Southern Bible Institute and Seminary Augusta, GA

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    ULC "degrees" are cheap, Randell. I think the poster may be referring, not to ULC, but to the unaccredited Georgia school, SBIS, subject of this interminable 7-page thread. :sad:

    Time will tell, I guess...or not.

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    Wow I didn't know all this was going on.. I was really surprised how easy the classes were. Most of my classes all I had to do was pay the money and show them my notes at the end of the class. Sometimes they never asked for it. There were some really nice students there and I had a great time fellowshiping with them. It's not the kind of place where you feel comfortable asking lots of questions. I don't think some of the teachers actually went to an accredited college either. If none of that bothers you then hey go for just wasn't for me

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