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    SBIS has never been a fully authorized school/college or university, yet presents itself as one.
    It is not an old line school.
    It refuses to file for religious exemption and has been operating illegally and in non compliance since its inception.
    It has never had accreditation.
    It has no written permission from GNPEC to disperse honorary degrees.


    Please provide the proof or a caption to your statement that SBIS has ever claimed to be a member of the SBC or one of the SBC seminaries. It is very easy to make an accustation with an alleged statement that was never made by the school.

    You state that SBIS NEVER had accreditation, but then you state in further posts that they were accredited by at least two agencies. So you were not being truthful in one of your posts.

    Can you say that you have no ax to grind against these people, church, and school and that you are being completely objective, or do you have motives and bias aganst them that you are not sharing and don't want people to know?
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    I didn't know that not being an "old line school" was such a dubious thing. If that were the case then no new schools or colleges should ever be built!

    You state that SBIS “never had accreditation” and then later you give information that they were accredited by at least 2 agencies. Therefore one of your posts is false.

    Please provide the caption or proof that SBIS ever claimed to be a member of the SBC or one of the SBC seminaries. It is very easy to make a statement that you made end up looking like an accusation that on face value can look bad, unless you ask the question and find out that they never said what you are implying in the first place. It would be like someone stating that “You have never been in the military and you have never earned the purple heart or Medal of Honor!” It implies that you said you did and therefore are doing something wrong. If you never said it in the first place then it is a non-issue.
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    Can you truthfully and categorically state that you have no ax to grind, previous bias, or history with this school, the people involved, or the church, that you are not sharing on this board. Or are you afraid to because it would then make your motives suspect and all the "information" in your posts suspect?
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    On your first post, tompson,ga, you state "There is a case #116998 in Mcduffie County, GA Sheriff's Office where Theft by Conversion was involved with Ronald Drawdy and it involved "Southern Bible Church" which does not exist. "

