Sexual assault claim leaves Kavanaugh nomination in limbo

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Abner, Sep 15, 2018.

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    This whole line of fantasy is such typical, boring, tired blame-the-victim knee-jerk it's not worth time reading. Even in order to point out how a demagogue refers to "all accounts" precisely in situations when he can't point to one, single, reliable one. And how alcohol-blaming is a dick move for someone who defends an avowed "liker of beer".

    ...and you keep ignoring the fact US is a global superpower. That has arguably bigger impact on Canada than Canadian own government. For example, both NAFTA Jr. and a quarrel with Trump probably cemented my homie Ms. Freeland's status as almost-certain future Prime Minister. Can't even imagine what can have this effect, domestically.

    That's both mind reading and an ad hominem, Hierophant.

    You're not dumb enough to really consider this a valid argument. Putin has troops and assassins at his service to help him "decide Ukrainian future". I just exercise my universal right to speech that I believe is reflected both in US Bill of Rights and in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (unless and until some provincial moron invoked "notwithstanding clause"). Also, I believe you have a very Putinist view of "sovereignty".
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    " You're a foreign student who once lived in the US for a few years. Having been a foreign student in this country doesn't make you an honorary US citizen, it doesn't give you greater expertise in US domestic politics than Americans and it doesn't really make American domestic and partisan politics any of your business. You're just cheering for a chosen side as if it was a sports team."

    You are starting to sound like your mini me me again! Why resort to ad hominem?
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