
  20. Alpine

    Alpine Active Member

    In the case of the University of Arkansas - Grantham, I would not expect these credits to transfer to the University of Arkansas's main campus even though it is part of the university system. It's possible but in this case, their online school is DEAC accredited so inquire beforehand.

    Perhaps it is not as widespread as I thought. I graduated from two universities that make the distinction on my official transcripts that the courses taken were done so online. I don't like it but nothing I can do.
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