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    Please review this school. It seems to be associated with Switzerland. Anyone familiar with this online degree granting school?

    Free Online Certificate, Diploma & Degree Programmes
    School of Business and Trade offers a self-study, quality, online, tuition-free education. Programmes are flexible and can be started at any time. Instead of the traditional way of studying for several years, study at your own pace and save time and money.

    Free online programmes, learning resources, and online assessments are what make our programmes so unique and interesting.

    About Us
    “School of Business and Trade was formed in January 2011 to promote education without boundaries and regardless of background. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: ‘Everyone has the right to education and it shall be equally accessible.’ SoBaT currently offers several tuition-free programmes to suit anyone interested in higher education.”

    Recognition of SoBaT Qualifications
    “The following is the abstract of the statement of State Secretariat for Education and Research, Federal Department of Home Affairs, Switzerland on the validity of degrees issued by private institutions in Switzerland.
    The original statement can be viewed on the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs website.”
  2. Johann

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    MaceWindu - we have a couple of threads already and one of them is three pages. : How may more do we need? One more? OK - comin' up!

    This is a $100 "degree" we're talking about here -- so a Bachelor's isn't going to get you into a Master's at MIT or Stanford etc. In fact it won't get you into anywhere - except maybe a Master's program at SOBAT. This is in no way shape or form equivalent to a real degree ANYWHERE - but they're quite up front about that. It's cheap and it IS educational. Good at the price, I'd say - but do NOT let yourself succumb to illusions about the utility, as a credential. Don't fool yourself - or anyone else - please.

    I kinda like this one, from reading the blurb. But I know what it is - and isn't. And any day, I'd take this honest condensed morsel of learning over a murky Costaraguan propio that could get evaluated six ways to Sunday - or not at all. SOBAT is what it is. And I'm OK with that.
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  3. Rachel83az

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    It might be worth using the free materials to study the course(s) in question, to see if you actually want to pay for them elsewhere, but I don't believe this "school" has any real merit as a degree-granting institution. About as much validity as a random FutureLearn or Alison certificate.
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  4. Johann

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    And if all you really want is a grandiose title, try the Universal Life Church. You can be "Doctor Of the Universe" for, I think, around $120. The title I covet is not a ULC one - "Prince of Darkness" but I hear some really bad dude has that one locked up for himself. Oh well, like Mick Jagger sang: "You Can't Always Get What You Want..."
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  5. Johann

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    Got some -- I think you're absolutely right. Good call. Probably about as much information too, I'd figure. The ones I have I consider definitely good value for what I paid, which was very reasonable.
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  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yes, Alison & Co. - good value indeed - but you won't see me "Knock-knock-knockin' on Harvard's Door" as a result. (Apologies to Bob Dylan - and Harvard University of course.)
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    Thanks for the information.
    Before posting, did two searches. My search parameters were incorrect, and/or I searched in the wrong location, because the school did not show up. Will review how I searched.
    Search term 1 - “SoBaT”
    Search term 2 - “School of Business of Trade”
    Search term 3 - same as two without the quotes.
  8. AsianStew

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    Basically, for roughly the same cost, I would go the ENEB route instead as they're known to be "evaluated" by a few foreign credential evaluation agencies. You can review the details on the WIKI. I got the deal for $299 for the MBA & Masters, plus one more, if you need help with ENEB or want more details, you can review this thread: eneb business school | DegreeInfo

    For Sobat, if you pay for one it's $169, for two it's $338 USD. For more recognition, cheaper price, and a better learning system, ENEB was the choice more suited for me. If you wanted to start off on something easier, take some credits with CSM Learn, or one of the ACE/NCCRS providers. This is for further learning and you can transfer into an RA institution.
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  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Just now, I searched under Sobat on the DI search thingy - no quotes. Everything came up. Mystery. Maybe the search gadget is afraid of me. It knows how I get, when it fails to give me stuff. :)
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  10. Johann

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    ENEBezer Scrooge should do commercials for them.
  11. MaceWindu

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    Thanks! :)
  12. MaceWindu

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    Researched with sobat. No quotes. No results.

    Realized autocorrect came into play. Autocorrect would remove the b from sobat and return nothing. Changed to include b and everything came up. I got to be more careful. :D
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  13. Johann

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    I have a Linux laptop. Removed Win10 and installed Ubuntu the day I got it. I don't have trouble with Autocorrect. My rig is set to British spelling - and if I use American (or make a mistake) it just underlines the word in red, on-screen only - not in print, or submitted work. I can change it - or leave it, as I want. There are a thousand things about this OS I like. Free was one of them! Freedom is another.
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  14. LearningAddict

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    As long as it has educational value, things like this should be used for that purpose only. If you've planned to do anything with it in terms of credit and/or recognition, you should consider devising a new plan.
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  15. Mac Juli

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    I am. Did the "Diploma in Social Sciences". The coursework is nice, the quality is ok, it is copied from somewhere and it is outdated. If you want to do it just for fun, go for it. If you want a recognized degree, don't!
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    Cool. Start a “Why I Love Linux or Why I Love Linux Ubuntu” thread and we all can converse about Linux and/or Ubuntu?
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