    I contacted the Sherriff's office to verify your claim and was told that no charges were ever filed in the case and that it was closed. Why did you choose to not include that very important piece of information? Is it because it wouldn't make your accusations sound as good?
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    See below please
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    I am new here as well, but I find it suspect that your only 4 posts in the space of less than two hours since you joined is demanding proof. If you have proof to the contrary, then please provide it so that all can see and weigh it. I will state that I have no connection with or ever had connection with the school in question and really have no dog in this race.
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    Truth4today, I find it amazing that with all of your inquisitiveness, you overlooked (or did you?)and failed to ask any questions on the validity of whether SBIS has been operating in non compliance status since its inception and you did not address Ian Stewart's post confirming that GNPEC has confirmed that SBIS is neither a fully authorized school nor is it approved for religious exemption and if it was it could not issue Ph.D.s.
    Still, you have asked a lot of questions, I will provideproof first, discussion to follow:
    Source: Southern Bible Institute and Seminary catalogs. On the "HISTORY" page of catalogs.First paragraph~"Realizing a Biblical responsibility to educates those who are already pastors of small churches or those financially unable to attend other schools because of family or other needs, a group of ministers met in the spring of 1979 to discuss starting a seminary, institute or Bible School. After much prayer, a correspondence school to be supported by local pastors as needed was established. Leading this effort were three pastors, Clifton Drawdy, Don Drawdy, and Ron Drawdy whose father, Reverend Roy Drawdy, had been a Southern Baptist pastor for more than 40 years."
    Next, I will be quoting consecutive three sentences from paragraph 2 of the school's catalogs~U]"In 1994, the President Ron Drawdy chartered the school and registered it in the state of Georgia. At that time under the umbrella of the Second Baptist Church, Thomson, Georgia , the school was incorporated as Southern Bible Institute and Seminary. Soon after being incorporated, three acres of land including a house located at 689 Howard Road Thomson, Georgia was purchased."[/U]
    Next, is 4 sentences following those three exactly as they are in the catalogs-
    "In 1999, a new location was secured by obtaining ten acres of land that included ten thousand square feet of buildings at 4405 Washington Road, Thomson, Georgia. In 2003, Southern Bible Institute and Seminary was relocated to our present location 802 Greene Street, Augusta, Georgia. This location is an important landmark of Southern Baptists. It is the BIRTHPLACE of the Southern Baptist Convention."
    another page has this:
    "Southern Bible Institute and Seminary, while rooted in the doctrinal beliefs of the Southern Baptist churches..."
    On another page under the heading of "Denominational Affiliation":
    "Southern Baptist Institute and Seminary is committed to the doctrinal beliefs of the Southern Baptist churches, missions and evangelic programs. However, the right of each student to attend or affiliate with another evangelical denomination of his choice under God is respected.
    Southern Bible Institute and Seminary is under the ministry of Southern Bible Church, a non profit religious organiztion,"
    Other catalogs have this last sentence as:
    "Southern Bible Institute and Seminary is under the ministry of Southern Bible Church School, Inc., a non profit 501c3 religious organization."
    another page~"A degree from Southern Bible Institute and Seminary is not an indication that the student obtaining the degree has been recommended for licensing or ordination. Each ecclesiastical denominational organization has its own set of guidelines for licensing and ordainig its ministers."
    Logos European College, AN EXTENSION OF SBIS, posted this repeatedly and it is a direct quote from their site-
    "Logos European College became an affilliate of Southern Bible Institute and Seminary who currently issue the degrees for students completing degrees with us through the Association of Academic Accreditation. Southern Bible Institute and SEminary have links to the Southern Baptist Convention-the largest Protestant denomination in the world."
    On pages 4,7,9, and 12 is a picture of the Greene Street building and under it these exact words with punctuation exactly as it appear: 802 Greene Street "Birthplace of Southern Baptist Convention". Next to one photo is framed these words: "Logos European College Degrees are awarded and accredited by Southern Bible Institute and Seminary, Georgia, USA"
    that came from an extension of SBIS that SBIS issues the degrees of~
    an excerpt from the front of a book by Dr. (Willie) Gerald Newsom~"He earned the Doctor of Theology Degree from the Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in Thomson, Georgia, which is an accredited seminary, the seminary has branches in Englsnd, Scotland, Ireland, Honduras and five American states."
    "Birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention/Flickr Photo taken on Sept 11, 2007"
    Landmark Baptist Church, Greene Street, Augusta, Georgia is the former First Baptist Church of Augusta and the birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest Protestant denomination."
    From the Southern Baptist Convention church search site-
    No Southern Baptist Landmark Church in Augusta, Ga. (Augusta is in one geographical association and Thomson is in another one). senior pastor B.J. Duncan
    Southern Baptist Landmark Church physical and mailing address as given by Ron to give the appearance that Landmark is a mission church of Second Baptist) 1249 Earle Street Thomson, Ga. 30824 Tel (706 722-7593) e-mail:[email protected]

