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    This is the mother-lode for cheap language courses. 160 languages. Some have 4 courses, some only 1. Business specialization courses in many languages. Where else am I going to find Latin, Yoruba, Saami, Mongolian, Occitan and yes - Nigerian Pidgin? Courses $25 - $50 and you get a cert. for each one. Plus lifetime access to the course materials. Https://

    They have hundreds of other courses. IT section pretty sparse and beginner oriented. Beginners' coding - with Python, one or two C++, all kinds of MS office courses, a few HTML and web-lingo courses, ... not that much else. Again - cheap and you get a cert. Well worth a look.
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    We had this in another thread. Electronics certification exams from ETA-I are now available for remote proctoring:
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