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    I think a differentiation should be made between certificates and certifications. Typically, a certificate is awarded after completion of a course sequence in a specific area. Certificates are usually granted by educational institutions. For example, my school offers a certificate in Contract Management after completing a sequence of courses in contract management. The certificate, just like our graduate degrees, never expire.

    On the other hand, certifications are typically offered by professional associations, and usually requires a certain level of education and experience, as well as passing an examination. For example, the National Contract Management Association offers the Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) certification, along with other contract management certifications. Also, the Project Management Institute offers the Project Management Professional certification (PMP). However, professional certifications are usually not for lifetime and require continuous learning and experience to maintain currency in the area in order to continue to hold the certification. The professional certifications typically require re-certification every 3 or 5 years. This is especially true for certifications that are accredited, for example, by ANSI.

    Additionally, some professional certifications are also licenses, such as the CPA and the PE (Professional Engineer). These also are not for lifetime but require continuous learning and experience to maintain the certification.
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    Agreed, Dr Rene!
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    Any current Mods able to add an Online Certification forum?
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    Yeah, certification is just as import as degree. Your degree alone will not tell you about your skills... many of my friends collect these certificaitons
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    Neo4j certification exam (FREE!!!):

    A lot of fortune 500 companies use Neo4j.

    Some of Neo4j’s more prominent customers include:

    • Walmart (real-time ecommerce recommendations)
    • eBay (logistics and routing)
    • adidas (real-time content recommendations)
    • Pitney Bowes (master data management)
    • Telenor (identity and access management)
    • the ICIJ (data analysis for investigative journalism)
    • Schleich (supply chain management)
    • Cisco (graph-based search)
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    Some of these certifications also carry ACE credit recommendations.
    Google IT Support Professional Certification comes with ACE 12 credit recommendation toward an associate's degree.
    It's on Coursera and the cost is 50$ a month. The average completion time is 5 to 6 months.
    They had scholarships for some time.
    Reviews are mixed about finding a job but its a highly educational and good place to start a journey into the IT world.
    Some take this and study a little more and complete in paralel A+ and Network+ certs.
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    Nice info, where is the cheapest associate now? Is it still the big 3?
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    So, as has been noted, there is a difference between certificates and certifications. Rather than start a separate thread for certificates, however, I thought I would just disclose that I am about to share some certificates here and see if anyone would find them helpful.

    City Vision University (DEAC) now offers a Graduate Certificate in Ministry:

    That program is actually offered with coursework created by Thirdmill Seminary a group which, refreshingly in my opinion, states that they are a publisher of courses and not an educational institution. Aside from City Vision, there are two other options for "credit." One is an unaccredited seminary that offers a free certificate, this appears to be the only credential they offer so...not too shabby. The other is a Presbyterian seminary in Mexico ( which offers a certificate for $200 USD once you complete the free coursework through Thirdmill. I haven't taken the courses but that CVU was able to gain DEAC approval to offer them for credit should be a bit of a testament that they aren't total crap.

    As for the Mexican seminary, I cannot find any information on its accreditation. However, I have found one or two references to it by US based (and often ATS) accredited Presbyterian seminaries as being THE presbyterian seminary in Mexico and affiliated with the National Church which itself is affiliated with PC-USA. So, even if the accreditation isn't top shelf, it at least has mainstream recognition.

    Just thought I would share this if anyone is so inclined toward religious book learnin
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    For what it's worth, I met the president of City Vision University at a Saylor Academy conference and really liked him: he's knowledgeable, earnest, and sincere.
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