    Second Baptist Church 1249 Earle Street Thomson, Ga 30824
    706 595-6772 faz 706 595-0600
    associational missionary at the Baptist Center confirmed that Landmark is not a member of the Association as it never would go through the process of becoming a member although a couple of times when Ron's son was pastor (months, april 07 until August 07, documentation of August is the Christian Index) the church did give to Cooperative Program.
    Yet, watch this:
    "Grace Church Directory" (not Southern Baptist or Bible, but Grace)
    Southern Bible Church & Seminary Augusta (Pastor Steven Drawdy..."
    Robert Brodgon, according to a preface of A book of Marty Tharp (who was faculty of SBIS) is the pastor of Marty's adult children is also a
    Transworld Accrediting Commission (TAC) commissioner and from the TAC site~
    A photo of him next to this: "Dr. Robert E. Brogden after years of continued education, RECEIVED HIS DOCTORATE OF THEOLOGY THROUGH THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION BY COMPLETING HIS DOCTORATE THESIS AT SOUTHERN BIBLE INSTITUTE AND SEMINARY IN 2003.He is a noted preacher of positional truth (righteousness) and known for his years of continued integrity, character and straight doctrine. He has accomplished this through the simple belief that the Word of God is the final authority, every teaching and "revelation" that has one , must line up with the nature of God according to His word. Straight talking, straight teaching, that's Dr.Robert Brogdon."
    Still on Dr. Robert Brogdon (and his connection with Marty Tharp) (See earlier thread referencing SBIS extension and the SMYRNA, GA extension of SBIS), we now come to website for NEW COVENANT FELLOWSHIP-DR. ROBERT & LINDA BROGDON:
    "In 1999 he (Brogdon) received his Doctorate Degree from Southern Bible Institute and Theological Seminary, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention."
    Wellspring Bible Institute:"Under graduate and graduate work through PH.d.
    -Articulation agreement with Logos Christian College and Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.
    Degree programs: Bachelor's through Ph.D programs are available through the following institutions. Logos Christian Collee in Jacksonville, Florida Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in Augusta, Ga. National accreditation through NAACS.
    From "Wellspring Church of All NAtions Pastoral Staff" Wellspring Bible Institute Extension, keep in mind?
    on Pastor George Stover, an excerpt from the site~
    He (Pastor Stover) also holds earned Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in Augusta Georgia (Southern Baptist Convention)").
    His wife, Sharon ..."also holds earned Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in Augusta, Georgia (Southern Baptist Convention)."
    Pastor Louis (Lou) A. Grillo-
    "He holds an earned Doctor of Education degree from Southern Bible Institute and Sminary in Augusta, GA (Southern Baptist Convention). ...the school (WEllsprings Bible Institute ) is affiliated with Logos Bible College in Jacksonville, FL and Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in Augusta, GA."
    By the way, here is in quotation what I typed and I will go re read it again and see if I missed something... "It is not a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, nor is it a Southern Baptist Convention Seminary". That statement is 100 percent accurate. Second Baptist Church, Thomson, GA is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. It has no schools under its umbrella, period. The name on the Seminary Checkbook is "Southern Bible Church and School, Inc." not Second Baptist Church and School, Inc. The "church" Southern Bible Church is not a southern Baptist church nor is it a member of a local geographical association, nor is Southern Baptist Landmark Church".
    I will take a break and come back to discussion in depth what I just posted and to address the other issues mentioned.
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    Did you even read my reply to Ian Stewart? My motivation is 1. to inform. 2. to warn. 3. to protect the public from being brazenly, deceived, scammed and taking advantage of and to helpfully keep Ronald Drawdy, Jarrod Adkins, Joey Brush, Cliff Drawdy to name a few from ever abusing again the power and trust others place in them. I am responsible for what I know and if I keep silent, I will be responsible before God and my fellow man for allowing to continue unchecked the potential for grave harm to come to the public.
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    respons to thompson

    i have been reading what appears to be a full blown vendetta against a Bible school that i have heard excellent reports about for years. Some of the statements made by "thompson", are laughable! In one sentence she states that the school has NEVER been accredited, then names two accrediting agencies that are no longer in operation since 2006! HELLO! You can't have it both ways! Her answer to Ian Stewart which states that she presented her information to the Deacons of her church who advised her to keep silent. Why didn't she listen? Obviously she has an ax to grind with her Pastor and Southern Bible! According to her account of it, her conscience just wouldn't let her remain silent, suggesting that men who obviously had the character and integrity to be voted in and serve as deacons, simply had no conscience! Plus- I read with interest the comments made by JBrush who stated he had a twenty year association with SBIS while he was serving in the state of Georgia legislature, and still vouches for their integrity and excellence! HELLO! Deacons, state legislator, two pastors two churches and all their affiliates are wrong but this obvious mental case is right? What is even worse, she is being commended for her dedication! dedication to what? It must be a sin in her eyes for Dr. Drawdy to have a grandson who serves as a church which I understand is extremely successful. Why shouldn't they move the offices from the Green Street site which I understand was because of the thousands of dollars it woulod take to repair the storm damege and remove the dangerous mildew before they could continue to use it?
    I wonder how Bob Jones University ever survived an onslought like this? Bob Jones University began in 1927 and they were NEVER accredited until they applied for accreditation in 2006, and were finally granted acceditation in 2011! in all those infamous years of NO ACCREDITATION, former president Ronald Reagon spoke there as well as Dan Quale, Pat Bucchanan, Phil Gramm, Bob Dole, Alan Keysspoke at their University, Billy Graham attended there one semester and in 1948 conferred on him an honorary doctorate! OH MY! We should warn the public to beware of BOB JONE UNIVERSITY!
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    Once more I stress that no challenges was made to the credibility of whether SBIS has operated as a legal, approved school! More than anything that fact goes too the crediblitiy of the school!

