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    I agree, for the rarer languages you can't beat native audio and courses. I think for French and other more common languages though, better to go with a specialist course provider who only focuses on those languages. You've mentioned Yoruba a lot on this board, has it been an interest of yours? The Foreign Service Institute teaches Yoruba to the diplomats they post in Nigeria ( The Peace Corps also trains Yoruba speakers I think, but their materials in that language have not migrated online yet.
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    Yeah - I mention a lot of things on this board - most of which I know nothing about. :) Yoruba is an interest of mine - but it's still on the list and I haven't got to it yet. I know only one word so far - jegudujera - which means "fraud." My interest was sparked originally by a degree mill, run by a Yoruba guy, in Nigeria. Nigeria itself interests me, partly because it has 250 languages. Before I get to that, I want to learn more Navajo, do all four Polish courses at Cudoo, then Nigerian Pidgin - the English-based patois that serves as an official language in Nigeria. Cudoo teaches that one, too.

    It's very engaging, sounds witty in the extreme. If you look up Nigerian Pidgin phrases or sayings on Google - you'll get a good sample. So -- later I'll get to Yoruba. When I've learned some, I'll reward myself with a Yoruba/English bilingual sweatshirt: "Real Men Learn Yoruba." Something to work for...
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    I forgot - you want a good sample of Nigerian Pidgin? I'm sure you'll read this pretty well off-the-bat. BBC Pidgin News - it's here.
    Worth a look - really! :) Places like this are my kind of language teachers!
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    Yes! I love BBC's Africa (which is available in French along with several other languages) in general, and was surprised the first time I saw Pidgin. I had a similar reaction the first time I saw Scots.
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    I was able to get in. This turns out to be oddly relevant to one of my side hustles, and to my storied life as a recently de-converted religious nutjob.

    EDIT: Well, then there's the easy money part. The time commitment is about 6 hours for the full program, and the gift card is $150. It equals to $25/hr pay to do something that I want to do anyway. Yay!!!
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    Persons who completed a Professional Certificate program on Coursera and earned access to Coursera Career Services, we are inviting you to join a new short Career Services Orientation course.

    Career Services Orientation includes:
    • Overview of the five steps of the job search process
    • Introduction to private Career Services, available only to completers of Professional Certificate programs
    • Recommendations on how to utilize the Coursera Career Center to find your next job
    Go to Career Services Orientation
    Just a reminder, that you can also access Coursera Career Services through the Professional Certificate Alumni Resources community. Note: You need to be logged into your Coursera Community account; if you are logging into the Coursera Community for the first time, you might need to wait for up to 24 hours to be granted access to the Professional Certificate Alumni Resources forum.
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    New! Launch Your Career in DevOps with an IBM Professional Certificate
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    Supply chain certifications at APICS:

    Certified Supply Chain Certification (CSCP) $2515:

    Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) $2190:

    Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) $1900:

    Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC) $2145:
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    A friend of my kid is a disappointed that a community college didn't accept his Coursera - Google ACE recommended 15 credits toward AS degree program.
    Not even 1 credit.
  12. SteveFoerster

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    That is disappointing. They should shop around for a more accommodating school!
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  13. Lerner

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    While Community College is not accepting ACE credit recommendations, he found that state university is and will accept some of it.
    The State university is a more expensive option, the advisor provided a preliminary plan where he can take advantage of both, take classes at community college but not the full AS degree, transfer credit in to a degree at State University that will grant 12 out of 15 recommended ACE credits.
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