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    I believe you that it is, but is there a one-to-one correspondence between having a distinct school code and having distinct institutional accreditation?
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    Take Purdue for example. The Higher Learning Commission makes distinct accreditation reviews and affirmations to each Purdue entity. Note that the Purdue University - North Central, being "inactive and resigned" while others are "reaffirmed" or "continued." Higher Learning Commission (

    Subsequently, The US Department of Education also recognizes them as distinct institutions with its own distinct school code. Do I have a problem with saying one graduated from "Purdue?" Not really, but the reality is, they are "technically" distinct institutions.
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    In regards to Harvard Extension School, they are a branch of Harvard University and fall under its accreditation but the school may have a separate policy that graduates need to state Harvard Extension school on a resume! The school can have policies but it doesn't change the fact that the degree is issued by the same accredited institution under the division of continuing education. Transfer Credits and Accreditation | Harvard Extension School
    They do have their own Alumni foundation as well:Harvard Extension Alumni Association

    Incidentally, the New England Commission of Higher Education does not differentiate nor does the USDE: Harvard University - NECHE
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  4. SteveFoerster

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    I suppose that would be different, but I don't recall anyone ever mentioning one in all our exhaustive conversations about HES over the years.

    That said, it would be wrong to refer to a degree from HES with the wrong nomenclature, and given HES's unique use of "ALB" and "ALM", that makes it really obvious when someone is trying to make their degree from HES seem like something it's not.
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    It is because it is not a thing. On the sister board, an individual uploaded their transcript and it states they are pursuing a Master of Arts in Extension Studies at Harvard University. Nowhere on the transcript (that I could see) did it say anything about Harvard Extension School.
  6. Alpine

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    Do you think Neuhaus's colleague should have been fired for putting Harvard University on his resume versus Harvard Extension School?

    "The school now allows two methods of listing your Extension School degree on your resume:

    1. Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Harvard University Extension School. Include concentration or field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable.
    2. Bachelor [or Master] of Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, Harvard University"
    Harvard Extension School résumé guidelines are bogus | Ipso Facto

    I personally believe employment termination for this oversight was unjustified. Stolen valor? No way!
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Did I miss something? It states "Harvard Extension School * Harvard Summer School"

  8. JoshD

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    If you go look on degree forum . net you'll see a current student posting their transcript. So I guess you did miss something. ;)
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    I don't subscribe to Degreeforum, do you have a link to the transcript?
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  10. JoshD

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    This is what they provided. A lot different than what TEKMAN shared.

    Screenshot_20221025-160006~2.png Screenshot_20221025-160950~2.png
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    Wow, this brought back some fond memories.

    Coincidentally, I was a grad student at Colorado State B&M right before they launched the global campus.

    I remember taking a survey and discussing a “new adult learning initiative” in class before it became CSU Global. In short, you are all correct in that branding and competition led to the name. The new institution was going to compete directly with another school already using the “Global” moniker for its adult program. Also, at the time, the University of Southern Colorado was renamed Colorado State University-Pueblo to show that it was part of the CSU system, and leadership did not want people to confuse the two institutions with the flagship Colorado State University (in Fort Collins). CSU wanted a new school that was focused on just adult learners and needed to differentiate it from the other two CSU schools while leveraging brand recognition.

    This was nearly 20 years ago. Times have most certainly changed.
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  12. Alpine

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    It simply says Harvard in the middle of the transcript although the degree says, "Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies." Nice share and enlightening overall!
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  13. Alpine

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    The resume seems perfectly clear and not misleading indicating a Bachelor or Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Harvard University. Once again, I am disappointed to see someone get terminated over this pettiness! More importantly, can the person do the job?
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  14. Emily

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    Hi everyone! This is collegecareerstudent from DegreeForum. I'm also on this Forum. That is correct. Those are my transcripts. Previously, transcripts were only mailed. Once I return stateside, I can upload an old, paper copy. The design has been revamped this year. Before, the transcripts read Harvard Extension School at the very top of the transcript with Division of Continuing Education underneath it. That might be why some people are getting conflicting information. What Tekman is showing you is the old format of transcripts. I'm sure it was either retired a year or two ago. I hope this helps! Also, on my transcripts, I included the transcript Key, the key tells you which schools your various courses are taken through, so it does mention Harvard Extension School there.
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  15. TEKMAN

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    It sounds Harvard University is selling its prestigious brand at a Factory Store. Why's not Harvard University's College of Professional Studies, or Barrack H. Obama College for Professional Studies.

    Degree: ALB - Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, Business Management, and etc.
    Degree: ALM - Master of Liberal Arts in Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, Business Management, and etc.

    Sure, when people look at College of Professional Studies, they know the degree is not from Harvard College, HBS, and etc.
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    What I see is a Harvard graduate who holds a diploma from Harvard University. Wonderful and admirable indeed! Additionally, I see the coursework indicates poetry, poetry, more liberal arts, and more poetry. The question is what does one do with this degree? I hold an associate degree in technology with courses in maintenance, sheet metal, welding, blueprints, electrical systems, etc., from Joe Blow Community College (Another set of tools in my toolbox). An employer can immediately see what I bring to the organization. I know and have heard it a hundred times, a college education isn't necessarily about the utility. However, most of us only have enough financial resources and brain cells to get up to bat once in a lifetime so we better make it count. I'm not by any means diminishing Emily's accomplishment. I think it is wonderful and she earned it. Congratulations and on behalf of the DI community, welcome!
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    Off topic:

    Been a while I've seen Rich Douglas on here. Hope he's doing well.
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    It has been a while. I hope he is well.
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    HES is one of a few 'schools' within the Harvard institution/system, I guess this 'extension' is similar to other universities with a 'global campus'. I just don't really get why people get worked up on 'but it's not Harvard'. Most people are here for the experience, learning, knowledge, if HES was more affordable, I wouldn't mind going there for a master's later down the road...
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  20. TEKMAN

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    HES is not similar to Global Campus at other universities. The Global Campus has it own accreditation, while HES is within Harvard University. Once you graduate from HES, you are Harvard University alum. However, they want you to differentiate yourself as HES, not Harvard University. It is similar that you are wearing Armani clothes from Armani Exchange, and people want you call it Armani Exchange not Emporio Armani or Giorgio Armani.
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