    The SBIS catalog stated Roy Drawdy was a "Southern Baptist pastor for more than 40 years". Yet, his obituary states different. Savannah, Georgia newspaper is the source... Roy died October 19,1992. The Rev. Roy C. Drawdy, Sr. obituary
    in part..."he was a member of Harvest Chapel Church"...he was a minister for the past 42 years with the Fellowship of Charasmatic Churches and Ministers International". Which one is accurate, the man's own obituary or the catalog?

    On 4/19/1994 was the date of the sell of "689 Howard Road". Source: McDuffie County Property records. It was not "shortly after the school was incorporated" as the incorporation was 7/18/1997. Source: Georgia Secretary of State Documents filed, not by Ron, but "Rev. Thomas MCElfresh". 3 more brazen lies exposed by public documentation.

    Southern Bible Institute and Seminary was not incorporated under the umbrella of Second Baptist Church. Source: Georgia Secretary of State. It was incorporated "under the supposed umbrella/watchcare/oversight of Southern Bible Church". Another lie exposed with proof for public records. Second Baptist was not incorporated, at all!

    Catalog giives 1979...MaX Flynn, the NC representative of SBIS, types the date as f.1989 with Jacksonville theological Seminary, Harold Vick, 1987.My "degree" has stamped on its seal in Roman numerals 1975 for SBIS founded in). Marty Tharp in the foreword to a book entitled "Early and Latter Rain" in 2010, that the Seminary was founded over 20 years ago (1989), not thirty.

    Do you know what SBIS catalogs did not say>>They forgot?? to mention that The National Accrediting Agency For Private Schools, Inc was incorporated 7/31/96 at 689 Howard Road, the same location as SBIS and later see the documentation showing some of the same officers as SBIS . So if I say that SBIS had no accreditation based on NAAPS, you can see why. Officers on file were Ron Drawdy, his daughter, Ronda and Billy Gene Greer, all part of SBIS. Just saying~ Source: Georgia Secretary of State.

    This just concludes the first page behind the table of contents in the catalogs.

    What do you do with Shigionoth Seminary removing all claims of being fully accredited and being an extension of SBIS and now going for religious exemption?
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    There is a picture of the youngest graduate of the 2005 exercises on the back of one of the catalogs...but how does a postsecondary educational facility issue a Secondary school, a high school, diploma to the future registrar of SBIS? Not even mentioning the illegitimacy of the facility...

    I do not know how long the courthouse in McDuffie County keeps the record, but this document was included in the papers of a lawsuit against Southern Bible Christian Academy that was at 689 Howard Road also (which is part of the corporation of Southern Bible Church And School, Inc). ( A complaint was also filed with the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs, also.) It is dated August 26, 2003. excerpt:

    "I was told that I should contact the accreditation agency you mentioned in your promotional information to seek information from them to understand how this could have happened. As you know, it is impossible to find out much information about the 'National Accrediting Agency For Private Schools" since (according to the state of Georgia) it apparently belongs to the very same people that own your "school". It must be very convenient to own the agency that you use to offer legitimacy to your "school". This seems awfully close to the definition of FRAUD in my mind."

