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    This is the mother-lode for cheap language courses. 160 languages. Some have 4 courses, some only 1. Business specialization courses in many languages. Where else am I going to find Latin, Yoruba, Saami, Mongolian, Occitan and yes - Nigerian Pidgin? Courses $25 - $50 and you get a cert. for each one. Plus lifetime access to the course materials. Https://

    They have hundreds of other courses. IT section pretty sparse and beginner oriented. Beginners' coding - with Python, one or two C++, all kinds of MS office courses, a few HTML and web-lingo courses, ... not that much else. Again - cheap and you get a cert. Well worth a look.
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    We had this in another thread. Electronics certification exams from ETA-I are now available for remote proctoring:
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    As I said a couple of posts further up - Cudoo's IT section is pretty sparse. This Indian web-based school, Eduonix, is just the opposite. They have everything! And in some cases, They put ten or a dozen related courses together - and completion of them all gets you an "e-degree." I think that's a proprietary term - one that belongs to them. I saw a couple of their "taster" videos on the site. The English is excellent and the instructors seem to know what they're about.

    They're very cheap by our standards - maybe a discount price around $25 for a course, less than $100 or so for an "e-degree" series, sometiimes WAY less, even smaller price-tags for bundles - I saw a 9-course Linux bundle I liked for $38! That's about $4.20 a course! They have e-degrees in full-stack Web development, Security, IOT and a few other relevant topics. Bundles and single courses in everything I've heard of and a bunch that are new to me. Lifetime access and a bunch of other goodies. I've got my eye on the Full-Stack Javascript Developer "e-degree" - $46! 590 lectures - about 7 cents apiece!

    It's amazing what they can offer at those prices, but this is India. They're eating our lunch again!
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    Just looked up "Python" on About 70 courses, mostly $5 - 10. Everything imaginable, from face-recognition to finance. And the basics, of course. A 20-course "Masterclass bundle" - $46. 1157 lectures, 137 hours. Short lectures -yes. But at 4 cents apiece, to learn something as useful as Python....
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    OK -if your org. uses Splunk or you want to work for one that does. I dunno how much/little market penetration they have. Offering free courses might be a good way to contribute to increasing Splunk's reach.

    Here's a competitor's take on Splunk and various other cybersecurity products. I'm not posting to suggest you should buy / learn any particular product. Just one firm's take on the relative strengths / weaknesses.

    BTW - I'm glad these are non-degree courses. "Master / Doctor of Splunk" would sound pretty weird.
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    Things that no Cybersecurity executive will ever say:

    (1) "I'd like you to meet Johann - our Certified Splunk Administrator."

    Nope. Nothing whatsoever against the product. Just not doing it... OK for anyone else, though. :)
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    If you want to see what they're about before you buy - Eduonix has a very extensive YouTube presence. Courses up to 8-10 lecture hours or so long. HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Cybersecurity, lots more. Other vendors have same-type courses on YouTube in the same handy format -many lectures bundled into one giant video. Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, NodeJS, React etc., Linux - it's all out there. Free if you don't need the cert. Cheap, if you do.

    Someday (maybe soon) you'll sign up for University - and they'll mail you a thumb-drive with all you need! :)
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    Here's one that really talks to me - in 12 bars. A certificate in Professional Blues Guitar, from Berklee. This is a seriously good music school! It costs quite a bit - 3 courses totalling $4,000 and the credits can be used toward a Bachelor's degree from Berklee. I note Prof. Mike Williams teaches the final course. That's gotta be superb! I'm quite familiar with Prof. Mike from Berklee's YouTube offerings. Those T-Bone Walker-related videos were excellent, Prof. Mike. Keep up the great work!
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  12. Johann

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    BTW - Cudoo, the school I mentioned that teaches 160 languages (and a lot else, besides)? They have a lifetime deal, too, that's around the same price. Why did they have to wait till I got to be 77? :)
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    All these freebies.

    I'm tempted to take one to check the quality of instruction before recommending to anyone.
    So now we have, Micro, Mini, nano and adding to it E - degree
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    Lerner, if you want to see what Eduonix quality is like -- hop over to YouTube. They give away lots of free courses there. Most of the freebies I've seen are 4-6 hours in length. That's a nice freebie! I've sampled several. Uniformly good - very good indeed, in fact. Have a look. See what you think.

    PS. I've been so busy with the ones on YouTube that I haven't sampled the freebies on the site yet! So many free courses -- so little time!
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    The nice thing about it is that I often find content on YouTube that helps with learning and updating skills that I can immediately apply at work or
    for personal interest and growth.

    I just watched a one-hour Eduonix lecture on YouTube. I liked it.
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    I never took any Alison courses till recently - but now I've got a list. I just finished Global Islamic Banking and Finance - which was excellent. I'm now enjoying an Advanced Diploma course - Psychology and Language. These two subject areas were the ones I did best in when I went back to school in my 40s - so I figured it might be a winning combo for me. It is. Fascinating beyond anything I expected. I intend to follow it up with diploma courses in Music Theory, in which I also have some background - plus Cryptocurrency, and lastly (for now) Blockchain Tech, in neither of which I have any knowledge. I have my reasons - maybe later I'll tell you why.

    The thing that really gets me excited about Alison is the quality of teachers and schools providing the courses. The music theory courses come from Yale. I downloaded and watched all of a first-year music course which Yale made available, some time ago. It was superb - though wider in scope and not as deep into theory as I expect the Yale-devised Alison offering to be.

    The Islamic Finance course was taught by Almir Colan, of Australia, who is well-known as a teacher at the Master's level, in an Australian University.

    The language and psychology course (psycholinguistics) I'm currently taking is taught by a professor at an IIT. Our resident expert on Indian education (msganti) has informed us in the past that the IITs are extremely good schools. From my small experience, I'd have to agree. Good material, great professor.

    I figure if someone spent about $1000 between Cudoo, Alison and Eduonics - they could probably learn everything. :)

    PS. @Maniac Craniac You might want to check out this psycholinguistics course. --- And do you know if I can get addicted to morphemes? :)
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    Yes. That's why they charge such a high sin tax. Heh- sin tax... syntax Yay white text!!!

    Thanks for turning me on to the course. I might have to jump in on it.
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    From the review, I think I learn languages differently to that guy. I don't usually need phrases broken down - I can sort of "grok" how they work. If it doesn't work for him - OK. And as for freebies, all the ones I ever tried were great - for three lessons, then you had to pay. For now I'll stick with Cudoo - where the heck else outside of The Four Corners or Nigeria can I get Navajo or Yoruba? Well, there's YouTube, I guess... that's good too, but complete courses and certs ...not so many. To each his own.

    He says the course was over in 2.5 hours and he retained very little. Well, he should do it again, then. Maybe it takes longer, or repetition for him. You get lifetime access.
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