    The suit was settled in the school's favor based on a "hold harmless" clause in the contract.
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    In other words, The deacon Board who were obviously voted in because of their character and integrity, who told you to be silent, JBrush who served as a state legislator, who vouched for the credibility of the school and stated that your "truths" were twisted out of context and suspect, Dr. Ron Drawdy, his grandson, Jarrod, who serves as the pastor of what I understand is a thriving church, are all far less concerned about the public than you are? WOW What a woman! Why don't you get a life?
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    Wow, why don't both of you get lives. Really, this is beyond ridiculous "with you said no you said." The school from a clear reading of Georgia law operated illegally if they offered degrees, which they no longer do, but there were buttons on the website that shows they offered then at one time. A deacon board issuing a gag order is offensive IMO. They should publicly address the charges, not ignore them. I was in the ministry I know that just because a board does something does not make it right. Also a testimony by a State Legislator does not validate an academic program, what was the basis for his opinion? Has he attended other Biblical Institutes or Seminaries so he can compare them? So we have a unaccredited school that operated without State approval, just wonderful.
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    Let's talk credibility, for a moment. Roy Clifton Drawdy, Jr has a criminal record where he served time and was ordered to pay restitution to Nationwide Insurance Co. You will see he used an alias and even refused to show up. Source: Pinellas County Florida records. Cliff was the Chairman for Academic Affairs at SBIS, was with NAAPS, and was one of the incorporators of National Accrediting Association For Christian Schools, Inc (NAACS) and dissolved it, as well. In the Augusta Chronicle 11/01/03 article "Old Church shows new signs of life" Ron Drawdy states that SBIS is "accredited by the National Accrediting Association For Christian Schools". This article's date is November 1, 2003 and yet NAACS was not incorporated until January 5, 2004. Do you think Ron and Cliff had their lie put even a forth of the way together? It does not appear so. No, SBIS was not accredited by NAACS, but sure did claim to be so in a pubic newspaper.
    Empress J. Vick, Vickie, was the incorporator of AAA. The address for it is her own residence. After "beginning" AAA, a school she is on faculty with opens and she is its Principal. Vick's school has another "accreditor" and AAA is administratively dissolved by FL. Did SBIS have accreditation"? So, I still hold that SBIS never had any accreditation, all the while "claiming" accreditation.
    James (JIM) Vick II is her and Harold Vick's son. James H. Vick II ,who did the records for SBIS according to its letterhead, resigned April 19, 2004 from the board of Directors of Revelation Message Bible College, Inc according to the papers filed with the FL Secretary of State. From his resignation letter, I quote his words: "Having placed my self in a position of question with authorities and being uncertain of the consequences of my actions at this time, I respectively (sic) release my position with the Board of Directors of revelation Mesage Bible College, Inc. It is my prayer that one day I might be restores to the position when the board sees fit. I humbly ask for the board's forgiveness for allowing myself to be brought into this circumstance and for their prayers for wisdom and mercy as I walk through these times."
    So, that is NAAPS, NAACS, AAA and ACI. ACi can be taken care of with the internet article "Great Moments In Accreditation" Quack Watch. SBIS and some of its extensions has claimed full accreditation with AAA many years after AAA was gone, dissolved, inactive.
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    Do you think maybe I have provided any proof and documentation to substantiate what I have posted. To me, it seems that a blind man can see that the public so needed to be warned, informed so as to protect themselves from all of these lies, fraud, deceit, manipulation, greed and blatant fraud. All of the catalogs advertise "ARTS" "PH.D.s". "COUNSELING". HONORARY DEGREES ARE IN SOME AND ON THE INTERNET.


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    For those of you who are bored and are in agreement with thompson that SBIS has committed the unpardonable sin by being unaccredited, (even though according to her own words, they were until 207), perhaps you should consider Bob Jones University, one of America's most recognized seminaries! From its inception in 1927 until 2006, they were unaccredited and unashamed of that fact, winning a supreme court battle to stay that way! In spite of their lack of accreditation, it did not keep former president Ronald Reagan from speaking there, nor did it prevent Bob Dole, Dan Quale, Phil Gramm, Pat Buchana, Alan Keyes and a host of others to grace their platform! After applying for accreditation in 2006, it was not fully granted until 2011!
    I decided to contact Dr. Drawdy and inquired as to the reason why he ignores her diatribe, and i loved his answer! In order to get even with a snake, you must stoop to their level! I am too busy to worry about such non-sense! HOORAY FOR DR. DRAWDY
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    Why didn't Bob Jones University apply for accreditation or religeous exemption until 2006? GET A LIFE!
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    Chip, Why didn't anyone call the McDuffie County Sherrifs department to see if thompson was telling the truth? I did, she's not!
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    unfortunately, since many of the extensions of sbis still are receiving degrees issued from sbis augusta, ga, it is far from over. The public needs to take note of this and proceed with extreme caution!
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    I'm guessing that before this weekend appears someone in this thread is going to be banned. If anyone would like to place a wager on who that might be I'm available by PM.:sgrin:

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